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Trademark Registration in Mumbai


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Mumbai, the bustling financial hub of India, boasts headquarters of major corporations and vibrant industries like film and finance. To foster industrial growth, Maharashtra established the MIDC. In this competitive environment, preserving your brand it is necessary to register a Trademark, ensuring lawfulness protection and preserving customer confidence. Registering your brand in India not only defends your intellectual property but also defend your financial commitment and reputation in the market.

Advantages of getting a Trademark registration in Mumbai:

  • Trademarks guarantee the product or services’ jurisdictional rights. Similar to another tangible asset, Additionally, it could be licensed, bought, sold, and put to utilisation as the loan’s precautionary measure.
  • The brand’s registered trademark confers upon its owner exclusive commercial rights and enhances the brand’s repute.
  • Assume that the trademark has been registered for the goods. Under these circumstances, the owner is permitted to bring a claim for any proven infringement by a third party that attempted to infringe the products and/or services by using the goodwill and reputation of another person’s registered trademark.
  • Obtaining the product’s brand value is economical since the trademark has a ten-year expiration date and cannot be renewed before then.
  • When a consumer considers your goods, the registered trademark influences their decision and gives it a distinct character.

Who are Eligible for Registration of Trademark in Mumbai?

The list of eligible entities for registering Trademark in Mumbai are:

Criteria for Trademark registration in Mumbai:

Should the Trademark to be usable, apply for registering at earliest.

  • The chosen style or logo has to belong to the appropriate class.
  • Verified legal documents are necessary.
  • The applicant can be an individual or organization, or foreign individual
  • An precise description of the product or services is important.

Paper works necessary for Trademark registration in Mumbai:

  • A digitally signed certificate is required if applying online.
  • If the logo is available, provide it in hard copy.
  • A partnership agreement or an incorporation certificate
  • Applying on the applicant’s behalf requires the use of form TM-48 Document.
  • The confirmation affidavit submitted by the user.
  • If an individual, forms TM-A

Process for Trademark registration in Mumbai:

  • To prevent the chosen mark from being duplicated, the first step is to do a trademark search.
  • Upon deciding to submit, the TM-A application form
  • Following the application, the government examiner submits the analysis report determining if Trademark compliance the rules of the Trademark.
  • If a complaint is there, it is sent to the applicant. The applicant should give the proper reply.
  • The registrar issues the Trademark registration certificate as the last step in the registration procedure, following the resolution of all grievances and objections.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Mumbai:

Only 10 years remain on the registered trademark’s validity, however it may be renewed before then.

Importance of Trademark Registration:

Building a Brand is not easy. It takes years, sweat, blood and tears to create a unique identity in the Market. If someone steals this unique identity, it will possess a severe negative impact on your Business. So, it becomes critical to protect and protect your unique identity. Trademark Registration ensures all your Hard work stays secure & your unique Brand identity is maintained.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection:

It gives your Business legal protection from the unauthorised use of your Registered Trademark. You can claim for relief if someone infringes your Trademark by initiating a suit in a court.

Brand identity:

A registered Trademark gives your Brand a distinct identity Amidst the rivals. When many similar products or services are available in the Market, you must have something that distinguishes you from others.

Asset Creation:

A Trademark is said to be an intangible asset in the eyes of Income-tax. You can rent, sell or franchise your Trademark and earn a Significant return from it.


A unique Trademark boosts the Goodwill and reputation of your Business in the Market. It helps you retain your present clients, cultivates confidence and ensures Growth.

What are the fees for Trademark registration in Mumbai?

Trademark registration costs in Mumbai and all through India can change depending on the type of candidate and the number of classes of labor and products for which you need to enroll your brand name.

Individual/startup/ Little Endeavor:

For e-documenting of a brand name application in one class: Rs. 4500 For actual documentation of a brand name application in one class: Rs. 5000

Other than people, new businesses, or small-scale efforts.

For e-documenting of a brand name application in one class: Rs. 9000

Extra charges apply for Trademark registration in Mumbai assuming that you wish to enroll your brand name in different classes. The public authority charges for following actions in the brand name registration process, like recording a warning about resistance or mentioning a renewal, similarly change.

It it’s not too much trouble, note that charge designs can change after some time, and it’s important to check the latest spending schedule on the authority site of Intellectual Property India (IP India) or talk with a Trademark lawyer or expert in the most cutting-edge data.

How long does the process take for Trademark registration in Mumbai?

The Trademark registration process in Mumbai, or brand name registration process in Mumbai, similar to the rest of India, often requires around 12 to a year and half or longer. Notwithstanding, its critical to take note that the term can change in light of a few elements, including the intricacy of the application, the responsibility of the Trademark office, any protests or resistance brought up by strangers, and the productivity of the whole cycle.

The course of events may also be impacted by the precision and completion of the underlying application, together with any potentially erratic connection between the brand name office and the candidate during the assessment stage. Thusly, while 12 to a year and a half is a common rule, it’s workable for the cycle to reach out past this time period in specific cases.


  1. What amount of time does Trademark registration take in Mumbai?

The registration process takes around 12-2 years, Still, it can fluctuate depending on various elements and any outstanding complaints.

  1. What are the costs associated with registering a Trademark in Mumbai?

The cost is subject to fluctuate, although it includes government charges and fees for professionals in the event that you decide to enlist a Trademark lawyer. It’s best to check the continuous spending schedule.

  1. Who can get a Trademark registration in Mumbai?

Anyone who wants to make a brand identity or protect their own design, product, print or service from reuse without usage rights can avail a Trademark registration in Mumbai easily.

  1. What occurs if an individual intrudes on Trademark registration in Mumbai?

You are legally entitled to make a legal action against brand name encroachment, which might include sending orders to shut everything down documenting a claim.

  1. How long is Trademark registration in Mumbai?

A Trademark registration in Mumbai is initially deemed acceptable for a long time and can be renewed endlessly in the resulting 10 – year period.

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