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Government e Marketplace (GeM) Portal Registration: A Complete Guide


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GeM registration is required for all involved in procuring goods and services. Registered sellers can advertise their brands and products and participate in Tenders.

GeM Registry: What is it?

Government E-Marketplace is sometimes called GeM (Government Electronic Marketplace) or “Government Electronic Marketplace”. GeM, or Government e-Marketplace, allows municipal and central governments to buy public goods and services.

The function of procurement is part of all government functions. Gems for the Government were created to increase the buying process’s effectiveness, speed and transparency.

GeM’s tools, like E-bidding, reverse auctions, and demand, help customers maximize the return on the budget they have set. The two limbs are separated through the aperture.

GeM Portal Benefits

  • Get access to the National Public Procurement Market
  • Special sections and services are offered for startups, small- and medium-sized companies (MSMEs), as well as items from the emporium
  • Paperless, online as well as contactless platforms
  • Invoices for several orders
  • Participate in reverse auctions/bids quickly
  • This clock displays the remaining time for those who wish to buy.
  • The reasons why you shouldn’t accept the offer of a vendor
  • Dashboard to allow sellers to keep track of the flow of money and their supply
  • Exemption from tax on ITRs of North-East State, J & K and J & K residents at the time of bidding
  • Dynamic price Prices change based on the conditions in the marketplace
  • Direct access for Government Departments and Organizations
  • Indian Startups that DPIIT identified as entrepreneurs have the first preference.

Gem Portal is an excellent opportunity to join and enjoy many advantages.

Document required to register a GEM with the Registration

The below documents are needed to be provided for GEM Registration:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Udyog aadhaar may also be called MSME Certificate
  3. GST registration certificate
  4. Mobile No. and Email ID
  5. Cancelled Cheque Copy
  6. Aadhaar of Applicant
  7. If needed, other documents can also be submitted.

GeM Seller Registration

Registering as a vendor is explained below

Step 1: Account to GeM sellers

An authorized individual must set up geM. (Director/Proprietor/Key Person of Organization) Sellers can sign up on GeM through the Aadhaar or PAN Card of a Key person in the organization.

Step 2: Change the details of your organization.

PAN Validation and Company information sections should be filled out. There are three areas which can be added to the profile.

GeM’s Step 3: Assessing Vendors

GeM requires Vendor Assessment to receive an OEM Certification. GeM Vendor Assessment must be completed by sellers who want to participate in public tenders in Q1 or Q2 items. Whatever product type they sell, manufacturers must be original equipment manufacturers. GeM Portal. GeM Quality Council of India is the Indian branch of the GeM Quality Council and is responsible for vendor assessments.

Step 4 – Brand Listing

OEMs, who are GeM Vendors, can now feature brands within the GeM categories that are most for their product. Every brand will be displayed regardless of whether it’s registered or not.

Step 5: Listing of Products

GeM needs to be informed of the new product/service before it appears in GeM.

Step 6: Participation of resellers in bidding and the appointment of their representatives

GeM permits you to accept orders and participate in auctions following the listing of your products or services. After acceptance, OEMs can designate or permit resellers to sell their products and services.

GeM Registration Fees

GeM Assessment costs, payable by the vendor to the portal for GeM Certification, amount to Rs. 11,200 (plus 18% GST). In addition to this fee, the portal requires that the buyer pay the caution money before participating in any activities. Caution money can be deemed eligible based on the amount of sales.

Such as:-

Selling Turnover Less Than 1 Crore Rs. 5,000
The turnover of a seller ranges between one and 10 billion rupees Rs.10,000
Sales of more than 10 Million Dollars Earn Rs. 25000/-
Vendor Assessment Fees Rs. 12,000 + GST

Consultation for free Consultation

GeM Registration, however, is a separate product.

This is a listing of the websites operated and owned by brands.

The applicant can upload their logo on the GeM Portal if:

  1.  Trademark registered
  2. My mark has not been registered, but I am the owner of the mark
  3. Unbranded product

Two distinct.

GeM Product and Services List

Once the GeM Authority has approved the product listing, the products and services will go into operation.

Two separate pseudonyms

GeM Direct Purchase

Direct Purchases are only available to customers who purchase items of low value. Direct purchases allow the customer to buy products directly from GeM vendors that match the requirements of their particular needs in terms of quality, delivery time and other specifications.

GFR 149 provides for online direct purchases of up to Rs. GeM’s online marketplace is only open to suppliers that meet GeM’s requirements.

The GeM Portal is the perfect location for businesses to grow

Become an OEM manufacturer to reach your objective of selling federal government agencies.

Comparative analysis of L1 GeMs used for the direct purchase

If the product or service cost is between the two, buyers can purchase directly through L1. Having compared products and services from three different manufacturers/OEMs, the buyer can buy from L1.

