How to attain the best use of QR codes – Small Business Marketing


In this technology era, most of the people are dependent on their mobile devices for many things. The new technology of accessing everything in a click and acquiring the information from one person to another or from a business to a customer is really incredible. Marketing using QR code is one of the most trending marketing channels in the business industry.
Are you not familiar with QR codes? They are just similar to the barcodes or Universal Product Code used by retail merchants to read the price of the product while billing and to track the inventory. The difference between these two codes is the amount of data that it shares or it holds.
QR or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes, it can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of data. The potential of QR code to hold more data and its user-friendly quality makes workable for small businesses.
This QR code have the ability to connect you with digital content on the web, when you read or scan the code with your camera-enabled Smartphone, and it also activates a number of smartphone functions such as email, SMS and IM and link your mobile device to the Internet world.
The above desired activities are achieved easily by creating your QR code properly. Creating a QR code is an easy task, all you have to do is to enter the appropriate information into the QR code generator. And it takes just a few minutes to complete the process.
The QR codes are used to connect people to multimedia digital content and also to each other and this particular feature of QR codes is very useful for small businesses to connect with their consumers. The most important factors in creating a successful QR code is to find the perfect QR code generator that allows you to create free QR codes which can be used for many years.
QR Codes are readable by all types of smart mobile devices. These codes are used in billboards, web pages, magazines, and in all other marketing channels as it provides more information about the business service or product easily, and the data provided by the QR code can quickly reach the user’s mobile device.
Basically, QR codes promotes the connection between the business and the consumer such as interaction and engagement through the smartphone. This is one of the most effective marketing strategies which facilitate businesses to convey their information without a sweat. Nowadays, users have no time to wait, all prefer to make everything instant and fast, especially in this world of electronic marketing.
Below are some ways to attain the best use of QR codes in your marketing campaign:

Direct customers to a landing page/website

Direct the customers who scans the QR code to your signup page or any landing page/website where the customers get easily attracted to your business. By doing this, you can make a hassle-free process of accessing your business or website and also it helps the customers to navigate different pages of the website. To track and measure it accurately, use a unique URL that matches your QR code.

Dial your business number

You can make your business easy with QR codes. Running a business, you will be busy in interacting and discussing with many people at the same time, this may lead to lose some customers. But if you use QR codes for your business booth, the leads or interested business partners can receive all your business details and information such as business contact number, email id and so on, just by scanning your business QR code. You can also call the receiver’s phone directly using your QR code.

Sending messages to the user

This particular feature of QR code is really exciting as the user can receive the message once they scanned the QR code. This feature of sending messages through QR code is helpful in SMS marketing. You can use this feature to send all types of marketing messages like sales, on-request product upgrades, user support, and opt-in SMS registration.

Sending emails to the users

Sending emails through QR codes will be helpful to read and monitor the information or data for newsletters, email marketing, and its performance rates such as open and bounce rates. Apart from that, the customer can also go forward reading your email on his mobile phone simply by scanning your QR code. In this way, your email marketing process will be successful as it can be approachable on any platform.

Download apps

Once the customers have scanned the QR code, it will direct them to the page where they can download the app. Most of the businesses have created their QR code in eye-catching way to attract the customers. Famous apps like Angry Birds have designed their QR codes for marketing campaign. Social media apps such as Snapchat have used their unique QR codes to add people through the existing user.
Another example is Spotify, which has newly released its QR codes for songs, so that the users can share or recommend their music to other users simply by scanning the QR code.

Can locate your business 

QR code made everything easy. Your customer or interested business partners can easily locate your location just by scanning the QR code on your website. This is very easy and simple way, instead of searching the address manually on online maps. The unique QR code can give all the needed details and specific directions to your location.

Shopping and E-commerce

The most popular use of QR codes is using it for discounts, offers and promos of your business. By creating and offering a unique QR code, the customer can also receive all the acknowledgments, receipts or menus via his/her phone.
With all the above points, you can carefully set up your business QR codes in such a way that your marketing strategy should provide a clear call-to-action (CTA). The customer shouldn’t be confused with what to do with the QR code provided by you.
Before setting up your QR code, just go for multiple tests on different applications and different devices to check whether the QR code is providing the right data to the customers. And don’t use the QR code which is failed in the above tests as there is no use.
Basically, QR codes benefit or helps a lot of businesses to develop. Apart from saving energy and time, it also provides complete details of your marketing campaign in a proper way.


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