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How to View Company Details from MCA Master Data Service?


MCA Master Data service allows for easy company details verification. Maintained by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, this database offers important details on registered commodities and entities and financial data to assist with fraud detection or legal issues.

First, log in to the MCA website using your user ID and password, click Services, then MCA Master Data, and submit an online request for MCA Master Data.

Company Name

MCA Master Data Service provides an online portal where you can gain information about a company. This information may include their company registration number, type of business activity conducted therein, date of incorporation and financial obligations; additionally, it displays the names of directors and shareholders. Using this service helps determine if doing business with this particular firm is beneficial and verify it has registered with MCA.

This website lets you quickly search for information by entering a company name, CIN, or director’s name and then displaying your search results. Adding a captcha code as verification that you are human also adds extra security measures against bots trying to access information on companies. In addition, these tools are available on the MCA website and ROC (Registrar of Companies).

This service is free to anyone wanting to know whether a company has registered with the MCA. Using this information can help prevent fraud and legal issues with unregistered businesses and provide insight into whether an organization is financially stable.

Log into MCA21 and navigate to “Services.” Select “Company/LLP Master Data,” which will take you to a list of MCA services; here, you can choose to view company Master Data, Index of Charges or Directors/Signatory Details as well as download this information as an xls file – making this tool invaluable to investors and entrepreneurs researching potential investments or creditworthiness of an entity.

Company CIN

A Company Identification Number (CIN) is an exclusive 21-digit code assigned by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). It can be used to track all aspects of a registered company from its date of incorporation through audits and submission of forms with MCA. Furthermore, its code appears on official company publications, invoices, MCA portal e-forms submission forms, letterhead memo notices, bills, etc.

Validate a CIN online through the MCA website by logging into the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal with your user ID and password, clicking ‘MCA Services’ tab, then “Get Certified Copies”, on which page enter your CIN or company name – MCA will display all pertinent details!

Once you have verified a company’s details, you can gain more information about it and its directors and even check whether it’s fraudulent using MCA website searches. This is an ideal way to confirm its legitimacy if someone you suspect is running fraudulent operations within their own organisation.

Use this site to quickly assess a company’s status on the stock market or register its new registered office address, such as whether it has become listed or unlisted on an exchange, relocated its registered office address or changed directors or ownership structures. Furthermore, CIN and address searches provide useful tools for protecting against fraudulent activities committed by companies claiming registration with MCA/RoC but not meeting those criteria.

Company LLPIN

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs maintains an online database with information on companies registered in India, accessible via the MCA portal. It features details regarding directors, company structure and finances of registered Indian companies – this database makes it easy to quickly search any company in India; however, it should be noted that its accuracy cannot always be guaranteed; rather it relies on filings made using Eform filings that may or may not be current.

Access the information by going to the MCA website and selecting “MCA Services”. From here, select the option to view company and LLP master data before clicking on it. When in a new window, fill in your details like name of company/LLP and CIN/LLPIN, then hit submit once all details have been filled in.

This MCA service lets you view a comprehensive list of registered LLPs with identical names. It also displays their CIN, LLPIN and ROC information – the first digit of CIN shows whether or not it’s listed; the second digit shows the state code while the last one indicates the registration year; while their unique 21-alphanumeric identification number, or “LLPIN”, is displayed for each.

This service provides an effective way of keeping tabs on a company. It allows you to accurately gauge its performance and spot potential problems while making informed decisions about its future. If you are contemplating investing in one particular firm, using this tool to evaluate its current performance and profitability can give an accurate account of its standing within its industry compared to competitors.

Company Address

MCA Master Data Service displays the company address of every registered business in India. This database maintained by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs contains information on all firms registered under the Companies Act 2013. Depending on the nature of the business activity, various details will be included, such as name, CIN number, date of incorporation, registered office address details and directors/shareholder information.

To access this service, first register with the MCA website. Afterwards, navigate to “Services” from the menu and then “MCA Master Data,” entering your company/LLP’s initial letter in the box labelled “Company/LLP Name” while filling in and completing a captcha code. When complete, the system will display all necessary data in tabular form, allowing you to quickly navigate directly to charges by clicking “View Index of Charges” or signatory details by using “View Signatory Details.”

MCA Master Data is a database designed to give the public access to details of companies and LLPs registered in India. Available online for a fee, MCA Master Data provides information on all types of bodies, such as private limited companies, LLPs, one-person companies, etc. It contains data taken directly from filings submitted with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) every month – keeping its users up-to-date.

