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How to Apply for Modification of FSSAI License?


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Apply for Modification of FSSAI License

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a pivotal regulatory body ensuring food safety and hygiene in India. Instituted under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, FSSAI formulates and enforces stringent standards for food products. Charged with regulating the entire lifecycle of food, from production to distribution, storage, sale, and import, FSSAI plays a paramount role in safeguarding consumer health. With a commitment to ensuring compliance with established standards, FSSAI stands as the cornerstone in promoting the safety and quality of food products, contributing to the overall well-being of the Indian populace.

Key Considerations Before Initiating the Modification Process

Before embarking on the FSSAI license modification journey, businesses need to carefully assess and consider several factors:

  • Assessing the Need for Modification: Evaluate the specific reasons prompting the modification. Whether it’s a change in business operations, product offerings, or legal requirements, a clear understanding of the need is essential.
  • Gathering Necessary Documentation: Collect all required documents for the modification process. This may include updated address proofs, revised product details, or any additional documentation specified by FSSAI.
  • Ensuring Compliance with FSSAI Regulations: Businesses must ensure the proposed modifications adhere to FSSAI regulations. Any deviation from the standards may lead to complications or delays in the approval process.
  • Understanding Legal Requirements and Implications: Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for the type of modification needed. Different modifications may have distinct implications, and awareness of these implications is crucial for a smooth process.
  • Budgeting for Fees: Consider the financial aspect of the modification, including application fees. Budgeting for these expenses ensures that businesses are financially prepared for the process.
  • Seeking Professional Assistance if Needed: In cases of complex modifications or uncertainties, seeking professional assistance from consultants familiar with FSSAI regulations can streamline the process and mitigate potential challenges.

Understanding FSSAI License Modification

Types of Modifications and Their Significance:

  • Address Change: An address change is a common modification that businesses may need due to relocation or expansion. Updating the business address in the FSSAI license is crucial for maintaining accurate regulatory records and ensuring that government authorities can effectively communicate with the food business.
  • Addition or Removal of Products: Businesses often evolve their product offerings to meet market demands or regulatory changes. Modifying the FSSAI license to reflect added or removed products is essential for compliance. This ensures that all listed products align with the approved safety and quality standards.
  • Upgradation of License Category: As businesses grow, they may need to upgrade their FSSAI license category to accommodate increased production capacity or expanded operations. Upgrading the license category ensures that the business continues to meet regulatory requirements, reflecting its current scale and scope.

Legal Requirements and Implications:

Modifying an FSSAI license involves adhering to specific legal requirements and understanding the implications associated with each type of modification:

  • Address Change:
  • Legal Requirements: Submission of valid address proof documents, such as utility bills or rental agreements, supporting the new business location.
  • Implications: Ensures that government authorities can reach the business at its updated address, maintaining regulatory compliance.
  1. Addition or Removal of Products:
  • Legal Requirements: Submission of revised product details, including ingredients and manufacturing processes, for approval by FSSAI.
  • Implications: Guarantees that the FSSAI database accurately reflects the current product portfolio, aligning with safety and quality standards.
  1. Upgradation of License Category:
  • Legal Requirements: Submission of necessary documentation, such as production capacity details, to support the request for an upgraded license category.
  • Implications: Align the FSSAI license with the business’s growth, ensuring compliance with larger-scale operations regulations.

Understanding and fulfilling these legal requirements is critical to a successful modification process. Non-compliance may lead to delays, penalties, or even suspension of the FSSAI license. Therefore, businesses must meticulously navigate these legal aspects to ensure a smooth and legally sound modification process.

Step-by-Step Application Process

1. Logging into the FSSAI Online Portal:

The FSSAI modification process begins with accessing the official FSSAI online portal. Businesses must log in using their registered credentials. The portal provides an option for new user registration if the user is not already registered.

2. Accessing the Modification Application Form:

Once logged in, businesses can navigate to the modification section of the portal. They will find the specific application form for the desired modification type (e.g., address change, product update, license category upgrade).

