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How to Download FSSAI Certificate

How to Download FSSAI Certificate


How to Download FSSAI Certificate

FSSAI stands for Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India and is having the authority to provide the registration or the license certifying the compliance with any set standards or norms to the Food Business Operators or the FBO. It is provided under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Hence, we can say that if any individual or entity for that case is intending to commence a food-related business, in a commercial complex or simple residential complex i.e., home, also it is mandatory that they obtain a certification or registration from the FSSAI in India.

FSSAI Registration Types

Under FSSAI registration there are three types of registration available and for applying to any of these, the applicant should access the FoSCoS – FSSAI website. They are three types of registration available with FSSAI

FSSAI Basic Registration

In the case of an owner with an FBO where the annual turnover is below INR 12 Lakhs and the per day production capacity is up to 100 litres or KG then, they should obtain the FSSAI Basic Registration Certificate only.

FSSAI State License

FSSAI State License should be obtained by those entities which are medium-sized FBOs and the annual turnover earned by them is over or exceeding INR 12 Lakhs but is within INR 20 Crore. They shall obtain the same from the relevant State Government.

FSSAI Central License

Now the large-sized FBOs which are earning an annual turnover of INR 20 Crore should obtain this license, i.e., FSSAI Central License. And this should be obtained by such FBOs from the Central Government.

Process for Issuance of FSSAI Certificate

Once the FSSAI Authority receives an application from the FBO, for issuing the FSSAI Registration or the License, would conduct the following:

  • Confirming the jurisdiction of FSSAI to which the applicant would be belonging to and the office fee receipt if any is to be paid
  • Verification and the scrutiny of the documents submitted by the applicant
  • They shall also conduct the inspection of the business premises of the FBO prior to the granting of registration or license if the same is found necessary.

And on the basis of the satisfaction of the above points by the FSSAI Authority, they shall issue and send the copy of the FSSAI Registration or Certificate to the email address provided by the applicant. It shall be having a QR code embedded to the same for the verification of the authenticity of the certificate.

License Number under FSSAI

The FSSAI Registration or License shall provide the applicant with a 14-digit number which shall be a unique identification for each FBO. They would also be required to display the same on the food packages sold or distributed by them and also anywhere which is prominent in the business premise or address of the FBO.
This 14-digit number shall be divided into 5 sections which is holding information pertaining to the FBO helping to distinguish them from others. And the information held by these 5 sections in a separate manner are described below:

  • Section 1:

This is holding the first digit indicating if this particular FBO is in receipt of the FSSAI Registration or License or not.

  • Section 2:

Section 2 is holding the 2nd and also the 3rd digits of the license number issued to the FBO. This provides information regarding the state and its code where the FBO is registered and is operating.

  • Section 3:

Now coming to the third section, it is holding the 4th and 5th digits of the license number and is precisely indicating the year during which the FBO received the registration or license from FSSAI.

  • Section 4:

Here section 4 is holding the 6th, 7th, and 8th digits pertaining to the license number issued to the FBO and is indicating the quantity of the enrolling master of the FBO.

  • Section5:

Now comes the last section of the license number which is holding the last six numbers or digits of the license number and indicates the unique license number which is issued to the FBO by the FSSAI.

Procedure for Downloading FSSAI Certificate

When the applicant receives the FSSI Registration or Certificate to their email with a QR code embedded in the same, they can download the same from the website of FSSAI. For this the following steps should be followed them:
Step 1: Access the online portal or website of the FSSAI which is FoSCoS – FSSAI and then click on the tab named, ‘Login-Business’, provided at the top right of the home page.
Step 2: Now the user should enter the username and password in the fields provided for the same along with the correct entering of the captcha code provided in the box. And then click on the button named, ‘Sign-in’.
Step 3: On proper entering of all the data, you will be given access to the account where the dashboard will get displayed on the screen with the following options:
– Incomplete Application
– Submitted Applications with Successful Payment
– Reverted Application by Authority
– Issued.
Step 4: Now click on the option namely, ‘Issued’, which will provide two options:
– ‘Issued – License’ when the application for FSSAI License has been made for, or
– ‘Issued – Registration Certificate’ when the application for FSSAI Registration has been made for.
Step 5: This will display your FSSAI certificate with all the details and under the column namely, ‘Reference No./Registration No.’ of the certificate details you can click on the FSSAI Certificate registration Number which will open the FSSAI Certificate.
Step 6: Then click on the download option and click on the Save option which would download and save the certificate onto the computer or system.

FSSAI Certificate – Importance

Once the FBO has taken FSSAI registration or license, they should display the same on the food packages and also on the address or such other prominent place in the business premise. So basically, they should use this logo of FSSAI, and this would also help them stamp the assurance with respect to quality assurance of the products and also it states that the food is safe for consumption being sold by the FBO.
This will also help the entity or FBO attract consumers and also investors. And the failure of an FBO to take such FSSAI registration or license would make them face civil liability which would also increase their cost. The Food Safety Officers are more likely to verify and inspect such FBO premises running without the FSSAI registration or license leading to heavy fines and penalty charges imposing. Hence it is mandatory and important that the entities take FSSAI registration.
Thus, we can now conclude that it is always preferred and important that a business entity engaged in the business of food production and selling take FSSAI Registration or License and also is having the same ready for being verified and displayed such that their credibility and quality is stamped.
The user can always access the website of FSSAI and download the certificate by signing in to their account. This would help them be updated and are also required to use the 14-digit unique registration number along with the logo of FSSAI on their production packages.



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