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EPFO – Checking of Claim Status

EPFO – Checking of Claim Status


EPFO – Checking of Claim Status

EPF or Employees Provident Fund is a savings scheme and this is powered by the Government of India. This would help the working class of the country to have a good saving along with the support of their employer as a contribution should be made by the employer also along with the one made by the employee. The EPF would help the individual back up all his or her expenses arising after retirement.
There is also the GPF which is the General Provident Fund which is majorly for the government employees. The employees have to make a minimum contribution of 12% of their basic salary while the employer is also obligated to make a similar contribution.

Requirements for Checking the Claim Status of an Individual

In order to check the claim status of EPF, the person should be having the following information on hand:
– The UAN or Universal Account Number of the employee or individual
– The regional office of EPF of the employer
– The details of the employer
– Such extension code (as required).

Steps or Procedure for Checking the Claim Status of EPF Withdrawal

Once, individual or employee has ensured that all above-specified documents or information are kept handy for claiming withdrawal of EPF amount, the user has to raise a request through the EPFO or the Employees Provident Fund Organization. EPFO is a statutory body and is coming under the Government of India Ministry of Labour and Employment.
But merely on the placement of the request on the portal of EPFO, you would not be able to know the current status of the claim. Hence, for this the following steps should be done:
Step 1: Access the EPFO online portal, www.epfindia.gov.in, and on the home page click on the tab named, ‘Our Services’. This would initiate a drop-down menu from which the ‘For Employees’ option should be chosen.
Step 2: This will take to a page where services, important links, and downloads for employees would appear.
Step 3: Go to the group named, Services and click on, ‘Know Your Claim Status’.
Step 4: Then enter the UAN in the field given for the same. After this also enter the captcha code in the field given for the same.
Step 5: Now on the next screen enter the following details:
– The state of the PF office
– Select PF office applicable to the user from the drop-down list appearing
– The establishment code of the entity
–  Account number of the EPF of the applicant or user.
Step 6: And then click on the button named, ‘Submit’ which would now fetch the status of your EPF withdrawal claim placed.


If the mobile number of the claimant is registered with the EPFO, it will send SMS alerts. And this shall be sent for the below-given instances:
– Receiving of claim application by EPFO from the claimant.
– When the funds are transferred by the EPFO to the claimant’s bank account.
As per the provisions of the Income Tax, there can also be liability of income tax arising on such EPF amount withdrawn. So, this shall also be referred to by the claimant.

Additional Points

The following additional points shall also be kept in mind:
– The claimant should have his Aadhar details for filing a claim online.
– There shall also be a submission requirement of documentary evidence.
– And as per the latest amendments made, an employee need not take approval from employers for claiming the withdrawal of EPF amount in his EPF account.
EPF is one of the most preferred savings schemes by the employees around the country as this gives them a benefit of saving over time which would return them with a bulk amount after some years. The employer can also claim the contribution made by him to employee account as an expense while filing income tax return for the relevant assessment year, thereby bringing down the tax liability and also reducing the legal cost which the company would otherwise have to incur due to the applicability of law for not complying with the same.
The employees should wait for a good period of time such that they can have a good amount of savings in their EPF account which would help them make a big investment or such other purchase of the asset.



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