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Penalty for not Filing GST Returns 2022

Penalty for not Filing GST Returns 2022


Penalty for not Filing GST Returns 2022

Delayed gst filing details may have a preposterous impact, prompting generous fines and discipline. If GST return filings have not been recorded in the assigned time, at that point the taxpayers would need to pay intrigue and the late charge. In addition, an enthusiasm of 18% per annum would be capable of. In any case, the taxpayer can ascertain the enthusiasm on the measure of exceptional assessment to be paid. The Late fee incorporates Rs. 100 per day per Act, simultaneously it is Rs. 100 under CGST & Rs. 100 under SGS, altogether, it adds up to Rs. 200 every day. The greater sum will bring about  Rs. 5000. (Not relevant to the Integrated Goods and Services Act).

Tuition for using New Return System Prototype


  • Offline Tool Of New Return:i. Annexure of Supplies (GST ANX-1)ii. Annexure of Inward Supplies (GST ANX-2)iii. The matching Tool: auto-drafted details of GST ANX-2 with their purchase register.
  • Screens originating from the login page to filling up the particulars in Form ‘GST ANX-1’ and Action in Form GST ANX-2 granted for a specimen taxpayer who is arranging his return monthly. All the taxpayers return fillings quarterly will be similar.
  • Fill in items in the ‘Manage Profile’ section. However, in this Prototype, this information cannot be saved or updated by the operator
  • The user can select a particular GSTIN in LOGIN Page and tax period from the dropdown to advance further. The user may immediately click on the ‘Proceed’ button which will lead him to the next screen to fill features in Form ‘GST ANX-1’ and Form ‘GST ANX-2’.

Form GST ANX-1:

  • Click on ‘Prepare Offline’under ‘GST ANX-1to fill in the details. Functionalities will be shown IN TABS IMPORT EXCEL/CSV FILE’, ‘OPEN DOWNLOADED JSON FILE’, ‘REMOVE DATA IN ALL TABLES’, ‘GENERATE JSON FILE TO UPLOAD’ and ‘EXPORT TO EXCEL’ are not available for use in Prototype.
  • The different tables can also be clicked by users one by one from the dropdown to view the prefilled details. A summary can be considered taxpayer wise or document wise.
  • ‘VIEW SUMMARY’tab provides a table-wise summary of ANX-1 on sample data. Entries in the tables on the screen are for view only and no new entry can be made in the filters in the Prototype and summary will not be updated as new data is not saved.
  • After filling up details in applicable tables, the user has to create a JSON file to upload the same on the portal which will be available after actual deployment.

Form GST ANX-2

  • Click on ‘TAKE ACTION’under ‘GST ANX-2’ to take Action on the details. On this screen, details of the functionalities which will be available in the Offline Tool, is shown. Tabs namely ‘OPEN DOWNLOADED JSON FILE’, ‘REMOVE DATA IN ALL TABLES’, ‘EXPORT TO EXCEL’ AND ‘GENERATE JSON FILE TO UPLOAD’ are not available for use in Prototype. Working of ‘MATCHING TOOLS’ can be seen in Prototype with prefilled data provided.
  • Open downloaded ‘JSON’ file from the GST Portal by shipping the same in the Offline Tool.
  • Serving of ‘MATCHING TOOLS’can be seen in Prototype with prefilled data presented. Bang on ‘REFINE MATCHING RESULT’ to refine further criteria for matching by selecting a tolerance limit in rupees and approach in the document number. Taxpayer can take effort (Accept/ Reject/ Pending) after pairing.
  • User can decide to Accept, Reject, and Pending buttonunder ‘Take Action’ support on the documents uploaded by their suppliers.
  • Summary of ITC will be ready after taking Action in table 4. Click on ‘View Table 4 of ANX-2’, which is non-editable. Offline Tool will auto-fill the details in this table.
  • Credit received from ISD can view by selecting table 5. It is for view only.




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