3. Providing Accurate Details and Supporting Documents:

  • Filling Out the Application Form: Businesses must fill in the required fields of the modification application form with accurate and up-to-date information. This includes the business name, FSSAI license number, and the requested modifications.
  • Uploading Supporting Documents: The portal typically provides an option to upload supporting documents. Businesses should ensure that all required documents, such as address proofs or revised product details, are uploaded in the specified format.
  • Cross-Verification of Information: Before submission, a thorough cross-verification of entered details is essential to prevent errors or discrepancies.

4. Fee Payment Process:

  • Calculating Fees: The FSSAI modification process involves a fee, the amount of which depends on the nature of the modification. Businesses must calculate the applicable fees based on FSSAI guidelines.
  • Choosing Payment Mode: The portal typically supports various payment modes, including online transactions. Businesses can choose the most convenient and secure mode for fee payment.
  • Transaction Confirmation: After successful payment, businesses should obtain a transaction confirmation receipt as proof of fee submission.

5. Submission of the Application:

  • Final Review: A final review of the application is crucial before submission. Businesses should ensure all information is accurate and supporting documents are attached.
  • Application Submission: Businesses can apply through the online portal once satisfied with the application details and supporting documents.
  • Acknowledgement Receipt: Upon successful submission, the portal generates an acknowledgement receipt. This receipt contains a unique reference number that businesses can use to track the status of their modification application.

The step-by-step application process ensures that businesses follow a systematic approach, minimizing errors and facilitating a smoother interaction with the FSSAI. By adhering to these steps, businesses enhance their chances of a timely and successful modification approval.

Post-Application Follow-Up

Tracking the Status of the Modification Application:

Tracking Process: After submitting the modification application, businesses should regularly monitor the status through the FSSAI online portal. The portal typically provides a tracking feature where applicants can input their unique reference number to check the progress of their application.

Regular Check-ins: Set a schedule for checking the application status, especially if the modification process extends beyond the anticipated timeframe. Regular follow-ups help businesses stay informed and take prompt action if needed.

Communicating with FSSAI Authorities for Updates:

Initiating Communication: In cases of prolonged processing or uncertainty, it is advisable for businesses to proactively reach out to FSSAI authorities. The contact details for relevant departments or officials handling modification requests can be obtained from the FSSAI website.

Professional Communication: Craft clear and concise communication when seeking updates. Provide the unique reference number, details of the modification application, and any additional information that may assist authorities in addressing the inquiry.

Maintaining Politeness: Approach communication with a professional and polite tone. Establishing a positive and cooperative relationship with FSSAI authorities can facilitate smoother interactions and prompt responses.

Handling Additional Requests or Queries from the Authorities:

Addressing Requests: During the processing of the modification application, FSSAI authorities may request additional information or clarification. Businesses should promptly respond to any such requests, ensuring that the requested details are provided accurately.

Consulting Professionals: If additional requests involve complex legal or technical aspects, businesses may consider seeking advice from professionals experienced in FSSAI compliance. Professional guidance ensures that responses align with regulatory requirements.

Documenting Communication: Keep a record of all communications with FSSAI authorities, including emails, letters, or phone conversations. This documentation can serve as evidence of compliance and may be useful in case of future audits or inquiries.

Post-application follow-up involves active engagement with the FSSAI authorities to stay informed about the progress of the modification request, address any inquiries promptly, and ensure a collaborative approach toward achieving successful modifications.


In conclusion, the FSSAI license modification process is critical to ensuring compliance with food safety regulations. As businesses navigate the present landscape, they must prepare for the future. Anticipating changes in the FSSAI licensing process and staying informed about evolving regulations are key components of a successful and sustainable business strategy.

Embracing technological advancements, maintaining a commitment to accuracy in documentation, and seeking professional assistance when needed contribute to a smooth modification process. Additionally, a forward-looking mindset that considers future developments allows businesses not only to comply with existing regulations but also to proactively position themselves for success in the ever-changing regulatory environment.

By adhering to best practices, staying abreast of regulatory changes, and fostering adaptability, businesses can achieve seamless FSSAI license modifications and thrive in an industry where food safety and regulatory compliance are paramount.


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