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EPFO Login: EPFO Member Login Portal Guide


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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), which is responsible for managing employee payments to provident funds, is a vital component of India’s social security system. EPFO, founded in 1952, oversees programs including EPF, EPS, and EDLI, where employees and employers contribute to providing a safety net for the financial future. Financial security after retirement is ensured through investments in various instruments that produce annual interest. Additionally, EPFO provides online services, KYC updates, and quick claim resolution. The benefits, features, and most recent changes of EPFO are thoroughly explained in this article, making it easier for employees and employers to use the system.

EPF Member Service Portal

The Employees’ Provident Fund organization provides members easy access to their provident fund account information, including balance, contributions, and transactions, through the EPFO Member Services Portal. It makes it easier to complete duties, including updating personal information, downloading passbooks, submitting claims, monitoring their progress, and resolving complaints. Members can register by accessing the website and entering their Universal Account Number (UAN).

How to register your company for EPF?

  • Access Form-5A (Employer Registration Form) online or at a nearby office.
  • Include company information, the form’s industry, the number of employees, your PAN, your bank information, etc.
  • Submit the form with the necessary documents (a PAN copy, proof of address, and bank information).
  • Registration numbers and certificates are verified and issued by the EPF office.
  • Start making contributions to the employee pension fund.

Accessing the EPFO Login Portal

  • The EPFO Member Login Portal is easily accessible, allowing members to effortlessly manage their provident fund accounts. To navigate the login process, adhere to the steps below:
  • Go to to see the official EPFO website.
  • Locate the “For Employees” section on the homepage. The “Member UAN/Online Services” link should be selected.
  •  Enter the password you created during the registration process, along with your UAN.
  • You must correctly enter the shown captcha code to ensure security.
  • After entering all the information, click the “Sign In” button.

Troubleshooting common Login Issues

  • When you click “Forgot Password” on the login page, you can use your registered mobile number and UAN to reset it.
  • After several unsuccessful tries, unlock using the “Unlock Account” link.
  • Use UAN and member ID to activate UAN on the portal.
  • Before logging in, double-check your UAN, password, and captcha.
  • Use a compatible browser, and make sure your internet connection is steady.

EPFO Login Dashboard

Following login, the member’s dashboard thoroughly overviews their provident fund involvement. Sections comprise:

  • Account Summary: This shows employer and employee contributions and the PF balance.
  • Profile: Permits updating of nominee information, contact information, and personal data.
  • UAN Card: Displays UAN information and links previous member IDs.
  • Transaction history, interest accrued, withdrawals, etc., are all recorded in the passbook.
  • Online services: enables claim submission, status tracking, and KYC updates.

Maintaining up-to-date personal information ensures smooth fund management, prompt communication, and efficient claim processing. Updated candidate information helps fund distribution go more smoothly. Members can monitor contributions, stay updated about their EPF status, and maintain long-term financial security by viewing the dashboard often.

Checking EPF Balance

Follow these procedures to check your EPF balance through the portal:

  • Check out the EPFO webpage.
  • Go to the ‘Our Services’ page and select ‘For Employees’.
  • Choose “Member Passbook,” then enter your UAN and password to sign in.
  • The total of your EPF account, including employer and employee payments, interest received, and withdrawals, will be shown.

EPF contributions from both you and your employer are included in the amount and the interest that has accumulated. It is a retirement savings account that is available once employment stops.

Monitoring is essential since it informs you of your funds’ growth and facilitates retirement planning. It enables you to assess your financial readiness and make wise decisions.

Downloading EPF Passbook

To keep track of your retirement funds, you must use the EPF passbook. Follow these procedures to download it:

  • Utilize your UAN and password to get into your account on the official EPFO website.
  • Under “Services” or “Account,” look for “Passbook” or “Download Passbook.”
  • If you have numerous EPF accounts, select the one you want.
  • Enter the OTP provided to your registered mobile device to confirm your identity.
  • Following verification, download the passbook, which displays contributions, withdrawals, interest, and balance.
  • The passbook historically records donations, interest, and withdrawals. Along with your balance, the monthly employee-employer contributions are displayed.
  • Regularly reviewing the passbook helps with financial planning and guarantees accurate records.

