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How to Register a Trademark Online?


Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Kanakkupillai

Maintaining your brand identification is vital in today’s very competitive corporate environment. A trademark is a unique sign, symbol, term, or phrase used to differentiate your company from others. Registering a trademark shields you from rivals in addition to granting you special usage rights. This comprehensive tutorial shows how to register a trademark online in India.

  1. Know What Kinds of Things You Can Trademark

You have to know what can be trademarked before starting the registration procedure. A trademark is any name, logo, phrase, or combination of these that clearly distinguishes your company. Your brand must be distinctive and not obviously identical to any others. This originality will provide you with legal defense and assist you in preventing any conflicts.

  1. Do a Search for Trademarks

One should then do a trademark search. To find out if your preferred trademark is available, visit the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks’s official website with a search tool. Finding out if someone else is already using a comparable trademark depends on this search, so it is really vital. At this point, doing a comprehensive search will save you a lot of time and legal conflict down the road.

  1. Create a Trademark Application

Making your trademark application comes next after you have verified its originality. One may do this online at the official trademark registration website. Form TM-A, used for submitting a fresh trademark application, is the main tool used in this procedure. You will have to include certain specifics in the form, including your company name, address, and the particular class of products or services under which you want to register the trademark.

  1. Classify Your Trademark

Based on the kind of products or services they reflect, trademarks fall into 45 main categories. Determining the proper categorization for your products or services is crucial. This rating guarantees that your protection of trademarks is suitable and thorough. Inaccurate categorization could result in insufficient defense and maybe legal problems.

  1. File the Application

With your form filled out and the right class selected, you are ready to file your application online. During this process, you will need to send several supporting papers. If you are filing through an agent, a power of attorney paper will be necessary. Additionally, you will need to pay the appropriate fee. The fee system changes based on the applicant’s group, with different rates for people, startups, and businesses.

  1. Get the Application Number

After filing your application, you will receive an entry number. This number is important as it helps you to track the progress of your trademark application. Keeping track of your application progress ensures that you can reply quickly to any issues or complaints that may appear.

  1. Examination by Trademark Office

Once your application is filed, it gets reviewed by the Trademark Office. During this examination, the office checks for any errors or issues with the application. They may raise concerns if they find links with current brands or any other problems. This testing process can take between one to two months.

  1. Publication in Trademark Journal

If the name Office finds no complaints, your name will be published in the Trademark Journal. This release acts as a public warning, allowing anyone to protest the title within four months. This step is important as it gives the public a chance to challenge your claim if they think it infringes on their rights.

  1. Respond to Oppositions (if any)

In the event of resistance, you will need to react. This might involve offering counter-arguments and proof to back your point. Sometimes, a court meeting might be needed to settle the issue. If the resistance is settled in your favor, the registration process will continue.

  1. Registration and Certificate

If there are no oppositions, or if all oppositions are settled in your favor, your name will be registered. You will receive a trademark registration certificate showing that your brand is now legally protected. This safety lasts for ten years, after which it can be extended forever.


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