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Start your Own Exporting Business – Get APEDA Registration


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APEDA or Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority is a government authorized organization accomplished in the year 1985. The main aim of this organization is to develop and promote the export of scheduled products. It also provides financial assistance, provides guidelines, information that helps in the development of scheduled products. The scheduled products are products specified under the APEDA ACT and exporters who want to export scheduled products have to register under APEDA.

Objective of APEDA

The main objective of APEDA is to improve the schedule products export and to accomplish various functions to improvement by this body under the ordinance of the central government. Central government establishes the rules and regulations and executes through this body for the effective administration of APEDA Act.

Functions of APEDA Authorities

The functions of APEDA Authorities are specified with functions are as follows:

  • Improving the export-oriented production and developing the Scheduled products
  • Planning and positioning the specifications and standards for the scheduled products  
  • Exporters of the scheduled products have to be registered by paying the required fees
  • Improving and promoting the packing and marketing of the Scheduled products
  • Executing an inspection process for scheduled products keeping the aim to check the quality and standard of the products
  • Proving training program in various features of the industries that affiliated with the scheduled products
  • Promoting and development of industries connected to the scheduled products and conducting surveys, suitability studies and so on.
  • Collecting the statistics data from the owners of industries or from the institutions and publishing of such statistics

APEDA is assigned with the obligation and the responsibility of promoting and developing the export of scheduled products such as Vegetable, Fruits, Meat, Dairy Products, Poultry Products, Confectionery, Bakery Products, Biscuits,  Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Products, chocolates, Cocoa products,  Pickles, Floriculture Products, Papads and Chutneys etc.

Registration Process of APEDA 

The person wants to be an exporter, then it is necessary to register under APEDA, he/she should submit the application form within 30 days or 1 month from the date of launching the business. If the person or the exporter of scheduled products fails to submit the application within that time limit because of any valid reason or sufficient cause and in such a situation, the authority who is responsible can extend the date.
After submitting the application and paying required fees by the applicant, the issuance of Registration -Cum- Membership- Certificate (RCMC) will be done by the assigned authority. This is a one-time registration process and all the members are controlled and regulated by the rules & regulations under APEDA Act.

The registration process of APEDA

The registration process of APEDA is very easy and simple now. With the aim of simplifying the procedures, the issuance of Registration -Cum- Membership- Certificate or RCMC has been made online using DC or digital signatures and it is in effect from 1.8.2015. Exporters can apply online and follow the steps below to complete the registration process:

  1. Visit and login to the APEDA Website and click on “Register as Member” tab
  2. Fill all the basic detail – IE CODE, Mobile number & Email ID and submit the form
  3. One Time Password will be sent on E-mail and mobile number to confirm the details and this password has to be entered on the verification screen also to Submit and to take the process to the next level.
  4. After completing the verification process, fill in the online application for registration and submit the required documents. The required documents should be uploaded in the PDF or PNG, JPEG formats only.
  5. Online registration process can be completed in one or more times by visiting the website. Save the data, after filling the information in the respective fields. The data filled in the online application can be edited anytime before online payment is made.
  6. After the Payment process, an application number will be generated, keep that safe for future reference.
  7. On issuance of Registration -Cum- Membership- Certificate or RCMC, Login details of the exporter will be emailed. The Exporter can use these login details to enter into their account at APEDA website.
  8. The final procedure of online registration process is the approval of RCMC from APEDA authorities and after the approval is issued the Certificate can be downloaded anytime using APEDA Login details, the certificate can be viewed under the heading of “View RCMC Certificate” listed below RCMC Menu.

Documents are required for registration under APEDA Act

  • An application form (duly signed)
  • Copy of Export-Import code issued by D.G.F.T.
  • Duly signed Bank Certificate by the authorities
  • Bank Account statement of the last 2 months
  • Cancelled cheque

The advantages of APEDA Registration

  • APEDA registration is mandatory for all exporters who want to export of scheduled products. By registering under APEDA Act the exporters gain various advantages, some of them are below;
  • Exporters are benefitted through various financial assistance schemes under APEDA registration.
  • It assists and helps the exporters of scheduled products to promote their brand publicity through packaging development, advertisement, upgrading database and surveys and so on.
  • Helps the exporters by providing guidelines about the various scheduled products and countries where and how to export.
  • Various training programs organized by APEDA are conducted to the registered members on various scheduled products and on how to improve their business.

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