You can keep track of your retirement funds, keep an eye out for inconsistencies, and adjust your financial goals by understanding the passbook. To guarantee accurate record-keeping and a clear knowledge of your EPF transactions, it is crucial to routinely review your passbook.

UAN(Universal Account Number) and its significance

Every EPF member has a unique 12-digit identification code called a Universal Account Number (UAN), which is provided by the EPFO. It acts as a central hub for various Member Identification Numbers (Member IDs) given to a single person by various employers. The centralization of all PF accounts under a single number, UAN, which streamlines procedures and improves portability, is essential for provident fund management that runs smoothly.

Linking Multiple Member IDs to UAN

The procedures below can be used to link several Member IDs to a single UAN:

  • Apply your UAN and password to the EPFO Member Login Portal to log in.
  • Select “ID Proof” under the “Manage” tab.
  • Link your UAN to the appropriate Member ID by entering it.

Update KYC Information connected to UAN

  • After logging in, select “KYC” under the “Profile” tab.
  • Update your PAN, bank information, Aadhaar, and other pertinent papers.
  • The employer’s consent can be needed for verification after an update.

Updating KYC information guarantees correctness and speeds up claim resolution. Through a single access point, UAN streamlines EPF management and allows member-centric services.

PF Withdrawal Process Online

  • Use your UAN and password to sign in.
  • Claim (Form-31, 19, 10C) can be found by selecting “Online Services” from the menu.
  • Choose if you want a partial or full withdrawal.
  • Provide the relevant information and upload the needed files.
  • Send the claim in and make a note of the reference.
  • Your bank account is credited with the amount of the withdrawal after approval.

An EPF calculator can be helpful if you’re interested in estimating the potential funds you’ll get upon retirement or withdrawal from your EPF account. This helpful tool calculates a projected amount for you based on factors including your base pay, the rate at which you contribute to the EPF and the length of time you have made contributions.

Online Claim and Services

EPF members can access practical online services through the EPFO Member Login Portal. These programs give consumers the tools to manage their provident fund requests and accounts effectively. Online EPF claim submission is one significant feature. This procedure comprises electronically submitting requests for withdrawals or transfers, eliminating the necessity for paper documents. Members can also follow the progress of their requests for EPF withdrawals or transfers in real time through the portal. These convenient services highlight EPFO’s dedication to streamlining procedures and improving the member experience.

EPFO Forms

  • EPF Form 10C: Obtain an EPS Scheme Certificate or withdraw the pension corpus from your EPS account.
  • EPF Form 31: Online or offline partial EPF withdrawal based on service duration.
  • EPF Form 10D: After ten years of official service, submit EPF Form 10D to claim pension benefits.
  • EPF Form 14: Use EPF Form 14 to pay for your LIC policies, attested and sent to the EPF Commissioner.
  • EPF Form 13: Integrated into the Composite Claim Form, transfers an old EPF account to a new PF account.
  • EPF Form 19: Select a payment method for the final settlement of the prior EPF account.
  • EPF Form 20: Claim settlement for the nominees or heirs of a deceased member.
  • EPF Form 2: Declare and nominate EPF and EPS accounts using EPF Form 2.
  • EPF Form 5(IF): Claim EDLI benefits if a member dies while on duty with EPF Form 5(IF).
  • EPF Form 15G: Seniors should utilize Form 15H to save tax on EPF interest or withdrawals under 50,000 before five years of service.


In conclusion, employees must understand the complexities of EPFO and its member services webpage. This article emphasized the portal’s significance in streamlining the management of provident fund accounts and enabling users to easily access, claim, and update. The benefits and simplicity of the portal are outstanding, giving information on EPF accounts.

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