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List of Questions to Ask to Find the Trademark Attorney in India


Last Updated on May 25, 2024 by G.Durghasree B.A.B.L (Hons)

It tends to be really challenging to find a trademark attorney who can help you protect the resources of your company in the furiously competitive industry. Trademarks are one of the different kinds of resources that a firm can have. Hence, their protection against the violation is really important for the business. They help businesses grow and develop in the market. They make the business reliable and increase its credibility. Additionally, it aids in the company’s market awareness, which attracts investors and builds consumer confidence. Nowadays, there are numerous trademark attorneys available; you want to pick the best one. Nowadays, finding trademark attorneys in India is quite challenging.

Top Questions to Ask to Find the Right Trademark Attorney

1. What trademark law experience do you have?

As the market is teeming with trademark attorneys, making it difficult to pick the greatest of them all. To make it simple for you we have this question here. By asking their experience in the field of trademark law you can know about their knowledge. More the experience more the knowledge, therefore always ask them about their proficiency in the field of the trademark law and its related works.

2. What is your success rate in registering a trademark?

Sometimes, people are experienced and have a lot of cases on their hands, but their success percentage is very low. Giving your work to them means you are taking a risk, and there is a chance that you may lose your trademark. Hence, always ask the attorney about their success percentage so that you can calculate your chances of success. Success percentage shows you, out of the total cases he has, how many he won. Won here means a decision in favour of his client.

3. What is the projected trademark registration timeframe?

Trademark registration may take some time, depending on how complex the case is and the duty of the trademark office. You should ask about the attorney’s ability to expedite the registration of your trademark if necessary and the approximate time for doing so.

4. What is your approach to communicating with customers?

In some situations that clients encounter a a substantial amount of issues while speaking with the trademark attorney, since they have no clue about how to speak with them. Hence always make sure that you will discuss the modes of communication with your trademark attorney even before hiring him or her for your work. This will save you from situations like not being able to communicate without the attorney you have hired.

5. What is the fee for your services?

Whenever you are making an effort to track down the trademark attorney, regularly be sure to ensure you will ask him the amount the person will charge against their services from you as a client. Also, do not forget to compare the same with the other attorneys. But simultaneously, you need to take care not to fall into the traps of those who supply services at a very low cost. They are surely not going to deliver what you want.

6. Could you at any time provide references or endorsements from past clients?

Before hiring a lawyer, it is usually a good idea to ask for references or testimonials from prior customers. This can help you with estimating their level of knowledge and ability to manage your situation.

7. Do you have any past experience in registering international trademarks?

Assuming that you plan to extend your business all around the world, pick a lawyer with experience in international registration of a trademark. You should get some information about their involvement with international trademark registration and their insight into the trademark laws in several countries.

8. What are the benefits of the trademark?

Before registering your brand, you should find a trademark attorney who can help you understand the benefits of the trademark. This is because, due to those benefits, you are thinking about getting this registration. If you want to know all the benefits of trademark registration, you can ask the attorney the same question.

9. How much does trademark registration cost?

With the services changes of the lawyer, or, we can say, trademark attorney, you must confirm the government fees of the trademark registration. With MSME, the registration fees are low, and without MSME Registration, they are just double. As a result, you must confirm all of this with your lawyer in order to avoid uncertainty later on. In order to find a trademark attorney who can help you out with all this and save you money, you need to do a little market research.

10. Are you able to explain the trademark registration process clearly?

Trademark registration can be a mind-boggling interaction, and it is essential to pick a lawyer who can undoubtedly figure out the cycle. You should ask the lawyer to make sense of the registration of a trademark process and the means engaged with detail, including the requirements for applying, the assessment interaction and the anticipated challenges.

11. What is meant by “Sent to Vienna Codification” during the registration of a trademark process?

It is during the first phases of the Trade Mark registration process that the status on the Trade Mark Registry website shows as “Send to Vienna Codification “. This is one of the first steps taken for any trademark that uses any metaphorical element or logo. This codification is done to facilitate Trade Mark Code for an artwork or logo.


Finding a trademark attorney is not difficult, but finding the trademark attorney who is appropriate for your work is an enormous undertaking or, we can say, a very challenging assignment. Therefore, to make this challenging chore easier for you, we are here with the present write-up, where we have discussed some questions that are going to help you find an attorney for registration of your trademark in addition to other related work related to the trademark. This will make one of the most difficult tasks into a simple one. If you are uncertain about the present blog, feel free to contact us. We are truly happy to help you out with this.

G.Durghasree B.A.B.L (Hons)

G Durghasree B.A.B.L (Hons) is a registered trademark attorney with extensive experience as an Advocate for a period of 8 years. She possesses expertise in trademark law, including trademark filing and trademark hearings. Additionally, she is skilled in contract drafting and reviewing, providing legal advice and opinions, particularly in the areas of Company Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), and Goods and Service Tax Law (GST). Her experience encompasses both litigation and non-litigation aspects of these laws.