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Exploring the Scope of Trademark Class 35: Diverse Business Services Within

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Businesses trying to preserve their brand identification in the complicated realm of trademarks depend on knowing the many categories and their range. One such class that merits consideration is Trademark Class 35, which addresses a broad spectrum of commercial services. Let us investigate the many possibilities this class presents.

What is Trademark Class 35?

One of the 45 trademark categories acknowledged by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is Trademark Class 35. This course especially addresses operations and management related services for companies. From marketing and advertising to office chores and retail services, Class 35 offers a complete cover for many vital company operations.

What Services are Covered in Trademark Class 35?

Trademark Class 35 covers a wide spectrum of varied services. Let’s examine some of the important sections closer up:

  • Creating, publishing, and distributing advertising content—commercials, promotional materials, and digital marketing campaigns—is part of what this covers.
  • Class 35 covers hotel management, sports team management, and many other administrative and operational responsibilities connected to the general administration of companies.
  • From data processing and accounting to secretarial help and office administration, Class 35 safeguards a broad spectrum of activities that support daily operations of a company.
  • Retail Services: This class also addresses online shopping portals and e-commerce systems as well as the names and branding of actual retail locations.

What Services Are Not Covered in Trademark Class 35?

Although Trademark Class 35 is somewhat all-encompassing, certain services fall outside of its reach. A Class 35 trademark would not be regarded as such, for example, if the main emphasis is on the sale of physical things rather than company management. Furthermore, excluded from this class are services linked to engineer evaluations and reports unrelated directly to corporate operations.

Why is Trademark Class 35 Important?

For companies registering a trademark under Class 35, there are many main advantages:

Legal Protection: Businesses may defend their brand identification by obtaining a Class 35 trademark, therefore preventing rivals from using a related name, logo, or slogan.

Class 35’s broad scope lets companies protect a wide spectrum of vital services, from office administration and retail operations to advertising and marketing to manufacturing.

Getting a Class 35 trademark guarantees the owner exclusive rights to the mark, therefore preventing the use of a confusingly similar brand in the same or connected commercial activities.

List of Services Classified under Trademark Class 35

  • administrative processing of purchase orders
  • advertising/publicity
  • advertising by mail order
  • rental of advertising time on communication media
  • rental of advertising space
  • production of advertising films
  • advertising agencies/publicity agencies
  • auctioneering
  • bill-posting / outdoor advertising
  • rental of billboards [advertising boards]
  • bookkeeping/accounting
  • business management of reimbursement programs for others/business management of reimbursement programs for others
  • providing business information via a website
  • business research
  • business investigations
  • business appraisals
  • business information
  • business project management services for construction projects
  • business management for freelance service providers
  • business management of sports people
  • business management of performing artists
  • business management of hotels
  • business inquiries
  • business management assistance
  • business efficiency expert services
  • advisory services for business management
  • business organization consultancy
  • business management and organization consultancy
  • business management consultancy
  • professional business consultancy
  • business auditing
  • commercial information agencies
  • commercial intermediation services
  • provision of commercial and business contact information
  • commercial or industrial management assistance
  • commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others
  • commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]
  • compilation of statistics
  • compilation of information into computer databases, computerized file management
  • cost price analysis
  • data search in computer files for others
  • demonstration of goods
  • design of advertising materials
  • direct mail advertising
  • dissemination of advertising matter
  • distribution of samples
  • document reproduction
  • drawing up of statements of accounts
  • economic forecasting
  • employment agencies
  • import-export agencies
  • invoicing
  • layout services for advertising purposes
  • provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services
  • online advertising on a computer network
  • marketing studies
  • marketing research
  • marketing
  • modelling for advertising or sales promotion
  • negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties
  • news clipping services
  • arranging newspaper subscriptions for others
  • office machines and equipment rental*
  • opinion polling
  • organization of fashion shows for promotional purposes
  • organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes
  • organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes
  • outsourced administrative management for companies
  • outsourcing services [business assistance]
  • pay per click advertising
  • payroll preparation
  • personnel management consultancy
  • personnel recruitment
  • rental of photocopying machines
  • photocopying services
  • presentation of goods on communication media for retail purposes
  • price comparison services
  • procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]
  • psychological testing for the selection of personnel
  • public relations
  • publication of publicity texts
  • publicity material rental
  • radio advertising
  • relocation services for businesses
  • retail or wholesale services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies
  • sales promotion for others
  • rental of sales stands
  • search engine optimization/search engine optimization
  • secretarial services
  • shop window dressing
  • shorthand
  • sponsorship search
  • arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others
  • systemization of information into computer databases
  • tax filing services
  • tax preparation
  • telemarketing services
  • telephone answering for unavailable subscribers
  • television advertising
  • transcription of communications [office functions]
  • typing
  • updating and maintenance of data in computer databases
  • updating of advertising material
  • rental of vending machines
  • website traffic optimization/website traffic optimization
  • word processing
  • writing of curriculum vitae for others/writing of résumés for others
  • writing of publicity texts

How to Register a Class 35 Trademark?

Registering a trademark class 35 trademark includes these steps:

  1. Before submitting your application, be sure your trademark concept is original and not currently in use by doing a comprehensive search.
  2. File your trademark application via the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) run by the USPTO.
  3. Indicate Class 35 as your main class when you are submitting your application.
  4. Use one of the pre-existing USPTO descriptions to precisely outline the offerings of your services.
  5. Give an instance of how your trademark will be applied—that of a logo, label, advertising, etc.


Understanding the extent and value of Trademark Class 35 will help companies to properly defend their brand identification and get a competitive advantage in the market. Whether your product is management, office, retail, or advertising, this class offers a complete legal framework to protect the most important assets of your company.


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