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How to Obtain MSME Registration for Your Sole Proprietorship?


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Udyam MSME Registration is crucial because it grants MSMEs a unique identity and allows them to benefit from the numerous government programs and benefits offered. Thanks to integrating the Udyam Registration site with many governmental organizations, including GST, Income Tax, EPFO, and ESIC, companies can more easily uphold legal requirements.

If MSMEs register on the Udyam Registration platform, they can obtain credit facilities and loans from banks and financial institutions at lower interest rates. Thanks to the Udyam MSME Registration program, MSMEs can more easily engage in government contracts and bids, which can help them grow their businesses and generate more cash.

Eligibility criteria for MSME registration

Ownerships, Hindu undivided families, partnership businesses, one-person corporations, limited liability partnerships, private limited companies, limited corporations, producer corporations, organizations, cooperative societies, or any other venture are eligible for MSME registration.

Industry-specific eligibility for MSME

There are other industry-specific factors for MSME registration besides the general eligibility requirements based on investment and sales. These factors may change depending on the type of business and the industry it serves. Here are some instances of MSMEs’ eligibility requirements that are industry-specific:

  1. Manufacturing sector
    • Adherence to certain quality standards or certifications necessary for certain businesses (for instance, ISO certification for food processing facilities).
    • Compliance with safety and environmental laws that apply to manufacturing operations.
    • Making research and development (R&D) efforts a requirement for investments in high-tech industrial industries.
  2. Service sector
    • The credentials, licenses, or permits needed for particular service-oriented sectors (such as professional, IT, or healthcare services).
    • Adherence to regulations particular to a given industry, such as those that control financial services, legal services, or medical procedures.
    • The unique characteristics of service offerings include those in the creative industries, travel, hospitality, or consulting services.

Documentation Requirements

1. Business address proof: If you own your space, you must present an allotment letter, lease deed, property tax receipt, or possession letter. A NOC certificate from the owner is required if your business operates out of rented space. Any utility bill can be used as proof of a company address.

2. Sale bill and purchase bill copy: The company must submit a copy of the sales and purchase bills for each product it will supply and each raw material it will buy.

3. MoA and AoA or partnership deed: If your company is a partnership, you must present a partnership deed, and if it is a corporation, you must present an MoA, an AoA, and a certificate of formation.

4. Copy of license: The applicant might need to provide an industrial license under specific circumstances.

5. Bills of machinery and raw materials: Additionally, the applicant must have all of their invoices and receipts for purchases they made.

Steps to obtain MSME registration for your sole proprietorship

Steps to obtain MSME registration for your sole proprietorship

An entity must first register under MSME to use the MSME Registration Certificate. The process or processes the entity should adhere to obtain such registration are as follows.” is the government portal where MSME registration must be completed online. The following two categories will be made accessible to these:

  1. Registration of new business owners is for those with an EM-II (Entrepreneurship Memorandum – II) or other businesses that have not yet been recognised as MSMEs.
  2. Registration of UAM (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum) holders and UAM holders who obtained their UAM through assisted filing.

Registration of new entities, i.e., holding EM-II (Entrepreneurship Memorandum – II) or the entities not registered as MSME yet

  1. Applicants in this group must click the link marked “For New Enterprises who are not Registered as MSME or those with EM-II” on the website’s home page.
  2. This will take you to a page with a form that requests information about your Aadhar number and the name of the business or entrepreneur.

Once you have submitted the information, click “Validate and Generate OTP” to send an OTP to the cellphone number associated with the Aadhar Card.

  1. A page for PAN verification will appear once the details of the OTP have been successfully validated.
  2. Before pressing the validation button, the “Type of Organization” and PAN data of the business must be entered. Currently, the portal will obtain PAN information from the Income Tax Portal or a government database and validate or verify it.
  3. After the PAN has been confirmed, a Udyam Registration form will appear. Here, information like a phone number and email address should be provided. The information on the plant will then be given as well.

Along with this, the turnover information must also be filled out. The number of employees and other pertinent information must be provided.

Once all required fields have been completed, press the “Submit and Get Final OTP” button. This will finish the MSME registration procedure, and an automatic message confirming it will also produce a reference number.

The MSME authority will now issue the registration certificate based on the conclusion of verifying the provided information.

Registration of those having UAM (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum) and the ones with UAM acquired through assisted filing

  1. On the website’s front page, candidates who fit this description should click “For those having registration as UAM” or “For those already having registration as UAM through Assisted filing.”
  2. Currently, the applicant can receive the OTP for validation via the email or mobile number provided in the UAM.

A screen with two options for obtaining an OTP will be opened after inputting the Udyog Aadhar Number. Enter the Aadhar number and select an OTP option.

  1. After selecting the right choices, click “Validate and Generate OTP,” which will start the operation and generate the OTP, which the applicant must enter on the website.
  2. Once the registration information on the MSME registration form has been validated using the OTP, MSME’s Udyam registration will be considered complete.

Benefits of MSME registration for sole proprietorships

Some benefits of MSME registration for Indian small business owners include the following:

  • Obtaining government assistance and programs
  • Increased visibility and reputation
  • Simpler loan and credit access
  • Defence against tardy payments
  • Availability of government bids and contracts
  • Grants for submitting patent applications

Legal benefits

The following are the related legal advantages:

Brand name protection: The MSME registration protects and prohibits the unauthorized use of a company’s brand name.
Limited liability defence: The company’s owners or directors have a limited liability defence thanks to the MSME registration. In the event of any legal issues or responsibilities, the owners’ or directors’ liability is limited to the money invested in the company.
Access to legal remedies: The MSME registration grants the firm owner access to legal remedies and dispute resolution procedures in the event of any legal issues or disagreements.
Recognition for government benefits: An MSME must register to be eligible for numerous government incentives, programs, and subsidies. This attention helps small businesses grow and prosper.



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