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Krushak Odisha Portal: Transforming Agricultural Support in Odisha

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On December 21, 2018, the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, started a very important project called the Krushak Odisha Portal. It was a huge effort to make farming better in that area. They put a good amount of money, Rs. 742.58 crore, into a program called Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation. The project was to help and encourage farmers. Now, let’s dive deeply into what this Portal is all about, how farmers can sign up, what documents/dates they need, who can join, and why it is important for the state’s economy.

How to Access the Krushak Odisha Portal?

Farmers should register on the official website(  for a free account to gain access to the Krushak Odisha Portal. The farmer-friendly look of the web portal explains the government’s dedication to helping farmers. Once the registration and verification process is completed, farmers can apply for different financial support programs.

Important Deadline Update:

Because of how important it is that farmers participate, the government chose to delay the due date for registration to September 20, 2023. The pushback indicates the government’s dedication to ensuring that all eligible farmers can use the advantages provided by the  Krushak Odisha Portal and actively engage in the initiative.

Advantages of the Krushak Odisha Portal

The Portal offers several benefits to improve the lives of citizens. These include personal accident insurance, interest-free agricultural loans, financial aid for small households, and housing assistance for landless individuals. Each benefit is carefully designed to boost economic prosperity and improve farmers’ lives.

What Documents Farmers Need to Register?

To successfully register on the Portal, farmers need to provide important documents. These include proof of agricultural land ownership, domicile certificates, passport-size photographs, income certificates, bank passbooks, active mobile numbers, and valid identity proofs. These documents make sure everything is fair and accurate.

Who Can Apply?

Applicant requirements must be fulfilled to be accepted into the Krushak Odisha Portal. They must be below the poverty line (BPL) card holders, citizens of Odisha, unemployed government workers, and have an open bank account. These conditions are set in place to guarantee that the beneficiaries are those who most require them.

How to Get the Beneficiary List?

Farmers who want to know their beneficiary status can easily download the Krushak Odisha Beneficiary List. By going to the official portal, entering the necessary details, and clicking “Download,” individuals can access a detailed list sorted by district and village.

How to Register Online?

The online registration process is simple. Farmers must visit the official website, enter Aadhar details, complete the registration form, and submit it. This straightforward process makes it easy for farmers from all over the state to sign up.

How do you log into the Krushak Odisha Portal?

A step-by-step guide to logging into the Krushak Odisha Portal is crucial for farmers to use the platform easily. Users can unlock a lot of helpful information and resources by entering Aadhar details, receiving an OTP, and completing the login process.

Checking Your Portal Status

Farmers can keep track of their applications by checking the Krushak Odisha Portal. By entering their Aadhar number and clicking the “Check” button, individuals can see their application status, making the process transparent and efficient.


In summary, the Krushak Odisha Portal is a big plan to improve farmers’ lives in Odisha. It focuses on helping those who need it the most, showing a new way to support agriculture and bring prosperity to the state.


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