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How Much Does a Trademark Cost?

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  Posted on April 26, 2021

How Much Does a Trademark Cost?

 how much does a trademark cost

The cost of your trademark application is determined by the number of goods and services classes that you nominate. These classes are selected on the basis of the types of goods and services your trademark is associated with. You cannot expand from the original scope of goods/services once filed but you are welcome to file additional applications at a future time if needed to cover new or additional products/services.

Your trademark registration begins with trademark searches. You should conduct a trademark search before you file your application to ensure that your mark is still available for registration and that your use of the mark does not infringe on other parties’ rights.

Trademark Registration

Once your application has been accepted for registration it will be advertised for opposition purposes (around five months after filing). Assuming no objections in that time-frame the trademark will be automatically registered once the opposition period expires (minimum of around 7.5 months after the filing).

Trademark Opposition

Your trademark cost might include some opposition costs, whether you encounter opposition during the registration process or you wish to take legal action against infringing parties. The following costs are government fees: you may also have to pay hourly professional fees on top of these.

International Trademark

While registering and maintaining your intellectual property may seem costly, you are really paying to protect your business’s goodwill and reputation. Without the trademark protection, you intellectual property is vulnerable to ‘passing off’ or improper use by an unauthorized trader. Worse still, your unregistered marks are not truly dependable by law due to the ‘first-to-file’ basis that trademark law is built upon.

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