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Guide on Reporting Trademark Infringement on Instagram

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With over a billion active users, Instagram is a desirable venue for companies to present their products. But this popularity also draws people and businesses looking to profit from well-known brands via trademark infringement. Protecting the intellectual property of a business depends on reporting trademark infringement on Instagram, therefore eliminating customer uncertainty. This guide guarantees that brand owners can properly handle the illegal use of their trademarks and preserve the integrity of their brand identity on Instagram by offering a succinct, methodical approach to reporting trademark infringement.

Instagram trademark infringement examples

Using a brand’s name, logo, or slogan without permission, building duplicate pages or accounts, and distributing material without appropriate credit are some instances of trademark infringement on Instagram. It is essential for brand owners to correct such infractions right once as these acts could weaken the value of the brand and mislead customers.

Effects of dysregulating trademark infringement

Ignoring trademark infringement can result in consequential results, which include harm to the brand’s popularity and objectives, loss of intellectual property rights, and potential legal motion resulting in fines or imprisonment. Trademark infringement also can expose the brand to further unauthorized use, making it vital for brand proprietors to take action to protect their intellectual assets.

Reporting to Instagram for trademark infringement

Methodical Guide on Instagram Reporting Trademark Infringement

  1. Determine the infringing material: Choose the infringing post or account. Note the text and the handle of the infringement.
  2. Verify the Infringer’s Account: Look through the infringer’s account for other infringing material. Record all infringement evidence.
  3. Tell Instagram about the infringement: Visit the infringer’s post and under “Report,” click. Click “Intellectual Property Violation.” Instagram will walk you over a set of prompts to turn in your trademark violation complaint. Clearly and in great detail state how your trademark is being violated.
  4. Evidence of Trademark Ownership: Share evidence of trademark ownership. Attach pertinent documents, including registration certificates.
  5. Discuss the Report Follow-Up: Track the report’s situation. Follow up with Instagram as needed. Re-sent the form if you get no answer. Make sure you check your Instagram messages and email inbox to avoid missing any follow-up communication. Email the support staff if your DMCA notification is still disregarded. They might be able to clarify the reason your report was turned down. Reviewing Instagram’s trademark rules will also help you to better grasp what infringement on the network consists of.

Additional Tips for Reporting Trademark Infringement

  1. Record All Proof:
  • Record every incidence of trademark infringement exactly, including dates, hours, and thorough notes on each infringement.
  • Get proof to back up your allegation with screenshots and URLs.
  1. Track all of your communications:
  • Track the status of your report by documenting any correspondence with Instagram—including emails and texts.
  1. Show patience and persistence:
  • Track the status of your report and, if needed, follow up with Instagram.
  • Should your report be denied or disregarded, think about re-filling the form or consulting legal advice.
  1. Think about engaging a lawyer:
  • See an attorney knowledgeable in intellectual property law if the violation is minor or only mildly damaging your brand. They can assist you in negotiating the legal system and provide direction on the best line of action.
  1. Look for repeat offenders:
  • Check the infringer’s account often for repeat crimes; report any further infringement. This guarantees that the infringer does not keep using your trademark unapproved.

Following this extra advice will help you to make sure your trademark infringement complaint is successful and that you act to safeguard your brand on Instagram.


Protecting the intellectual property of your business depends on you reporting trademark infringement on Instagram. Following the advice in this guide will help you to efficiently document and handle trademark infringement. Remember to be patient and tenacious, make notes on contacts, and record any evidence. If the violation is quite serious, think about seeing a lawyer. Another crucial is tracking for repeat offenders. Maintaining the respect and goodwill of your brand depends on safeguarding its intellectual property.

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