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How to Get E-shram Card by UAN Number?

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The primary oversight role for the self-financing health and social security insurance program designed especially for Indian labourers falls on the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).  The centrepiece of this program is the Universal Account Number (UAN), a unique identifier that is laboriously assigned to each enrolled user. Unlike traditional employment identification numbers, the UAN is meant to act as an irreversible record that stays the same throughout an individual’s life, even if their employment changes. This essay will look at the function of UANs in the ESIC system and some easy ways for individuals to locate their UANs.

An Overview of the Ministry of Labor and Employment’s E-Shram Portal

Leading an innovative project called the E-Shram Portal, India’s Ministry of Labor and Employment is a digital platform that can potentially transform the services provided to the country’s workforce. This website essentially acts as a single point of contact for various services, such as support for welfare programs and information on labour regulations. It also makes it possible to file grievances and provide benefits for employees.

The main goal of the E-Shram Portal is to make the complex process of settling labour-related disputes simpler and more efficient. The portal seeks to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of this important facet of workers’ rights by utilizing digital technologies. People in the workforce can more easily manage the complexities of labour regulations, comprehend their rights, and seek settlements to conflicts when using an interface that is easy to use.

The E-Shram Portal’s dedication to worker empowerment is one of its standout aspects. Giving workers a place to voice grievances and obtain benefits acts as a spark to guarantee that workers’ rights are not only upheld in theory but also actively defended in practical situations. Encouraging an equitable and just work environment requires this empowerment.

The portal’s functionality extends to companies in addition to meeting the requirements of individual employees. Employers can use the site to easily register their employees and submit license applications. Because of its dual nature, labour management is made more efficient nationally, benefiting employers and employees from a digital infrastructure streamlining bureaucratic procedures.

All things considered, the E-Shram Portal is a significant development in India’s labour management field. It is consistent with the government’s larger digitization initiatives, ushering in a new era in which labour-related data and services are consolidated and easily available to those who require them most. Through advancing empowerment, efficiency, and openness, the portal symbolises the nation’s dedication to building a strong and fair labour ecosystem.

UAN: Streamlining ESIC Benefits and Transfers for a Lifetime

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) initiative’s Universal Account Number (UAN), a distinct 12-digit identifier, is an important component in simplifying and enhancing the social security and employee benefits systems.

  1. Permanent Identification: The UAN is assigned to individuals upon enrollment in the ESIC scheme and remains unchanged throughout their lifetime. This permanence ensures a consistent and unambiguous identification method, eliminating the need for individuals to navigate different identification numbers with each change in employment.
  2. Centralized Identification with PAN: By connecting to each member’s individual Personal Account Number (PAN), the UAN creates a centralized method of identification. This connection makes the system more effective and well-organized by streamlining administrative procedures and enabling smooth communication between various entities.
  3. Facilitation of ESIC Account Transfers: Simplifying the procedure of transferring ESIC accounts across employers is one of UAN’s major benefits. The UAN makes it possible for an individual to transfer their ESIC account seamlessly when they move jobs, guaranteeing that benefits and contributions continue without needless administrative obstacles.
  4. Tracking of Contributions: The UAN is a valuable tool for employers and employees in tracking contributions made towards the ESIC scheme. This streamlined tracking mechanism helps maintain accurate records of contributions, ensuring that individuals receive the benefits they are entitled to based on their contributions over time.
  5. Seamless Access to Account Details and Benefits: The UAN facilitates convenient access to account details for individuals enrolled in the ESIC scheme. This accessibility extends to benefits such as medical coverage and other social security provisions. The centralized nature of the UAN enables individuals to retrieve pertinent information effortlessly.

