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How to Check Company Status in MCA Website


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How to Check Company Status in MCA Website – Stepwise Process

There are numerous corporate bodies in India registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs such as Limited liability Partnership, One Person Company, Private Limited Company and so on. The operations and functioning are regulated and managed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. All the information which was submitted by these companies are stored and published online by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and it can be checked both by the public and also by the company. As per the Ministry of Corporate affairs, it is mandatory for all types of companies or businesses to register under MCA and it can be checked later from the database of the official portal of MCA.

Introduction to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

The official portal, Ministry of Corporate Affairs contains all registered information of the company incorporated in India. The portal is a repository which stores all details of companies which are registered under MCA including LLP or Limited Liability Partnership firms. Here you can check almost all the details of the company such as the date of incorporation of the company, the company registration number, the Registration name of the company, the company’s capital (Authorized Capital and Paid Up Capital), the directors of the company, and so on.

Details that can be checked on the official MCA database

The Status of the Company Registration process can be checked on the official MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) database. Below mentioned are some of the information of the companies which can be checked on the official portal of Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

  •  Corporate Identification Number or CIN: The 21 unique  Corporate Identification Number which is issued by the Registrar of Companies can be checked on the MCA portal.


  • Name of the Company: The portal will exhibit the company’s official name which is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


  • ROC Registration Number: The ROC Registration Number of the company can be checked and it is granted by the Registrar of Companies to the companies during the registration process.


  • Class of the Company: The MCA portal also displays the class of the registered company whether it is a Public or a Private company. The number of directors, paid-up capital, members, and so on will be different for a private company and a public company.


  • The Authorized Capital of the Company: The official portal of the MCA also shows the authorized capital of the company – details of the maximum amount of capital the shareholders are empowered to place in the company.


  • The Paid-Up Capital of the Company: The MCA portal displays the capital that has been granted by the company and the amount that has been obtained by the company.


  • The Date of Company’s Incorporation: The date on which the company has been registered can also be found in the MCA portal. This is the date in which the company legally distinguishes as a separate entity legally.


  • Registered Address and Email of the Company: The MCA also shows the registered address and Email ID of the company.


  • Date of Last AGM: It also displays the date of the last Annual General Meeting or AGM of the company was held.


  • Date of the Balance Sheet: The balance sheet of the company can also be checked on the MCA portal. The balance sheet is prepared by the company to disclose the assets and liabilities of the company and is usually prepared during the end of the year or in some company it has been prepared monthly, quarterly or even half-yearly.

Top Reasons for checking the Company Registration Status

 There are various reasons depending on the need and situation to check the company registration status. Below are some such reasons or primary reasons:

 To check the accessibility of a company name

 Whenever you plan for a company registration process in India, the first and the foremost thing you have to do is to choose an appropriate name for your business and check where the name is available or not. To check that, you have to enter the name which you have chosen and find if any other company has taken the name already or any company already exists with the same name. Since most businesses now also hold their online identicalness and websites which are considered as an important aspect to hold their brand name and market presence, it is better to have a unique name for any kind of business to the extent possible.
 Checking the availability of names is a must as there are lakhs of Indian companies and thousands of foreign companies registered in India, also it helps you to run a hassle-free business, to develop your business with the same unique name and so on. This is why registering the company should be the first thing if you plan to start a business.
 To make the checking process more simple and easy, the MCA has introduced a Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe) which allows you to check the availability of the company name while applying for incorporation, so you have chosen a name that will not be rejected while the registration process. Or else, you may have to go for a fresh application or you have to fill the form and apply again and again till you get a company name which is available.

For Annual Filings:

In a situation like, if a CA firm wants to check the ROC Registration Number for a company for annual filing aspects. They don’t have to disturb you, they can simply do a search on the MCA official site and find all the needed details which in turn saves a considerable amount of time. 

For Research Purpose:

Various research or marketing research companies visit the MCA portal for different reasons such as finding all the relevant data online to help companies in various aspects. For example, to find new customers or simply doing some type of studies, marketing research reports or to help the company to register in India.

 For Legal reasons: 

Professionals like Lawyers may visit the MCA portal to get Company’s details like registration number, date of incorporation and so on, for various financial, regulatory or legal reasons. And importantly, the MCA site is a good way to know and to check whether the company registration process has been completed successfully or not. This site is very useful for banks, investors and loan providers to check the status of the company before sanctioning the loan.

Checking the Company Registration Status on the MCA Portal

 Check out the step-by-step process involved in Checking the Company Registration Status on the MCA Website
 Step 1: Visit the MCA official website at
Step 2: Click on MCA Services which present under the main menu in the About MCA page. 
Step 3: After clicking the MCA Services, a menu will drop down in which you can see a section called Master Data. In that section, you can find a link – ‘View Company or LLP Master Data’. Tap on that link. This section also holds various other options such as View Index of Charges, View Signatory Details, View Companies/Directors under Prosecution, Companies / LLP’s Registered in Last 30 days, View Director Master Data, View Director / Designated Partner Details, depending on your requirement, you can click the link in which you want to check the information.
Step 4: After clicking the ‘View Company or LLP Master Data’ option, you will be directed to a request form which displays three sections, namely., Company / LLP Name, Company CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN and the captcha image.

  • Here on this page, click the magnifying glass which is present on the right side of the Company / LLP Name tab box, then a new window will pop up in which you have to enter at least 3 characters from the company name and tap on submit button and you will see a list of companies with its CIN number which holds the 3 characters in their name, now you have select the company which you want to check the details and submit it.
  • By clicking the name, the form will automatically fill the Company / LLP name and the CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN number of the company.
  • Now, fill in the characters displayed in the Captcha image and click ‘Submit’

And that’s it, you are in the page where you can find the complete details of the Company/LLP Master Data and the page also displays the details of the Charges and Directors/Signatory Details. 
Let us look at what each section displays. Details to remember while checking the Company Registration Status in MCA portal:

Company/LLP Master Data Details

 The details you can find for a limited liability company or company are:

  •  Company Status (for efiling)
  • Company Identification Number (CIN) 
  • an LLP registration number will have the FLLPIN and so on)
  • Company Name
  • Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • ROC Code
  • Class of Company
  • Company Category
  • Company Sub-Category
  • Authorised Capital
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Number of Members (for companies without share capital)
  • Registered Address
  • Any other address where the company’s books of account and papers are stored or maintained
  • Email address
  • Whether Listed or not
  • Suspended at the stock exchange
  • Date of the Balance Sheet
  • Date of last AGM

Details of Charges

The data also displays the charges against the registered company that includes:

  •  Charge Amount
  • Date of Creation
  • Assets under Charge
  • Date of Modification
  • Status (whether open or closed)

 Details of Directors or Signatories

Under this head, it shows the details of all directors of the company such as,

  •  DIN/PAN of the director
  • Directors name
  • Date of appointed of the director
  • Date in which the appointment as director ended
  • Clicking on the DIN/PAN will also display other businesses in which the individual functions as a director.


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