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Resolving PAN Verification Failure on UAN Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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EPFO is one of the most important bodies that manages India’s pension funds and offers different services to its members. One critical step in the EPFO Know Your Customer (KYC) process involves linking PAN details to a Universal Account Number (UAN). However, PAN authentication stumbles on several accounts, like name mismatches and many integration problems between the Income Tax Department & EPFO portals.

Reasons for EPF-PAN Verification Failure:

  1. Name Mismatch: One common reason for PAN verification failure is a mismatch in the name on the I-T Department and EPFO portals. To address this, individuals must correct name inaccuracies before attempting PAN verification on the EPF portal.
  2. Integration Issues: Lack of seamless integration between the I-T Department and EPFO portals can also lead to verification problems, even when there is no mismatch in the individual’s name on either platform.

Messages upon PAN Verification Failure:

Users encountering PAN verification failure may receive messages such as:

  • “PAN verification failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the name in the Income Tax Department.)”
  • “Error while PAN authentication, could not send the message.”

Steps to Correct PAN Verification Failure on the UAN Portal

In case there is no mismatch of details on either portal, individuals can follow these steps to address PAN verification failure:

  1. Visit the EPFiGMS Official Page: Navigate to the official EPFiGMS page.
  2. Register Grievance: On the top left side, select ‘Register Grievance.’
  3. Language Selection: On the top right side, choose your preferred language.
  4. Input Details: Provide your status as a ‘PF member’ and select ‘No’ for claim-ID.
  5. UAN and Security Code: Fill in your UAN and security code, then click on ‘Get Details.’
  6. OTP Verification: Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  7. Personal Details: Provide personal details such as gender, address, etc.
  8. Grievance Details:
    • Choose ‘PF Office’ for the grievance.
    • Select ‘KYC Related Issues of Subscriber Pertaining PF Office.’
    • Provide a grievance description.
    • Attach PAN verification failure messages and proof of correct details.
  9. Submission: Click on ‘Add’ and ‘Submit.’
  10. Confirmation: Receive an SMS and email confirming the complaint. PAN verification failure may be resolved within 48 hours.

EPFiGMS Grievance Status Check

To track the EPFiGMS grievance status:

  1. Visit the official EPFiGMS page and click on ‘View Status.’
  2. Provide details like registration number, grievance password, or registered mobile number/email address.
  3. Hit ‘Submit’ to view the EPFiGMS grievance status.

Resolution Timeline:

EPFO aims to resolve PAN verification issues within 30 days, although many cases are resolved well before this deadline.


Effectively addressing PAN verification failure on the UAN portal is crucial for accessing EPFO services. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the EPFiGMS platform, individuals can expedite the resolution process and enjoy uninterrupted access to their pension fund benefits.


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