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Income Tax Audit Report: Submission Deadlines and Professional Requirements


Income Tax Audit Report

Transparency and accountability are paramount in taxation, and income tax audits are pivotal in ensuring these principles. As stipulated by the Income-tax Act 1961, certain individuals and business entities must comprehensively examine their financial records. This article delves into the intricacies of income tax audits, exploring the submission deadlines for audit reports, the associated deadlines for Income Tax Return (ITR) filing, and the professional expertise required for a seamless audit process.

Significance of Income Tax Audits

The government’s insistence on income tax audits for individuals and businesses surpassing specific income thresholds underscores its dedication to financial transparency and accountability. Beyond their surface purpose, these audits serve a multitude of functions. They verify the precision of financial records and Income Tax Returns (ITRs), aligning reported income and expenses with the actual financial activities undertaken. Moreover, income tax audits act as a deterrent against tax evasion, discouraging entities from distorting income figures or inflating expenditures to mitigate tax liabilities.

Submission Deadline for Tax Audit Report

Taxpayers subject to mandatory tax audits must have their books of accounts audited and the audit report obtained by or before the 30th of September of the relevant assessment year. If an individual’s business or professional income in the fiscal year 2022-23 exceeds the audit requirement threshold, they must complete the audit by September 30, 2023. The ensuing report should be uploaded to the ITR portal by the same date.

ITR Filing Deadline with Audit Report

It’s imperative to recognize that diverse categories of taxpayers bear varying due dates for filing their ITRs. For taxpayers obligated to submit an audit report, the due date for ITR filing is October 31st of the assessment year. This timeline pertains to taxpayers necessitated to audit their accounts by Section 44AB of the Income-tax Act. For instance, an individual with business or professional income exceeding the specified threshold requiring an income tax audit in the fiscal year 2022-23 (Assessment Year 2023-24) must conduct their book audit by September 30, 2023, and subsequently file their ITR along with the audit report by October 31, 2023.

The Dual Role of Chartered Accountants

A critical facet of the income tax audit process is the role of chartered accountants. Individuals and entities subject to mandatory tax audits must enlist the services of two distinct chartered accountants. One accountant handles day-to-day financial operations, manages books of accounts, and ensures the smooth running of financial affairs. The other chartered accountant is entrusted with conducting an in-depth examination of the books of accounts specifically for the tax audit. Notably, the chartered accountant overseeing the tax audit is precluded from managing the day-to-day operations of the same taxpayer.

The process of the tax audit report entails e-filing by the designated chartered accountant. Once the report is filed, the taxpayer must subsequently endorse the report from their e-filing account with the Income-tax Department.


Income tax audits are a cornerstone of financial transparency and accountability in taxation. With clear-cut submission deadlines for tax audit reports and associated ITR filings, taxpayers with business and professional incomes must remain vigilant. The collaboration between two distinct chartered accountants ensures a comprehensive and unbiased audit process. As the regulatory landscape evolves, adherence to these guidelines upholds financial integrity and fosters a robust and trustworthy tax ecosystem.


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