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How Do I Find My Trademark Filing Number?


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When a firm or group desires to draw in customers, its brand serves as its authentic image. The trademark registration number is helpful in locating already registered trademarks and expediting the search for new ones. Any term, symbol, logo, or design that is used to distinguish your products or services from those of your competitors is recognized as a brand. Having a trademark enables increasing brand recognition. It supports marketing and branding. It helps others to copy your goods and services. A number that clearly shows a registered trademark’s serial number for different companies is called a trademark serial number.

What is a Trademark Filing Number?

A number, referred to as a trademark filing number, is assigned to a trademark application by the trademark office upon filing. In order to monitor a trademark and make sure the inspection process is moving ahead as intended, this official trademark number is used. Depending on the country or region in which the application is filed, the filing number’s format may change, but it usually comprises a mix of letters and digits.

Where to Find Your Trademark Filing Number in India?

You will receive a trademark application number after your trademark registration is complete. Your trademark registration number is also present on this application. Put otherwise, the number that is visible at is similar to the number that can be found on the trademark filing. Checking the status of your application may help you find out if your trademark number has been successfully registered.

Why Is It Advantageous to File for Indian Trademark Registration?

While it is still possible to use a brand without registering it, there are benefits to doing so. Only a restricted geographical region up till the moment of sale of the goods or services could make use of an unregistered trademark. In contrast, you can register your brand or develop national rights.

Additional rights granted to the owner of a registered trademark are:

  • Right to Exclusive Use
  • Right to Statutory Remedies in Case of Violation
  • Right to Assign
  • Right to Register Correction

You are still allowed to use the sign “TM” after applying for registration, even though the process is incomplete. To inform your stakeholders that your trademark has been registered, you may still make use of the “®” symbol.

Why Should You Periodically Check the Status of Trademark Applications?

The Trademark Register Office will begin processing your application within 6 to 12 months of receiving it. Because of errors or other legal concerns, a trademark application may face opposition or objections. Throughout the continuing registration process, you must periodically check the status of your trademark online.

The application may be abandoned if there is any inconsistency of this kind, in which instance you must reply to the opposition within the allotted period.

How to Check the Status of a Trademark Application Online?

Step 1: Visit and log into the IP India website.

Step 2: Select “Trade Mark Application or Registered Mark” from the menu. After making your choice, you’ll be presented with two options. Click “National IRDI Number.”

Step 3: After completing the registration process, enter the trademark application number that you were given. Submit after entering the captcha code.

Step 4: Additional information about your application for a trademark, including its present status, is displayed on the following screen. You may additionally gain a copy of your certificate of trademark on the same page. However, a certified copy would be required if the copy was to be used for legal reasons.

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