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Trademark Class 3: Cosmetics And Cleaning Substances


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Preserving the identity of an iconic brand, you develop is more difficult than it first made reference in this competitive world. It permits owners of trademarks to safeguard their brand within a particular class or category.

According to NICE Classification, by registering their brand using Trademark class 3, a company that sells cleaning and beauty products can preserve their brand identity. The business owner acquires various legal rights upon registering their trademark. It’s crucial to file the suitable categories for the products all the way to the trademark registration process.

This gives the owner of the company exclusive control over their brand identification.

Describe a Trademark

A trademark denotes an exclusive mark. It consists of labels, words, phrases, or symbols that show the source of a product and aid in its identification.  This mark is intended to suggest that the product belongs to a specific company, thereby ensuring the rights to trademarks.

Trademarks may be officially registered and are considered to be intangible goods.

Trademark Class 3: What Is It?

Trademark Class 3 includes a broad spectrum of common products associated with personal grooming, makeup, and cleaning. Home cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, polishes, abrasives, soaps, toothpaste, fragrance oils, and hair treatments are a few examples of Class 3 goods with trademarks. These are things we often use on a daily basis.

Three categories comprise this class 3 of trademarks, which are further divided into:

  • Cosmetics and Hair Care products
  • Beauty-related products
  • Cleaning Materials

Advantages of Class 3 Trademark Registration

The following is a thorough explanation of some of the principal advantages of Trademark Class 3:

  • Protection regarding any brand identity.
  • Safeguarding the company’s reputation from the acts of its rivals in the market.
  • Defence against forgeries.
  • Aids in both product promotion and advertising.
  • Gives a distinctive appearance.
  • Building mutual trust will benefit both customer acquisition and loyalty.
  • There will be a growth in both quality and safety.
  • Expands your market opportunities and aids in the continuous production of income.

Types of goods under Trademark Class 3

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Bleaching substances for laundry use
  • Soaps
  • Perfumery
  • Essential oils
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair lotions and dentifrices

Products that don’t belong in Class 3

  • Cleaners which are used to clean the chemical chimneys
  • The steps involved in degreasing during production
  • Deodorants which are used for purposes other than human or animals
  • Room fresheners
  • Both sharpening and grinding stones

Corresponding Classes with Class 3 trademark

  • Pharmaceuticals – Class 5
  • Household Utensils – Class 21
  • Advertising and Business Services – Class 35
  • Science and Technology Services – Class 42
  • Medical and Vet Services – Class 44

Goods included in trademark class 3

Here is the complete list of the products given below that cover Trademark Class 3:

Category Products








TM Class 3 – Toiletries

·         Adhesive for cosmetic use

·         Adhesives for attaching false hair

·         Products made from aloe Vera for cosmetic purposes

·         Balms not intended for medical purposes

·         Cosmetic preparations used for slimming purposes

·         Cosmetic creams

·         False eyelashes/nails

·         Cosmetics

·         Henna [or cosmetic dye]

·         Pumice stone

·         Swabs [toiletries]/cotton sticks used for cosmetic purposes

·         Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions and toiletries.






TM Class 3 – Soaps and gels

·         Antiperspirant Soap

·         Cakes of Toilet Soap/Cakes of Soap

·         Almond Soap

·         Deodorant Soap

·         Disinfectant Soap

·         Medicated Soap

·         Soap used for Foot Perspiration.




TM Class 3 – Bath Preparations

·         Bath Salts not intended for medical purposes

·         Cosmetic Preparations for baths,

·         Deodorants and Antiperspirants

·         Antiperspirants (Toiletries),

·         Deodorants for Animals or Human Beings.










TM Class 3 – Skin Care Preparations

·         Almond milk used for cosmetic purposes

·         Astringents used for cosmetic purposes

·         Cleansing milk for toilet purposes

·         Beauty mask

·         Lip glosses

·         Lotions used for cosmetic purposes

·         Petroleum jelly used for cosmetic purposes

·         Skin whitening creams/cream

·         Cosmetic preparations used for skin care

·         Sun-tanning preparations (cosmetics)

·         Sunscreen preparations

·         Talcum powder toilet use and whiting.