Unlocking the Benefits of UAN: Simplifying ESIC Account Management

The UAN number offers numerous advantages to ESIC scheme members, streamlining various aspects of account management:

  • Seamless Account Transfers: The UAN simplifies the process of transferring your ESIC account between employers, ensuring a smooth transition without the risk of losing benefits during job changes.
  • Effortless Contribution Tracking: With the UAN number, monitoring ESIC contributions and benefits becomes effortless. Members can conveniently review their ESIC passbook and contribution statements at any time to stay informed about their accounts.
  • Convenient Access to Benefits: UAN facilitates easy ESIC accounts and benefits access. Members can effortlessly claim the benefits they are entitled to during contingencies like illness or death.
  • Streamlined Claim Settlement: The UAN number expedites the claim settlement process in case of contingencies. The streamlined procedure ensures a quicker and less time-consuming experience for members with a UAN number.

Discovering Your UAN Number: Multiple Avenues for Convenience

Locating your UAN number is a straightforward process, and there are various methods available:

ESIC Portal Exploration:

The most direct method is to access your UAN number through the ESIC portal. Follow the steps  given below:

  • Go to the ESIC portal at
  • Go to the ‘Member’ tab.
  • Input your login credentials (ESIC number and password).
  • Once logged in, your UAN number will be visible on the dashboard.

ESIC Passbook Reference:

Another avenue is to check your ESIC passbook, a tangible record of contributions and benefits. Request a copy from your employer or the nearest ESIC branch, where your UAN number will be specified.

ESIC Employee Card Retrieval:

The ESIC employee card serves as another means to find your UAN number. Obtain a copy from your employer or the nearest ESIC branch, as it contains crucial details, including your UAN number.

ESIC Statement of Contributions:

Obtain a detailed ESIC statement of contributions from your employer or the nearest ESIC branch, clearly mentioning your UAN number.

SMS Service Convenience:

ESIC offers an SMS service to facilitate UAN number retrieval. Execute the following steps:

  • Send an SMS in the format ‘EPFOHO UAN’ to 7738299899.
  • Receive an SMS containing your UAN number.

Guide to Obtaining Your e-SHRAM Card Using UAN Number

The distinct Universal Account Number (UAN) that the government assigns is connected to the e-SHRAM card, a necessary document under the Shramik Yojana. To receive the different benefits that are provided, people have to register and get their 12-digit UAN.

Registration through Aadhaar:

The initial step involves obtaining a UAN by registering through Aadhaar cards. The government issues UANs to those who complete this process, enabling them to leverage the advantages of the Shramik Yojana.

Eligibility Criteria:

It’s crucial to note that UAN numbers are specifically available for individuals aged between 15 and 59 years.

Key Information on e-SHRAM Card:

Upon successful registration, individuals will receive an e-SHRAM card resembling an Aadhaar card. This card will contain crucial details such as:

  1. Name: Your full name as per official records.
  2. Universal Account Number (UAN): The unique 12-digit identifier assigned during registration.
  3. Photograph: A visual representation for identification purposes.
  4. Father’s Name: Details about the individual’s father for additional identification.
  5. Date of Birth: Providing information about the individual’s birthdate.
  6. Mobile Number: Contact details for communication and updates.

Employment Benefits:

The UAN facilitates smoother employment processes by connecting individuals with suitable opportunities matching their skills and qualifications. Additionally, the UAN ensures accident insurance coverage for the respective year.

By completing the registration process and adhering to these guidelines, people can obtain their e-SHRAM card and benefit from the accompanying advantages. 


In conclusion, since the Universal Account Number (UAN) is connected to the Personal Account Number (PAN), it is an essential piece of data for everyone participating in the ESIC program.

People can use the ESIC website, passbook, employee card, contribution statement, and text message service to find their UAN number, among other resources. If you are experiencing difficulty locating the UAN, asking the employer for assistance is a good idea.

For individuals encountering challenges in locating their UAN, seeking assistance from professionals like Kaknakkupillai can be beneficial. Kaknakkupillai offers expert guidance and support in navigating ESIC-related matters, ensuring that individuals can easily access their UAN and leverage the associated benefits seamlessly.

Furthermore, Kaknakkupillai can provide valuable support in navigating the complexities of UAN-related matters. With our expertise, individuals can efficiently address concerns related to UAN numbers and ensure seamless integration with the ESIC scheme, thereby optimizing the benefits available.


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