You are currently viewing Latest News on DIR3 eKYC – Date Extended to 14’th Oct

Latest News on DIR3 eKYC – Date Extended to 14’th Oct


DIR 3 KYC date is being extended to 14 october – Great News

The due date of filing directors KYC for the directors whose DIN was allotted on or before 31st March 2019, has been extended to 14th October 2019.

The last date is extended to 14 october, 2019 – updated on 30th september 2019.

The servers are not uploading properly in the MCA webpages. It was an unique thought felt all over India among business crowd on the director KYC update. As the professionals are unavailable and are facing a lot of issues due to the flood and others in many areas of Tamil Nadu and other states already, there were many phone calls that got connected on the request for extension on the same. the severity of the problem has shown drastic effect on the adverse consequences of non-filing of the Form DIR-3 KYC within its due date. if not filled the . The non-filing of director’s KYC results in instant deactivation of the Director Identification Number (DIN), which can be reactivated by filing the DIR-3 KYC Form with the enhanced government filing fee of Rs. 5000 for each director from 16th October, 2019.
The major issue was the site that needs to be uploaded lack the uploading. thus, the extension was given as a grace for all and a great news for us.

About Past Update on DIR3 eKYC

According to the notification of MCA, all directors (present, retired, disqualified, etc.) who was allotted with a particular Director Identification number DIN on or prior to 31st March, 2019. And the status of the file must be approved through filing and updating DIR-3 KYC form and other KYC details before 30th September of this financial year

The deadline is given upto Sep, 30th 2019

Essential information and copies required to file

    1. PAN card 
    2. Aadhaar Card
    3. Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving Licence

All the papers must be self-attested to avoid further query raised by MCA. DIN holder along with a specialized CA/CS/CMA must digitally sign using DSC, that is, Digital Signature Certificate and certify the DIR-3 KYC form to the MCA site. 

The present sensational changes made:

  1. Compulsory filing of DIR-3 KYC, e-KYC through web for the financial year 2018- 19, it does not relate to 2017-18 filing process. It is not of concern even if you have filed previous financial year it is a mandatory to do for the current year. 
  2. There is web based verification process for mobile number change or E-Mail address difference between previous year and current financial year (2018 – 19).
  3. If by chance there is a change in mobile number or E-Mail address, director who is holding the DIN number must lodge filing of e-form DIR-3 KYC also, DIR-6 updating the changes.
  4. The last deadline given for filing DIR-3 e-KYC  for the Financial Year 2018-2019 is 30th September 2019.

Results of Late filling of DIR-3 KYC

 DIR-3 KYC has to be filled by the Director who holds the DIN number on or before 30th sep. In case of failure within this specified date can lead to disqualifying of the Director DIN number and Deactivation of Director DIN number will happen after the new filing is submitted along with a penalty amount of Rs. 5000/- only. 
With this note you can reach Kanakkupillai at anytime to update your DIR-3 e-KYC. This is open to all Directors holding DIN or Private Limited Company Directors, as we give regular follow-up and full compliance is fulfilled to your satisfactory level. At any kind of emergency need reach us at the specified number. Service is available with perfect finish of all documentation and filing on-time. 
Generally, Directors hold a lot of responsibilities. It is better to make sure that the form submissions can be managed by their assistants as there might be missing at times. Thus, it is better to use the specialized service providers like our firm to avoid or ceasing of your business and growth as well; Remember the deadline and work accordingly. Keep a big step for the next. 


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