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Insurance Marketing Firm


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Insurance Marketing Firm

An insurance marketing firm operates as an intermediary within the insurance industry, facilitating the distribution and promotion of insurance products and services to the public. These firms play a crucial role in connecting insurance companies with potential policyholders, serving as a bridge to reach and engage the target market effectively.

Key Functions

Distribution Network: Insurance marketing firms establish and manage distribution networks through various channels, such as agents, brokers, and online platforms. They help insurance companies expand their reach and tap into different segments of the market.

Product Promotion: These firms promote insurance products and services to potential customers through strategic marketing campaigns, advertisements, and educational initiatives.

Customer Interaction: Insurance marketing firms often handle customer inquiries, provide information, and guide potential policyholders through insurance selection.

Market Analysis: They perform market analysis to determine consumer trends, preferences, and demands, helping insurance firms customize their offerings to satisfy customer requirements competently.

Regulatory Compliance: Insurance marketing firms must adhere to regulatory guidelines set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to ensure ethical and transparent practices in the insurance industry.

Collaboration with Insurers: They collaborate with various insurance providers to create partnerships, negotiate terms, and offer consumers a diverse range of insurance options.

Training and Support: Insurance marketing firms often provide training and support to agents and other intermediaries to enhance their knowledge of insurance products and improve their selling skills.


Enhanced Reach: Insurance marketing firms help insurers expand their market presence and connect with a broader audience.

Expertise: These firms possess industry expertise, enabling them to market and promote insurance products effectively.

Customer Education: Insurance marketing firms educate consumers about the importance of insurance, enhancing financial literacy and awareness.

Efficiency: By outsourcing marketing functions, insurance companies can focus on core operations while marketing experts handle promotion.

Market Insights: Through market research, these firms offer valuable insights that insurers can use to refine their product offerings.

Scope of Insurance Marketing Firm License

An Insurance Marketing Firm License encompasses the following scope of activities:

Engagement of Independent ISP: An insurance marketing firm operates by engaging an independent Insurance Sales Person (ISP) to procure and market insurance-based products. The firm has the authority to enlist ISP to solicit and procure a maximum of two Life Insurance, two General Insurance, and two Health Insurance companies. However, this arrangement is subject to regulatory oversight.

General Insurance Focus: In general insurance, insurance marketing firms are exclusively authorized to handle retail lines of insurance-related products. These firms are bound by specific guidelines governing products like health insurance, motor insurance, personal accident coverage, householders’ insurance, shopkeepers’ insurance, and other similar offerings that have received approval from the regulatory authority.

Regulated Engagement Changes: Any alteration in the engagement structure with an insurance company requires prior approval from the regulatory authority. Insurance marketing firms must seek approval for any modifications to their interactions with insurance providers.

Diversified Financial Products: In addition to insurance, insurance marketing firms are permitted to engage in activities involving shares, stocks, mutual funds, and pension funds. This expanded scope allows these firms to offer a range of financial products beyond insurance-related offerings.

It is essential to emphasize that the activities undertaken by an Insurance Marketing Firm extend beyond insurance products to encompass a broader spectrum of financial offerings, subject to regulatory oversight and approval.

Range of Services Provided by an Insurance Marketing Firm

An Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF) serves as a catalyst for a variety of essential services encompassing the following domains:

Insurance Policy Procurement and Solicitation:

In adherence to IRDA regulations, the IMF holds the authority to procure and solicit insurance policies. It can establish collaborative partnerships with numerous insurers, acting as an intermediary or broker for diverse insurance products.

Facilitation of Insurance Services:

IMFs can strategically collaborate with entities like Insurance repositories, registered surveyors, loss assessors, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to extend services such as:

  • Providing support for back-office operations in accordance with IRDA guidelines.
  • Serving as certified agents for insurance repositories.
  • Partnering with surveyors and loss assessors for tasks like loss assessment and credit analysis.

Marketing of Financial Products:

IMFs possess the capability to market various financial products as stipulated by IRDA norms, which encompass:

  • Mutual funds are offered by SEBI-registered companies.
  • Pension products fall under the jurisdiction of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).
  • Banking products are provided by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) controlled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Non-insurance products are offered under the purview of the Department of Posts.
  • Financial products falling within the scope of IRDA directives.

By delivering these comprehensive services, IMFs play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between insurers, consumers, and various financial entities, contributing to a well-integrated and efficient insurance and financial landscape.

Qualification Requirements for Establishing an Insurance Marketing Firm

The IRDA has established the following prerequisites for establishing an Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF) in India:

  • Business Registration or Incorporation:

The applicant firm must possess a valid business registration or incorporation certificate.

  • Qualified Principal Officer:

An eligible principal officer must be designated within the applicant firm.

  • Competent Professionals:

The applicant firm is required to employ skilled professionals, including a Financial Service Executive and an Insurance Sales Person.

  • Minimum Net Worth:

The applicant firm’s net worth must amount to at least Rs 5 lakhs to establish a single branch of an IMF. For the establishment of multiple branches, the net worth should stay under Rs 10 lakhs.

  • Firm Name Specification:

The name of the firm must incorporate the term “IMF” or “Insurance Marketing Firm” as per the guidelines stipulated by the IRDA.

By fulfilling these established conditions, entities seeking to establish an Insurance Marketing Firm ensure compliance with IRDA regulations and contribute to the effective functioning of the insurance marketing landscape in India.

