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Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme: Empowering Women and Ensuring Financial Inclusion

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The government of Telangana launched the Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme to refute the stereotype that women are a wedding’s expense. The main objective is to empower women in the state, especially those who are of marriageable age, by giving their families the necessary financial support and allowances.

Why is the Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme in Place?

The primary goal is to provide financial assistance for weddings to brides from SC, ST, and minority populations. By encouraging education and lowering the number of child marriages, the program seeks to empower women.

Features & Advantages:

  • Assistance with Finances for Disenfranchised Families: Focuses especially on minority, SC, and ST families and gives vital financial support to cover wedding-related costs.
  • Transfer of Direct Benefits: Makes sure money is transferred into the mother’s account effectively and transparently.
  • Encouraging Women: Enables women to contribute to their mothers’ accounts and be financially independent.
  • Promoting Education: Provides possibilities for skill development to support women’s education.
  • Two-Tier Application Techniques: Provides versatility by supporting both offline and online application methods.

Elements of the Plan:

  • Shaadi Mubarak: Encourages newlywed Muslims.
  • Lakshmi Kalyana: Helps marginalized Hindu communities.
  • Reward: Grew progressively between 2014 and 2018—from ₹51,000 to ₹1,00,116.

Representatives of the Hindu Minority Committee Applying Process:

  • Go to the Official Website:
  • Visit the official website to learn about the Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme. Choose the Lakshmi Kalyana Link.
  • Select the applicable Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme link.
  • Get to the Application Form here: Provide the required information on the application form.
  • Complete the Required Fields: Provide your residential address, caste, creed, income, and personal information.
  • Keep your Marriage certificate, bank details, birth certificate, caste certificate, income certificate, and Aadhaar card handy.
  • The applicant must be 18 years old, from Telangana, from a low-income family, and a member of an underrepresented ethnic minority.

Income Criteria for Different Groups:

  • SC: ₹2,00,000
  • ST: ₹2,00,000
  • BC/EBC Rural: ₹1,50,000; Urban: ₹2,000,000
  • ₹20,000 for Shaadi Mubarak

Verifying the Status of an Application:

  • Access the official website of the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme.
  • Enter both your Aadhaar number and contact number.
  • See the Status Report and Print It: Access and print the screen-displayed status report.

Editing an application:

  • Go to the Telangana website.
  • Visit the Telangana government website.
  • Access the Lakshmi Kalyana Section: For edits, click “Kalyana Lakshmi” and select “edit/upload”.
  • Enter the details of your marriage: Enter your certificate number and contact details.
  • Changes and Submission: Update the application or attach the necessary files.

Finding the Application Number:

  • Check out the Telangana ePass website: Visit the Telangana ePass official website.
  • Link for Access Application Number: Click the link to find your application number.
  • Give Specifics: Input the required information to obtain your application number.

Official Method for Logging in:

  • Go to the official Telangana ePass website: Visit the official Telangana ePass website.
  • Official Login Access: To log in officially, click the provided link.
  • Enter Your Login Information: Enter the captcha code, password, and login information.
  • Log in: To finish the login process, select “sign-in”.


The Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme introduced by the Telangana State government has an important role in eradicating child marriage and making women stronger and more educated. It focuses on promoting family-friendly landscapes and the well-being of their community. For any further assistance or information, you can speak with our authorized staff or visit Kanakkupillai during office hours. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


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