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Letter of Authorization for GST: A Comprehensive Guide

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Letter of Authorization for GST

Businesses encounter many documentation requirements when embarking on the journey of obtaining a new GST registration. Among these, the Letter of Authorization for GST registration stands out as a crucial document, facilitating the smooth representation of a company or firm before the GST department. This article aims to demystify the concept of the Letter of Authorization for GST, elucidating its purpose, importance, the format it should adhere to, and the responsibilities it entails.

Understanding Authorization Letters

Effective delegation of powers becomes imperative in the complex landscape of business ownership, where multiple individuals steer the ship. The authorization letter, a legally binding document, is pivotal. It delineates the assignment of specific powers to an individual, termed the authorized signatory, ensuring streamlined operations and mitigating the risks of mismanagement.

The Essence of Authorization Letter for GST:

When obtaining a GST number, businesses must submit a set of documents, one of which is the Letter of Authorization. This document, accompanied by the acceptance of authorization, empowers a designated individual to act on behalf of the company in dealings with the GST department. Regardless of the business structure, every entity, except sole proprietorships, requires an authorized signatory letter for GST registration to regulate GST activities effectively.

Responsibilities of an Authorized Signatory:

The authorized signatory shoulders a spectrum of responsibilities integral to GST compliance. From applying for GSTIN, making amendments, handling cancellations, and responding to departmental correspondences, the authorized signatory is the linchpin of GST-related activities. Their role extends to signing pertinent GST documents, ensuring timely filing of GST returns, and representing the firm during assessment proceedings or other relevant matters.

Crafting the GST Authority Letter:

While the GST Act doesn’t prescribe a fixed format for the authorization letter, certain key elements must be included. These encompass details such as the registered name and address of the firm, contact information, taxpayer and authorized signatory names, Aadhar and PAN details, and the date, place, and signatures. Ensuring that the letter is issued on the business’s official letterhead is crucial.

Important Considerations in Drafting:

When drafting the authorisation letter, businesses should adhere to specific guidelines to ensure its validity. These include issuing the letter on the business letterhead, attaching proof of the principal place of business, appointing an authorized signatory for solo entrepreneurs if desired, supporting the letter with a board resolution for companies, and ensuring all partners sign partnership firm authorization.

Sample Format of GST Authority Letter:

To offer practical insight, here is a sample format for a GST authority letter:

[Firm/Company’s Letterhead] [Declaration for Authorized Signatory]

I/we…………….. (Owner/Karta/Partner/Promoter/Director) of M/s………………(Name of Business/Partnership firm/ Company) hereby declare that we appoint Mr……………, who is partner/director/Accounts officer/Chief financial officer of the company, as the Authorized signatory on behalf of the M/s…….(name of the business) for the matters related to GST. He is responsible for handling GST registration, timely filing of GST returns, making any amendments, responding to GST authorities, and overlooking GST compliance requirements.

All his actions related to the GST will be binding on the firm/Company.

M/s………(Firm/Company name)

(Signatures of Owner/Karta/Directors/Partners) Designation

Date Place

[Declaration of Acceptance]

I hereby declare my acceptance of the position of Authorized Signatory for the above-mentioned responsibilities related to GST for M/s……..(Firm/Company).

Signature of the authorized signatory Designation




The Letter of Authorization for GST transcends its role as a mere procedural requirement. Beyond its significance in GST-related transactions, it is a linchpin for various business activities, underscoring its importance in the broader spectrum of business operations. This article aims to comprehensively understand the nuances surrounding the GST authorisation letter, ensuring businesses navigate this essential aspect of regulatory compliance with clarity and confidence.


1. What is a letter of authorization?

A letter of authorization is a legally enforceable document that designates a person other than the owner, partner, or promoter to act on behalf of a business. This person becomes the authorized signatory, and their actions are binding on the company.

2. Why is there a need to appoint the authorized signatory?

Businesses, often owned by multiple individuals, require the segregation of duties for effective management. Appointing an authorized signatory for GST purposes allows owners to focus on other aspects of the business while ensuring legal compliance.

3. What is the prescribed GST-authorized signatory letter format in the GST Act?

The GST Act does not prescribe a specific format for the authorized signatory letter. However, a valid letter should include the company’s name, the partner, director, or owner’s name, and the authorised signatory’s name, along with their designation. An acceptance declaration should follow the letter.

4. What are the key responsibilities of the authorized signatory?

The authorized signatory is responsible for GST registration, amendments to provided information, cancellation of GST numbers, and response to letters and notices from the GST department.


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