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Step by Step Process for Passport Login


Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Kanakkupillai

Step by Step Process for Passport Login

Passport services in India can be availed easily using the online portal of Passport India which is And here you need to register yourself as a user and log in such that the services available can be utilized starting from the application for a new passport to even the re-issue or applying for a new one due to the expiry of the old passport.
Following are the steps which can be followed by a person for log-in to the portal of Passport and apply for the same:
Step 1: Access the online portal of the Passport services which is

Step 2: On the left side of the home page, you can see tabs colored in red or green or orange with the names given as ‘New User Registration’, ‘Existing User Login’, ‘Check Appointment Availability’ and also ‘Track Application Status.

Step 3: In the case of a new user, click the first red table named, ‘New User Registration.

Step 4: It would open a new page with a form given on the right side of the screen.
Step 5: If the user wants to apply for a Diplomatic or an Official passport, then the applicant should choose the option namely, ‘CPV Delhi’ which is the Passport and Visa division of the country. Else, the user can go with the default option which is Passport Office.
Step 6: Now applicant can start filling in details of form which starts with the Given Name i.e., the first and middle name. After this, the surname of the applicant should be filled in.
Then the date of birth and also the email ID of the applicant should be filled in.
Step 7: The applicant can now choose Yes or No for making the email ID as the Login ID, else a new login ID can be typed in the field given for the same, after which the tab for checking availability shall be clicked.
Step 8: Now enter a password after reading the password policy by clicking the tab given on the right side of the field to enter the password. And it should contain one digit from 0 to 9 along with one lower case alphabetical character and one uppercase alphabetical character which should extend a maximum to 14 characters.
Step 9: Now confirm the password by entering the same in the next field.
Step 10: Click on the hint field and select a question from the given ones like Birth City, Favourite Colour, Favourite Cricketer, Favourite Food, First School, or such other options, and then provide the Hint Answer in the field given near the same.
Step 11: After this enter the captcha code displayed in the field given below the code for entering the same and then click the button named, ‘Register’.
Step 12: This would mark the registration of your ID on the passport Seva portal can be used for login along with entering the password.
Step 13: In the case of a user who is already registered, click on the green tab with ‘Existing User Login’. This would lead to a next page where the Login ID should be entered and press the button named, ‘Continue’, after which the password should be entered.

It can therefore be concluded that the passport Seva is now completely available online which was an improvement achieved by the Kendra through integration and advancement using technology. Users who are busy with a daily schedule need not visit the passport office personally and wait in the long queue making the whole process a hectic one. The shifting of all major services into the online platform has made it easier for not just the common public but also the employees at the Seva Kendra as all the services are now a lot more aligned and structured unlike before.
Hence, the applicant simply has to use the portal and register themselves and log in to choose the service they are in need of and do the same along with visiting the passport office personally on the date which is scheduled or assigned and get the process done.


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