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Telangana Death Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide

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A death certificate is a necessary document of the state wherein one person dies, which records their passing, stating what caused them to die and where they died. According to the Registration of Birth & Death Act of 1969, every death in India is registered with relevant State Governments, and a certified death issued thereafter by the state authorities is offered to the nearest relatives. This article, therefore, seeks to offer detailed information on death certificates issued in Telangana.

Birth and Death Registration Act of 1969.

The legislative framework, the Registration of Birth & Death Act 1969, governs death registration in India. As per this, every death has to be reported to the concerned State Government within twenty-one days. In Telangana, the following authorities are responsible for registering deaths:

  1. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.
  2. Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Government of Telangana.

Purposes of Obtaining a Death Certificate

A death certificate serves several essential purposes:

1. Proof of Death Cause: It is crucial evidence to provide that an individual died due to a particular cause.
2. Time and Location of Death: The certificate gives details of death that include time, date and place as well.
3. Relief from Obligations: It can give the deceased some release from different social, legal, and official duties.
4. Property Inheritance: It is a compulsory document that shall be utilized in the process of resolving property inheritance issues.
5. Insurance and Benefits: It facilitates the deceased’s close relatives and heirs to receive insurance proceeds and other benefits.

Registration of Death

When a person dies in Telangana, the death should be registered with the Concerned Registrar’s Office. The responsible party for registering the death depends on where it occurred:

  • Head of the family if the death occurs at home.
  • The medical department is in charge of deaths in hospitals.
  • The jailer is in charge of deaths in jails.
  • The in-charge person in charge of various public places like chatrooms, choultries, hostels, etc.
  • The superintendent of a plantation if the death happens there.
  • For newborn children or deserted bodies, the headman of the village or local police station in charge must register the death.

Documents Required

To obtain a Telangana death certificate, the following documents are needed:

  1. Age proof of the deceased, such as a birth certificate or SSLC certificate.
  2. An affidavit specifying the date and time of death.
  3. Ration card copy.
  4. Death certificate application form.
  5. Medical certification stating the causes of death if required.

Applicable Fees

The government fees for obtaining a death certificate in Telangana vary depending on the authority:

  • Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC): Rs. 25 per transaction + Rs. 5 per additional copy for a total of Rs. 45 + Rs. 25 per additional copy.
  • Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Government of Telangana (C&DMA): Rs. 35 per transaction + postal charges. Additional charges apply for multiple copies.

Registration of Death in Telangana

After registering a death, the details are updated in Telangana state death records. The government will issue the death certificate only if the entry is found in the death records. For late registrations (after 21 days), an affidavit explaining the delay must be submitted.

Checking Records in Telangana

Before applying for a death certificate, it is essential to confirm that the death details are available in state death records. You can do this online through the Unified Birth and Death Registration Management Information System (UBDMIS) official site. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the UBDMIS official site.
  2. In the citizen section, select ‘search death details.’
  3. Choose the registration unit and provide the required details.
  4. Click submit to check if the death details are available.

If the details are not found, contact the relevant authority for assistance.

Applying for a Death Certificate in Telangana

To obtain a death certificate in Telangana:

  1. Fill out the application form and submit it to the nearest MeeSeva centre.
  2. The operator will scan the documents and apply for the certificate online.
  3. Pay the fee and receive a receipt.
  4. Choose the certificate delivery mode.
  5. You will receive an SMS notification.

For certificates collected at the MeeSeva centre, they are issued the same day, while those sent through courier take 5 days.

Application Status

To check the status of your application, visit the UBDMIS website and select the MeeSeva application status option. Enter your application number to check the status.

Late Registration of Death Certificate

For late registration of a death certificate in Telangana, submit a separate application form along with the following:

  1. A non-availability certificate from the Grama Panchayat or Municipal Commissioner.
  2. Physical document.
  3. Ration card copy.
  4. A self-affidavit explaining the reason for late registration.

After processing the application, the Registrar will issue the death certificate.


In conclusion, obtaining a death certificate in Telangana is a systematic process that involves registration, documentation, and payment of applicable fees. Ensuring the availability of death records is essential before applying for the certificate, and late registrations are subject to specific requirements. It serves various essential purposes, making it a critical document for legal, financial, and personal matters.


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