MCA Master Data can be an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs who need to determine whether their chosen company name is already being used by someone else, helping to prevent costly errors while improving business plans and strategies. Investors also find this service invaluable in confirming that the company they’re investing in is legitimate.

Company Directors

If you’re considering doing business with a company, confirming their registration number on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website is essential. Doing this will ensure it adheres to Indian laws while helping you make informed business decisions.

The MCA Master Data Service is an online portal that enables members of the public to access information regarding directors and important details of companies registered with MCA. Based on companies filing with us via an electronic form, the service provides free-of-charge access to CIN numbers, incorporation dates, charge information, and details regarding directors.

MCA’s database also contains vital information regarding a company’s structure and financial status, so you can gain a fuller picture of its financial health by understanding whether any liabilities exist and helping prevent business transactions with fraudulent firms. In addition to checking a registration status, MCA also allows you to check CIN and LLPIN numbers.

Once you’ve located the company you want to research, click its CIN or LLPIN number to view its MCA Master Data page and download any documents related to that organization, such as its Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association.

MCA Master Data service is also available to individuals. Simply enter the director’s name and DIN number to view his or her complete MCA director information and his or her list of companies where that individual serves as director. Once all necessary details have been entered, simply click “View Director Master Data” for all pertinent data to appear on the screen.

Importance of MCA Master Data Service

As part of conducting business and legal affairs, verifying company details online is critical for effective operations and administration. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs provides an easy-to-use platform to do just this – the Ministry of Corporate Affairs provides this user-friendly service here.

A centralized master data system helps reduce the work required to implement new systems and solutions, leading to greater efficiency and enhanced business processes.

  1. Accuracy

Accurate data can create silos within an organization, making sharing difficult. MDM helps reduce errors and inconsistencies within data quality to deliver more precise information for better business decisions.

MDM can also be utilized for business intelligence, namely customer segmentation. This enables businesses to target specific marketing or customer service campaigns or activities and develop products and services based on individual customer needs.

To check company registration status, visit the MCA website and select ‘MCA Services.’ You will then be taken to a search page where you can enter company CIN or LLPIN numbers and click submit to display relevant data.

  1. Transparency

The MCA Master Data service provides details about company registration numbers. To gain access, log into their official website and search by name or registration number; when you locate it, review it to ensure its accuracy.

Make use of the MCA Master Data service to check if a specific company has registered itself with government authorities, making this tool extremely useful for companies that must ensure compliance.

MCA Master Data service is an essential way to promote transparency and security, helping prevent fraud and illegal activities while simultaneously safeguarding personal information and enhancing data privacy – not to mention saving time and money!

  1. Compliance

Master data management systems make setting up new applications or systems simpler, reducing the amount of work involved in getting things underway quickly and easily. Instead of manually updating each solution separately, linking it directly to a master data system enables users to get going instantly with clean, accurate data.

MCA provides this information. To access it, enter a company’s CIN number and captcha code into MCA’s website.

MCA Master Data Service also includes several administrative details that are useful in running your company, such as viewing details about an authorized director or any Index Charges due. These details are taken directly from forms filed by companies.

  1. Efficiency

MCA Master Data service allows businesses to access accurate and trustworthy data that can be shared among departments for increased efficiencies and growth opportunities.

This API retrieves live company information such as CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN numbers for registered companies/LLPs/LLPs as well as director details, filing history and index charges as recorded in MCA databases. Furthermore, users can view registered addresses, class of company/LLP, ROCO code, etc.

The e-consultation module will allow stakeholders to submit comments and suggestions online regarding proposed amendments/draft laws that analysts will then review before being distributed back for public review. This process ensures effective scrutiny, which helps ensure a regulatory process that is efficient and transparent while simultaneously encouraging an accountability culture and strengthening enforcement and ease of doing business.

  1. Security

MCA has established Corporate Data Management as an in-house data analytics and business intelligence facility featuring information on all registered companies in India.

MDM was designed to be flexible enough to support virtually any data schema and quickly deploy into any area within an organization. A subscription view layer transports stored data downstream to subscribing systems.

Subscription views are created by filtering attributes of master data records into manageable groups for specific subsets of them. Each attribute in a subscription view provides details about its current state, such as status or validation results for that entity. MDS supports business rules to monitor quality in master data as well as validate entries before they’re added to it.

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