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What are the Top Reasons for a Name Change in India?

What are the Top Reasons for a Name Change in India?


What are the Top Reasons for a Name Change in India?

Often, we can find that individuals tend to change their names due to various reasons and circumstances. This is permitted by the law on the basis of the following of certain prescribed procedures such that the change in a person’s name. Sometimes the individual might change his or her name due to no particular reason but only that they want to change the same. And it is necessary to ensure that this is not done for any fraudulent or deceptive purposes.
The reasons due to which individuals would want to change their name can be understood as follows:

The dislike held towards current name

The reason for this may be assigning of a traditional or a commonly used name that does not give any feeling of uniqueness or is made fun of may be one major reason. At times the name assigned to them combined with parents’ names may also be a reason why they would want to change the same. At times the individual holds a strong dislike towards his name due to the fact the same is embarrassing or can be embarrassing if misspelled or mispronounced.

Change of Name due to Divorce

When a woman takes the husband’s name upon marriage, she may have to change the same on the occasion of a divorce or separation filed between them. So, she might want to go for her maiden name upon divorce. For this, it is vital that the state laws are checked prior to making any decision as the laws may change from state to state within the country. This might also take a longer time than anticipated due to which might take service from professionals who have experience in the state laws and what should be done on such occasions.

Husbands who have taken wife’s name

In the modern era as a part of hugging equity, we can often see men accepting the name of their wife after marriage. And in the occasion of a divorce or separation between this couple, he would have to change the name back to the old one for which he will have to follow all the rules or procedures included in the change of name. It is advised to check for the procedure by seeking help and advice from professionals so as to ensure the procedure is similar and there is no extra paperwork or steps to be included in the same.

Change in Religion

This is another reason why people in India change their name from the current name. As a secular country, in India, the citizens are allowed to change their religion to anyone as they prefer and when they do the same it is important that the name is also changed to the one in accordance with their new religion’s laws. And for this, the name-changing procedure should be followed.
At times people also change their names relying on numerology and astronomy as more people are relying on such factors in the country. And for prosperity and such achievement of good factors, it is recommended that the name is changed as per the recommendation made.

Changing or Avoiding Confusions

Often people have names that are difficult to spell or pronounce and for avoiding any such confusion or difficulty they tend to change their names to simple and less complicated ones. This should also be done by adopting the name-changing procedure. Often these are changed to make the name aligned with their identity and easy to identify the same or also due to change in their identity from the prior one.

Change in Gender

People might have to change their gender due to the particular reasons faced by them and for this, they would also change their name to match their gender. A man after changing his gender to a woman would have to accept a name which is matching with the changed identity as a woman. And the same shall be done by a woman who has changed her identity or gender to that of a man.


At times people as a part of their support of certain political leaders or parties or certain causes or such other political reasons change their name. And this change of name often would be done in a legal manner rather than doing the same in an unofficial or not legal manner.

Foreign National

Citizens or people who are having their roots in different countries might want to change their name to make their name more specific to one country to which his root belongs to say a child whose parents include Indian and American or such other combination and wants to choose one name giving him or her the identity of a country, in particular, would be the case as here.


The procedure for changing the name would include the drafting of the name change affidavit by the person or individual who would want to change the name. And this should be followed by the notification of a change of name in any major newspaper of the country. After this, the documents should also be published in the Official Gazette of India.
And with this, the name of the person can be made legal and used in any further circumstance. So, we can say that people tend to change their names pertaining to various reasons, and making this legal is vital so as to use this for any legal or official purpose like application of passport or drivers license or even using the same while applying for a job or such other requirement. It is always important that such change in name is made legal procedure and all the necessary procedures are followed in accordance with the law.
It shall also be advised to take service from professionals as otherwise, this might be the time-consuming and elaborate process which would make the whole procedure difficult to be done.




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