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Trademark Registration in Kolkata – Comprehensive Guide


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Kolkata is one of the West Bengali cities where businesses growing rapidly. There is a discernible increase in the number of startups, partnerships, individual firms, and businesses in the city. In this cutthroat industry, it is easy to target your intellectual property, specifically your trademarks. Registering your trademark by applying in Kolkata is your first line of defense.

Describe a Trademark

One type of intellectual property comprises a trademark, a unique pattern, symbol, or phrase that identifies the products or services of one source above those of another. Even though trademarks intended to represent services are more frequently called service marks. A trademark may be owned by a person, business, or other type of legal body. In a trademark, the following symbols are permissible:

  • ™ symbol used in applications for trademarks but not registered.
  • ® denotes a registered trademark.
  • ℠ Brand service is promoted through service mark usage.

Benefits of Having Your Trademark Registered in Kolkata

In Kolkata, registering a trademark has the following principal benefits:

  • Legal defense safeguards the right to sue violators in Kolkata and refuses to allow illegal use.
  • Promoting market uniqueness as well as establishing your products and services apart from competitors.
  • Fostering company expansion by giving Kolkata and other regions a trustworthy and recognizable brand.
  • Gaining acceptance recognition from officials in the government in Kolkata.
  • Grounds must support actions taken against the use of fake or counterfeit goods in law.
  • Getting benefits from perpetual protection, which is prolonged for the duration that the mark is being used.
  • Support for marketing initiatives could be promoted as registered trademarks to attract customers.

Consider the Following Before Filing a Trademark in Kolkata

  • Applications for trademarks may be submitted for both products and services. Still, that should be able to distinguish between the products and services that one business provides and those that another does.
  • The Act allows the registration of trademarks for both graphical marks and audio-visual marks (sounds and scents).
  • It must be used in connection with goods or services to denote a relationship made over business between the two.
  • To prolong its 10-year validity period, the trademark needs to be renewed within six months of the original registration date.

What Records are Required in Kolkata to Register a Trademark?

  • The TM-A Trademark Application Form.
  • The applicant’s proof of identity.
  • Proof of the applicant’s address.
  • The trademark’s logo or other visual representation.
  • Products and Services for which the trademark will be applied.
  • A Power of Attorney gives the trademark agent the ability to file or represent them.
  • The Priority document where a trademark is derived from a previous submission.
  • The Declaration of Priority Date.
  • The authorization letter if the application is submitted by an authorized agent.

What Steps Are Involved in Registering a Trademark in Kolkata?

The Procedure for registering a trademark in Kolkata is as follows:

  • To prevent the chosen mark from being used twice, trademark searches are the initial step.
  • After determining whether to submit the TM-A application form.
  • After receiving the application, the government examiner submits the analysis report that assesses whether the trademark complies with its regulations.
  • The applicant is notified if there is a complaint. The candidate must respond appropriately.
  • The registrar issues the trademark registration certificate at the end of the registration process, following the resolution of all grievances and objections.


In Kolkata, a legitimate application must be submitted to the relevant government in order to register a trademark. It is necessary to provide the required documentation as part of the registration process, and compliance with Trademark Office laws is crucial. Considering how difficult it is to register a trademark in Kolkata, getting expert advice before submitting an application can speed up the procedure and provide strong trademark protection. Owning a trademark is essential for all brands, regardless of their location; merely protecting them in Kolkata is insufficient.


  1. Who can get a Trademark registration in Kolkata?

Anyone who wants to make a brand identity or protect their own design, product, print, or service from reuse without usage rights can avail a Trademark registration in Kolkata easily.

  1. How long is Trademark registration in Kolkata?

Trademark registration in Kolkata is initially deemed acceptable for a long time and can be renewed endlessly in the resulting 10-year period.

  1. What advantages come with registering a trademark in Kolkata?

A trademark license gives the sole right to use the name while discouraging theft and protecting against unlawful usage. It also enhances the value of the company, strengthens potential protection, and builds brand recognition.

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