Required Documents for Establishing an Insurance Marketing Firm in India

The following documents are essential for the applicant to compile when establishing an Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF) in India:

  • Certificate of Incorporation:

Proof of the firm’s legal incorporation and registration.

  • Charter Documents:

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association summarising the firm’s objectives and structure.

  • LLP Agreement (if applicable):

The agreement governs the Limited Liability Partnership if the firm is registered under this structure.

  • Principal Officer Details:

Information and qualifications of the designated principal officer.

  • Financial Service Executive Details:

Qualifications and particulars of appointed Financial Service Executive(s).

  • Insurance Sales Person Details:

Qualifications and particulars of designated Insurance Sales Person(s).

  • Net Worth Certificate:

Documentation confirming the firm’s net worth.

  • Bank Account Statement:

A statement reflecting the firm’s financial transactions.

  • Three-Year Business Plan:

A comprehensive business plan outlining the firm’s objectives, strategies, and projected growth over a three-year period.

  • IMF Infrastructure Details:

Information detailing the infrastructure and facilities of the Insurance Marketing Firm.

  • Undertaking by Principal Officer:

A declaration by the principal officer affirming the accuracy and authenticity of provided information and documents.

  • Photographs of Equipment and Manpower:

Visual evidence of equipment and manpower employed by the firm.

  • Consent Letter from Insurance Entities:

A letter of consent from insurance entities with which the applicant firm intends to establish partnerships.

Given the stringent documentation guidelines set by the IRDA for insurance-related ventures, meticulous attention to detail is crucial. Assuring the precision and completeness of the paperwork is imperative before submission to the regulatory authority.

Insurance Marketing Firm Registration Process

The process for obtaining registration for an Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF) involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Document Preparation

Initiate the process by meticulously assembling the required documentation listed earlier.

  • Step 2: Online Application Submission

Submit an online application for IMF registration through the official government portal. Access the designated e-form for IMF certification and ensure accurate and genuine information to prevent potential cancellations.

  • Step 3: Document Upload

Upload the required papers in the prescribed format as stipulated by the regulatory authority.

  • Step 4: Fee Payment and Acknowledgment

Proceed to the payment gateway to remit the application fee. Upon successful payment, an acknowledgement number will be generated, facilitating convenient application tracking.

  • Step 5: Application Review and Certificate Issuance

The authority will review the submitted application for any discrepancies. If any issues are identified, the applicant will receive a notification, providing a timeframe to address and rectify the concerns. In the absence of errors, the regulatory authority will grant the registration certificate, affirming the IMF’s official recognition.

By meticulously adhering to these steps, an Insurance Marketing Firm can navigate the registration process smoothly and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Denial of Insurance Marketing Firm License

  • An application for establishing an insurance marketing firm may face rejection if the authority determines that the applicant has not fulfilled the stipulated requirements.
  • The regulatory body is obligated to promptly communicate the refusal to grant an insurance marketing firm license within 30 days from the date of rejection.
  • In the event of such rejection, the applicant possesses the right to appeal the decision to the Chairman of the regulatory authority within 30 days, seeking reconsideration.
  • The Chairman will thoroughly review the application and reevaluate the decision within 60 days of the receipt of the appeal.
  • Should the need arise, a subsequent appeal can be lodged with the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) within 45 days of receiving the response.
  • Should the SAT uphold the appeal’s rejection, the applicant retains the option to submit a fresh application after a minimum period of 1 year has elapsed.
Validity and Renewal of Insurance Marketing Firm License

The license granted to an insurance marketing firm remains valid for a duration of three years. It is important to note that an insurance marketing firm is prohibited from engaging in any activities with an expired license.

Rejection of Insurance Marketing Firm License Application

An application for commencing an insurance business may face rejection if the regulatory authority determines that the applicant has not met the specified requirements. The regulatory body is obligated to promptly communicate the decision to reject the application for an insurance marketing firm license within 30 days from the date of refusal. If dissatisfied with the rejection, the applicant has the option to appeal to the Chairman of the regulatory authority within 30 days, requesting a reconsideration. The Chairman will review the application and reevaluate the decision within 60 days from the receipt of the appeal. If the appeal is subsequently dismissed, the applicant has the right to further appeal to the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) within 45 days from the receipt of the response. Should the SAT uphold the rejection, the applicant can only submit a fresh application after a waiting period of one year.

Renewal of Insurance Marketing Firm License

As outlined in Chapter III of the IRDAI (Registration of Insurance Marketing Firm) Regulations, 2015, the process for renewing the registration of an insurance marketing firm entails the following steps:

  • Applications for renewal should be submitted to the relevant authority at least 30 days prior to the license’s expiration. While the standard period for renewal application submission is 30 days, it can be initiated up to 90 days before the license’s expiry.
  • The renewal application, filed using FORM AA, must be accompanied by the required documents and a renewal fee of Rs. 2000/- plus applicable service tax (GST).
  • In case an application is submitted after the initial deadline but before the actual license expiry, a fee of Rs. 100/- must be included with the application.
  • The authority will entertain applications for the renewal of an insurance marketing firm’s license only if they are received within 60 days following a one-year duration. During this interim period, the applicant is prohibited from conducting any activities as an Insurance Marketing Firm.
  • To be eligible for license renewal, the Principal Officer and Insurance Sales Person (ISP) must successfully achieve a minimum of 25 hours of practical training.
  • The authority may request further information from the insurance marketing firm before granting renewal. The firm is required to provide the requested information within 21 days of receiving the request.
  • Upon successful evaluation, the authority will issue a certificate of renewal of registration in Form D.

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