TM Class 3 – Hair Care Products

·         Hair cream

·         Hair dye

·         Hair colour

·         Hair oil

·         Hair lotion

·         Hair wax

·         Hair gel

·         Hair moisturisers

·         Hair conditioner

·         Hair spray

·         Hair shampoo

·         Hair masks

·         Hair powder

·         Hair serums

·         Hair removal preparations

·         Hair-washing powder

·         Gels for fixing hair

·         False hair

TM Class 3 – Tailors’ and Cobblers’ wax


·         Cobblers’ wax

·         Tailor’s wax





TM Class 3 – Leather & Shoe Cleaning and Polishing Preparations

·         Waxes used for leather

·         Creams used for leather

·         Shoe cream

·         Leather bleaching preparations

·         Shoe polish

·         Leather preservatives (polishes)

·         Shoemakers’ wax

·         Shoe wax.














TM Class 3 – Vehicle Cleaning and Laundry Preparation

·         Bleaching salts

·         Windscreen cleaning liquids

·         Colour-brightening chemicals used for household purposes

·         Bleaching soda

·         Laundry bleach/laundry bleaching preparations

·         (Laundry)/colour-brightening chemicals used for household purposes

·         Fabric softeners

·         All laundry-soaking preparations

·         Laundry wax

·         Laundry glaze

·         Laundry blueing

·         Qualia bark is used for washing

·         Soap used to add colour to the fabric

·         Smoothing preparations (starching)

·         Starch used for laundry purposes

·         The starch glaze is used for laundry purposes

·         Washing soda is used for cleaning.






















TM Class 3 – Cleaning and Fragrance Preparations

·         Volatile Alkali (Ammonia) (Detergent)

·         Ammonia (Volatile Alkali) (Detergent)

·         Canned Pressurized Air is used for Dusting and Cleaning Purposes

·         Antistatic Preparations is used for Household Purposes

·         Cleaning Preparations

·         Cleaning Chalk

·         Colorants used for toilet purposes

·         Cloth impregnated with a detergent used for cleaning

·         Degreaser other than for use in manufacturing processes and for medical purposes

·         Colour-Removing preparations

·         Drying Agents used for Dishwashing Machines

·         Dry-Cleaning preparations

·         Furbishing Preparations

·         Floor Wax Removers (Scouring Preparations)

·         Non-slipping wax used for floors

·         Javelle Water/Potassium Hypochlorite, Lacquer-Removing Preparations

·         Polishing Creams

·         Non-slipping liquids used for floors

·         Oils Used for cleaning purposes

·         Turpentine Oil for degreasing

·         Parquet Floor Wax/Floor Wax

·         Paint Stripping preparations

·         Polish Used for furniture and flooring

·         Substance that was applied to make the leaves of plants shiny

·         Preparations that are used to remove rust

·         Polishing Wax Polishing Rouge/Jewellers’ Rouge

·         Scale-removing preparations for household purposes

·         Polishing Preparations

·         Soda Lye

·         Scouring Solutions

·         Shining Preparations (Polish)

·         For Degreasing

·         Stain Removers

·         Turpentine

·         Varnish-Removing Preparations

·         Preparations used for clearing blockages in drain pipes

·         Wallpaper cleaning preparations

·         Volcanic Ash used for cleaning

·         Air Fragrance Preparations

·         Household Fragrances

·         Potpourris

·         Incense

·         Scented Wood

·         Potpourri (Fragrance) Joss Sticks

·         Sachets are used for perfuming linen.







TM Class 3 – Makeup

·         Cosmetics used for eyebrows

·         Eyebrow pencils

·         Mascara

·         Cosmetic preparations used for eyelashes

·         Make-up preparations

·         Make-up powder

·         Lipsticks

·         Nail care preparations

·         Make-up removing preparations

·         Nail varnish/ polish

·         Nail art stickers

·         Cosmetic pencils

·         Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes.







