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ICICI Bank Net Banking or Online Banking Functions


ICICI Bank Net Banking or Online Banking Functions

As of today, ICICI is one of the leading banking service providers in the Indian Market. The bank is providing a wide variety of banking services to its retail and corporate clients using different channels. As part of the advancement of the banking sector and the simplifying of activities related to banking, one of the major products or services provided by ICICI is net banking or the online banking facility.
And this is the major point of discussion in this article and the topics here include:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Password Setting
  • Transfer of funds.

Register for ICICI Net Banking Services

Step 1: Access the official website of ICICI by clicking on

Step 2: On the top right of the homepage, you can see an orange button named, ‘Apply Online’ and this will take you to the next screen where you have to scroll down and, on the left, there will be two buttons named, ‘I want my User ID’ and ‘I want my Password’. Here click on, ‘I want my User ID’.

Step 3: Now a new screen will appear where you have to choose from Bank Account, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Travel Card. If you choose Account Number, for instance, enter the same in the field given for the same and click on the button named, ‘GO’.
Step 4: Here you will have to enter the mobile number which is registered with the bank account or with the bank pertaining to the account number which was filled in the field for ‘Account Number’ earlier and click ‘GO’.
Step 5: Now you will be asked for the grid card authentication which would be given on the backside of the debit card belonging to the account. Enter the number in the field given on the screen. And then click the button, ‘GO’.
Step 6: This will mark the successful completion of the process and a message will appear on the screen stating that the User ID will be sent to the registered mobile number of the user.
If mobile number is not registered or linked with the account number, do the following:
– Go to the nearest ICICI ATM and insert your debit card.
– Enter the PIN and choose, ‘More Options’ from the menu.
– Under this choose, ‘Register Mobile Number’ and enter the mobile number you would want to register. And this will take 1 working day for getting registered or updated in the systems.
– Else, you can personally visit the nearest ICICI bank branch with an original photo ID proof and get the mobile number registered, which would take 2 working days to get updated.

Generate Net Banking Password After Registration

A password here is a series of alphabets, numbers, and special characters which would help the user ensure that the account is secured and no one can easily access the same without the user’s permission. And this should only be shared with those people who are trusted and it would be highly recommended that you do not share your password with anyone.
The user should do the following for generating password:
Step 1: Access the ICICI portal,

Step 2: Now click on ‘Apply Online’, and choose Internet Banking or Online Banking under the same.
Step 3: A new page will appear where if you scroll down on the left would be two options, ‘I want my User ID’ and ‘I want my Password’ from which choose, ‘I want my Password’.

Step 4: A page detailing the steps involved in the generation of passwords will appear and here click on the button named, ‘Click here to Proceed’.
Step 5: Now enter the user ID received on your mobile number, along with registered mobile number. It will generate a Unique Reference Number or an OTP to the mobile number for verification.
Step 6: Enter the same in the field given on the screen and then click on, ‘GO’.
Step 7: Enter your new password and also confirm this password by entering it again. Also, follow the instructions given for creating the password. And now click ‘GO’.
A message saying ‘Congratulations!’ would appear which means your password has been generated successfully.

Login to Net Banking Service of ICICI

Step 1: Access the ICICI web portal,

Step 2: Now enter the user ID and password in the fields given for the same and then enter the Login button which would get you access to your ICICI net banking account.

Step 3: You can now navigate through that same and avail the services required.
If the user would want to check the account balance, he can access the same on the dashboard on logging in. In case the user is holding more than one account with ICICI and the same is registered with the net banking, then it will be displayed on the dashboard as well. The net banking service also allows the users to take account summary, list of recent transactions, and download account statements for particular dates.

Transferring of Funds using ICICI Net Banking

Step 1: Access the online portal of the ICICI Bank and log in to your net banking account using the user ID assigned and the password set for the same.

And also ensure that the account to which you wish to transfer the fund has been added to the list of beneficiaries under the ICICI net banking services.
Step 2: Go to the tab named, ‘Payments & Transfer’ tab and select the option namely, ‘Funds Transfer’.
Step 3: There will be a drop-down list with various types of transfers displayed and you should choose one transfer type from the same and then click the ‘transfer Now’ button.
Step 4: Then choose the bank account under ICICI from which you would want to transfer the fund. After this also choose the beneficiary account to which the fund should be transferred.
Step 5: Now enter the amount to be transferred, date, and other particulars like payment type which would include NEFT, RTGS, and also IMPS. And now click on the button named, ‘Next’.
Step 6: A screen displaying the transaction details would appear which should be verified and upon completion of this verification, click on the button named, ‘Submit’ for completing the transaction.

Resetting of Password of ICICI Net Banking

Step 1: Access the portal namely,
Step 2: Now click on the option namely, ‘Get Password’.
Step 3: Enter your user ID of ICICI net banking and click on the ‘GO’ button.
Step 4: Now enter the mobile number which is registered with the ICICI net banking and get the OTP by clicking on the ‘GO’ button.
Step 5: Enter the OTP successfully and click on the ‘GO’ button and create a new password by entering the same in the field given for entering it. The password should comply with the password policy given in the notes. Now re-enter and confirm the new password and then click on the ‘GO’ button.
Step 6: You will now receive a message stating the successful resetting of the password.

Limits of Transactions under ICICI Net Banking Services

1 IMPS (Using Account number and IFSC of Beneficiary) INR 1 INR 2 Lakhs
2 IMPS (Using MMID and Mobile Number of Beneficiary) INR 1 INR 10,000
3 RTGS INR 2 Lakhs INR 10 Lakhs
4 NEFT INR 1 INR 10 Lakhs

Thus, we can conclude that the net banking services provided by ICICI are easy and simple to use. So, every bank user should sign-up for this service as it is a simple process and avail the services which are available on the same as they would not need to personally visit the bank branch and wait in the queue present there.


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