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ITR Verification Deadline 2023: Consequences and Solutions


ITR Verification

The culmination of the income tax return (ITR) filing process is the ITR verification, a vital step ensuring tax submissions’ accuracy and legitimacy. Despite the deadline for filing ITR without penalties having passed on July 31, taxpayers are granted a one-month grace period to complete the verification process after filing. Neglecting this crucial verification can have significant implications. This article delves into the importance of ITR verification, the potential consequences of missing the verification deadline, and the various methods available to verify ITR.

The Significance of ITR Verification

ITR verification marks the final confirmation of the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted tax returns. An ITR is considered e-verified upon successful verification, making it eligible for further processing, including issuing refunds if applicable. This step is imperative to prevent erroneous or fraudulent returns from being processed, ultimately upholding the tax system’s integrity.

Consequences of Missing the ITR Verification Deadline 2023

The gravity of ITR verification’s importance is underlined by the potential repercussions of missing the verification deadline. Despite timely filing, failure to verify the ITR within the stipulated 30-day window can result in the imposition of a fine. Taxpayers may be subject to a penalty of ₹5,000, leading to financial strain and unnecessary expenditures. Moreover, the returns are rejected if the verification remains incomplete, leading to issues, including late filing penalties.

Methods of ITR Verification

Taxpayers have multiple avenues to accomplish the ITR verification process, catering to their preferences and resources. These methods include:

  1. Digital Signature: Those possessing a digital signature can use it to verify their ITR, streamlining the process and ensuring a secure and efficient verification.
  2. OTP Generation: Taxpayers with net banking facilities or demat accounts can generate a One-Time Password (OTP) to verify their ITR. This method provides a convenient and secure option for verification.
  3. Aadhaar Verification: Utilizing the Aadhaar number for verification is an option available to taxpayers, simplifying the process by leveraging the unique identification system.
  4. Physical ITR V Submission: Taxpayers can verify their ITR by sending a signed copy of the ITR V to the Central Processing Centre in Bengaluru. This traditional method ensures compliance, although it might involve longer processing times.

Enhancements in Tax Refund Processing

Recognizing the need to enhance taxpayer experiences, the income tax department is actively considering measures to expedite the processing of tax refunds. A reported initiative aims to reduce the average processing time from 16 days to a more efficient 10 days. This step would alleviate the burden on taxpayers awaiting their refunds and contribute to overall satisfaction with the tax filing process.


ITR verification is the pivotal bridge between the completion of tax return filing and the ensuing processing stages and potential refunds. Neglecting this crucial step can lead to severe financial consequences in the form of penalties. Taxpayers are urged to adhere to the 30-day verification window to avoid such penalties. The availability of multiple verification methods caters to diverse preferences and resources, ensuring that taxpayers can fulfil their obligations seamlessly. Furthermore, the proposed improvements in refund processing demonstrate the income tax department’s commitment to enhancing taxpayer convenience. In the broader context, effective ITR verification protects the tax ecosystem from misuse and contributes to a more efficient and responsive taxation system.


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