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GST Registration Online for New User on GST Portal


Under the GST system, registering a business online is a mandatory step for any taxpayer or business owner with an annual revenue of more than Rs. 20 lakhs. A unique number GSTIN is issued to any business owner only after completing the online GST registration process. The GSTIN number is a crucial component of GST filing since it is required by the taxpayer at every stage of return filing, bill production, and invoice processing. Business owners must visit the official GST registration website in India to complete all of these procedures.

Aadhar Authentication in GST Registration Provisions

The Aadhar authentication process was recently added to the GSTN portal for all applicants for GST registration, including regular taxpayers, composition taxpayers, casual taxable persons, input service distributors (ISDs), SEZ developers, and SEZ units. An authorized signatory would be needed, and the tax department might perform a site verification if the Aadhar authentication fails.

Documents Needed to Register for GST:

  • The applicant’s PAN.
  • The Adhaar card.
  • Evidence of an incorporation certificate or business registration.
  • Promoters’ and directors’ addresses and identities are verified with photos.
  • Provide evidence of the business address.
  • Statement of bank account/cancelled check.
  • Digital Signature.
  • Board Resolution or Letter of Authorization for Appointed Signatory.

GST Registration Process for New Users

Section A of Registration:

  • Go to the GST Portal.
  • Click the following link to access the GST Portal:
  • Select Services > Registration > New Registration from the homepage.
  • The user must fill out the form under the New Registration page.
  • The user must choose from various alternatives under the “I am a” button for which he must register, such as Taxpayer, Deductor, Collector, etc.
  • Subsequently, the user must provide information such as their State or Territory, District, Legal name of the firm as listed on their PAN, Email address, and Mobile Number to receive a separate OTP verification.
  • The user must enter the six-digit OTP they independently got via email and mobile device before clicking Proceed.
  • A fifteen-digit alphanumeric TRN will be sent to the user following the successful OTP verification.

Section B of Registration:

  • The user must log back into the portal using the TRN they obtained after Part A to finish Part B of the registration process.
  • Click Proceed after entering the Temporary Registration Number (TRN) and the CAPTCHA Icon.
  • Click Proceed after entering the OTP you got by email or mobile device.
  • Click the Edit Tool under the Action tab on the Dashboard.
  • In this phase, the user must click and save the information in each form under several tabs that include the required information.

Who requires GST Registration?

Those listed below are eligible to apply for registration.

  • Registration is required if the aggregate turnover exceeds the prescribed threshold limit.
  • Entities previously registered for excise, VAT, service tax, etc.
  • Sellers of taxable products across state lines.
  • E-commerce vendors or operators selling items online.
  • The Tax Collected at Source (TCS) Collector or the Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Deductor.
  • Non-resident taxable Individuals, such as NRTP Casual Taxable Persons, CTP Input Service Distributors, ISD Agents, or any organization that sells products and services on another person’s behalf.
  • Service Provider for OIDAR (Online Information Database and Access Retrieval)
  • Any company that must pay taxes under the Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

What are the Fees for GST Registration?

There are no costs associated with GST registration from the government. The Chartered Accountant or the GST Practitioner may bill for professional services.

What is the cost of failing to register for GST?

A fine is assessed to a business that must register but chooses not to do so. In these situations, the GST Department levies a penalty. 10% of the entire tax amount or INR 10,000, whichever is larger, is the penalty.

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