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RAJSSP Scheme – Rajasthan Social Security Pension


RAJSSP Scheme – Rajasthan Social Security Pension

The RAJSSP or the Rajasthan Social Security Pension scheme is a programme that was introduced by the social justice and empowerment division of the Rajasthan State Government. Employees of the Central Government and State Governments will sponsor the entire payment processing for citizens. To offer better services, the Rajasthan Social Security Pension has combined several central programmes into one programme making it easy to establish benefitting the common man.

Some central government programmes covered under RAJSSP include Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme, and Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme.

On the same side as the RAJSSP programme are the State Old Age Pension Scheme, State Disability Pension Scheme and State Widow Pension Scheme.

Scheme Name Rajasthan Social Security Pension RAJSSP
Department Social Justice and Empowerment Division/ Department SJED
State Rajasthan
Country India
Helpline Number 01412226627


Eligibility criteria of RAJSSP or Rajasthan Social Security Pension

Here are the prerequisites that each citizen must meet in order to participate in and benefit from RAJSSP programmes.

  • Plan for State Pensions

An individual’s income must be less than Rs. 48,000 for the SDPS and SWPS schemes and less than Rs. 60000 for the SDPS programme. Women who have recently divorced, women under 55, those with 40% impairments, and people who are hijra are all eligible for the pension plans.

  • United States Pension Plan

Individuals applying to the RAJSSP must have incomes that are below the federal poverty level. The IGNWPS programme accepts applications from women and men who are at least 60 years old. The IGNWPS plan also takes into account men and women over the age of 40. The third IGNWPS plan will take an adult with an 80 percent impairment into account.

Amount of RAJSSP Scheme in Rajasthan

  1. Beneficiaries who are falling within the age group of 18 years to 54 years, the pension amount will be Rs. 500 per month.
  2. Beneficiaries who are falling within the age group of 55 years to 59 years, the pension amount will be Rs. 750 per month.
  3. Beneficiaries who are falling within the age group of 60 years to 74 years, the pension amount will be Rs. 1,000 per month.
  4. Beneficiaries above the age of 75 years, the pension amount will be Rs. 1,500 per month.


Sl. No. Age Group Amount of Pension (in Rupees)
1. 18 to 54 years 500 per month
2. 55 to 59 years 750 per month
3. 60 to 74 years 1,000 per month
4. Above 75 years 1,500 per month


Pension plans in the State of Rajasthan

In the state of Rajasthan, there are multiple state-owned pension plans and these are being discussed below:

  • Rajasthan Ekal Nari Pension Scheme

Through this pension scheme, women of the state of Rajasthan who are divorced or widowed can get the benefits of the plan. These women can all apply for pensions and make use of this service. But for availing this the condition is that the women shouldn’t be older than 48 years old.

  • Chief Minister Special Qualified Jan Samman Pension Scheme

The beneficiaries of this plan will be physically frail people and transgender people.

  • Rajasthan Old Age Pension Scheme

All of the state’s senior citizens will get benefits under this particular pension programme. Only people with yearly under Rs. 4,800 are eligible for this programme. The beneficiary’s bank account will receive a direct deposit of the pension scheme’s funds. A 60-year-old can apply for this pension through the RAJSSP in Rajasthan.

  • Marginal or the Small Farmers Old Age Pension Scheme

Farmers in the state’s small towns will gain from this in favourable ways.

What are the purposes of Social Security Pension Scheme?

One of the major goals of RAJSSP which the state-owned pension plan is to assist those who are the residents of the state and are falling under the economically weaker category and whose financial situation is dire. The government will grant financial aid to them each month. For an eligibleRAJSSPapplicantthe financial amount of pension will be deposited to the bank accounts. And the qualifying beneficiaries for the plan, would basically include senior citizens, widows in need, handicapped individuals, and transgender people.

Benefits of the Social Security Pension

The benefits of the social security pension plans owned by the state of Rajasthan would include:

  • The government will use the programme to provide money to the recipients of the plans.
  • This programme is open to all residents of the state who are coming under the eligible category making it a beneficial programme to ensure a better living.
  • All elderly residents of the state as well as widows, handicapped individuals, and divorced women will be eligible to benefit from pension plans, which would enable the government to aid the people in need of the state.

How to Apply for these Pension Schemes?

Following are the steps to be followed for applying to the pension scheme – RAJSSP:

Step 1:

In order to apply for the Rajasthan Pension Scheme, the recipient must first register with E-Mitra and SSOID. The registration must be done on the portal.

Step 2:

The recipient cannot seek or apply for any services like a pension or such other availing before registering.

Step 3:

The applicant must travel to the closest public SSO facility after enrolling or registering.

Step 4:

The applicant can learn more about pension services by going to the centre and having a word with the staffs who can help you out.

Step 5:

After receiving the information, the applicant must pick up the pension application form from the SSO centre.

Step 6:

After completing the form, the applicant must provide all the information requested.

Step 7:

After completing the form, the applicant must submit it to the SSO centre along with a scanned copy of the papers requested.

Step 8:

Your application procedure will be finished in this way.

Pension schemes will help people of a state and thereby the country to live a relaxed and useful life making it important that the governments come up with such schemes and programs for the betterment of the people and the society.


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