TM Class 3 – Perfume and Fragrances

·         Perfumes

·         Perfume oils

·         Perfumed soaps

·         Natural perfumery

·         Bases for flower perfumes

·         Natural oils for perfumes

·         Room perfume sprays

·         Scents

·         Perfumed powders

·         Body fragrances














TM Class 3 – Essential Oils and Aromatic Extracts

·         Almond Oil

·         Aromatics (Essential Oils)

·         Bergamot Oil

·         Badian Essence

·         Essential Oils of Cedar Wood

·         Flavourings used for beverages (Beverage Flavouring)/(Essential Oils)

·         Ethereal Essences

·         Essential Oils of Citron

·         Flavourings used for Cakes (Cake Flavourings)/Essential Oils

·         Geraniol Gaultheria Oil

·         Ethereal Oils/Essential Oils

·         Lavender Oil

·         Jasmine Oil

·         Mint

·         Essential Oils of Lemon

·         Oils used for Perfumes and Scents

·         Oils used for Toilet Purposes

·         Oils used for Cosmetic Purposes

·         Rose Oil

·         Terpenes

·         Safrol








TM Class 3 – Baby Care Products

·         Wipes

·         Powder

·         Baby oil

·         Baby lotions

·         Shampoo

·         Baby bottom balms

·         Baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations

·         Baby body milk

·         Bubble bath

·         Bath mousse

·         Baby suncream





TM Class 3 – Oral Hygiene Products

·         Breath freshening sprays

·         Breath-freshening strips

·         Preparations for cleaning dentures

·         Dental bleaching gels

·         Dentifrices

·         Denture polishes

·         Mouthwashes

·         Toothpaste

·         Tooth gel


TM Class 3 – Animal Grooming Preparations


·         Deodorants for pets

·         Cosmetics for animal use

·         Pet Shampoo









TM Class 3 – Abraders

·        Abrasive paper

·        Abrasives

·        Carbides of metal (abrasives)

·        Corundum (abrasive)

·        Emery cloth

·        Emery paper

·        Diamantine (abrasive)

·        Glass cloth

·        Grinding preparations/sharpening preparations used for polishing stones

·        Polishing paper

·        Sand cloth/abrasive cloth

·        Smoothening stones

·        Sandpaper/glass paper

·        Silicon carbide(abrasive)

·        Tripoli stone used for polishing.


How to File a Trade Mark in Class 3?

1) Search for Trademark

Make sure the mark you have selected is available by conducting a trademark investigation to guard against any possible infringements. Multiple online databases for assessing trademarks in India can be found using the tools for online queries.

2) Filing of Trademark Application

Submit an offline or online trademark registration application to the Trademark Registrar. Your mark’s specifics, including its name, address, class, description, and logo, must be submitted.  Any category of goods or services which you wish to register under your trade mark ought to be subject to the relevant fee. Cleaning products and personal hygiene products, such as soap, perfume, cosmetics, etc., are covered by class 3 of the trade mark.

3) Examination of Trademark

Await the Trademark Officer’s review of your application, during which time she will verify its accuracy and legitimacy. The officer may decide to accept or reject your application, or they may provide an examination report with recommendations or requirements.  Your application may be withdrawn if you do not reply to the evaluation report within the allotted period.

4) Advertisement of Trademark in a Journal

The Trademark Journal releases an advertisement reminding the public of your mark claim if your application is accepted. Consequently, four months after the advertisement date, any third party may object to your registration.  If no opposition has been raised or if the opposition has been placed in your favour, the registration process for your mark will be initiated.

5) Registration of Trademark

Once your mark has been recognised, a certificate of registration shall be issued by the Trademark Registrar. By affixing the ® symbol to your mark, you might also mean an exclusive right over it. For your rights to stay in effect, you must renew your trademark registration every ten years.

In conclusion

Class 3 of trademark briefly includes cosmetics and cleaning products has been more thoroughly discussed. This will make it very evident to readers which products fit into this category. Furthermore, the list of goods and services that fall under Trademark Class 3 is not all-inclusive. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about how your products’ trademarks are classified.


  1. Which class of trademark covers a product made for cosmetics?

As per the Nice Classification, all goods related to cosmetics are classified under class 3.

  1. What is a list of classes of trademarks?
  • Classes related to products and
  • Classes related to services
  1. Which system of classification is used in India for goods?

India has embraced the International Classification of Goods and Services (NICE Classification).

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