Make in India certificate for OEMs

The Government of India has released Circular Number. Specifies the preference of Make in India Certified OEMs in GeM. The government of India’s policy promotes “Make In India” and manufacturing and distributing goods and services in India to generate income.

The lowest-priced bidder has priority on an L1 tender.

Benefits of the GeM Registry

GeM Registry, the Government e-Marketplace, is an innovative procurement portal offering buyers and sellers an easy-to-use dashboard for purchasing and monitoring supplies and payments.

GeM registration, also called product listing on the GeM portal, is essential for becoming an approved seller.


GeM registration provides businesses with a cost-effective method for marketing their goods and services to government agencies while streamlining procurement procedures and cutting transaction costs. GeM is especially advantageous to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) because it facilitates local supplier usage that can help create employment opportunities across the country.

Furthermore, this platform gives buyers access to millions of sellers nationwide – making it easier for Central Ministries and PSUs to locate suitable suppliers for their needs. Moreover, this tool also facilitates communication and collaboration between buyers and sellers on an efficient level.

GeM, for instance, allows buyers to purchase products directly from any seller who meets the required quality, specifications, and delivery time requirements – this helps reduce procurement costs dramatically. Furthermore, GeM encourages local suppliers by giving them preference in L1 bidding and supports companies with Make in India certificates, which can significantly boost revenue while creating jobs.

Easy to Use

GeM Portal is an online procurement platform designed to assist government customers in quickly finding products and services that meet their needs. It boasts many advantages, such as efficiency, transparency, inclusion and accessibility for public use.

Registering on the GeM Portal as suppliers requires providing their organization details, user name and password, and verifying their official email address; this will enable them to easily keep an eye on their activities on the portal while saving both parties time and effort.

Once registered, sellers can begin selling goods and services through GeM’s portal. Registration is easy and quick: just one step requires signing up using your Aadhar number or PAN card as the authorized person of a company; subsequent steps include filling in company details such as office location information and bank account data, declaring compliance with e-invoicing compliance standards and paying a certain amount in caution money based on turnover.

Adaptive Pricing

GEM Registry utilizes an adaptive pricing model to offer market-responsive prices to buyers, saving both time and money while increasing transparency and competition and reducing layers of verification, ultimately decreasing procurement lead times.

This portal aims to streamline supply chains and eliminate manual paperwork by offering user-friendly features such as a dashboard and mobile app, supporting local businesses and manufacturers while being entirely cashless and online.

Government eMarketplace (GEM) registration allows businesses and individuals to sell their goods and services directly to the federal government. GEM registration aims to improve transparency and efficiency in public procurement by offering all government offices access to its platform – free of cost with secure payment processes and warranty for select products.

Easy to Access

GeM portal is an online platform launched by the government that offers tenders for the daily needs of various government organizations, public-sector enterprises, and ministries. It aims to promote transparency, efficiency, and openness in government procurement while registration and listing of sellers are free of cost.

Once registered, businesses gain access to a consolidated procurement portal that enables them to expand market opportunities while decreasing marketing expenses. Furthermore, the GeM portal facilitates timely vendor payments to avoid cash flow issues.

GeM portal requires buyers and sellers to submit various documents as part of the registration process, after which the government reviews and approves all the necessary information. Once your application is accepted, you can also sell goods directly to government agencies. Its simple, efficient, cost-effective process helps the government reduce procurement costs while stimulating economic development.


1. How to purchase GEM Portal on the GEM Portal

GeM offers two payment options: cash caution for suppliers and the evaluation.

Caution: The amount of money due is according to an annual turnover of $5,500. Payment can be made through the gateway or by checking the GeM website.

The maximum amount you can pay to cover the vendor assessment is Rs. 11200 plus GST of 18.

2. GeM Portal – What is RA?

Does a seller have to be a manufacturer to sell a product?

GeM permits both manufacturers and resellers to register. Manufacturers and resellers are also authorized to register on the GeM website. Manufacturers oversee their resellers. A letter from the manufacturer and an authorization code is needed to register GeM as a retailer or trader. Retailer. Trader.

3. What do GST concessions refer to?

Customers who buy items that are in specific categories can enjoy an increase in GST.

4. What does OEM mean in GeM?

OEM is the term used in GeM to refer to original equipment manufacturers in the GeM portal. It can be separated into four kinds.

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Brand owners and manufacturers
  3. Authorized importers and exporters of India
  4. Service Provider
5. What is the main difference between GeM Marketplaces prices and those of different markets?

The under-mentioned factors could result in a shift in retail prices of products and also their GeM price:

  1. GeM Prices include all taxes.
  2. Certain products on GeM come with different warranties.
  3. GeM offers online warranty offered for its products.
  4. The terms of payment can result in price fluctuations.
6. What should I do to request a specification change in a Category already established?

Buyers can manage their requests through the Dashboard. The buyer will be able to examine every demand.


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