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Telangana Residence Certificate

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To complete several important legal processes, a residency certificate is required. The residency certificate serves as documentation of the individual’s state of residence. The paperwork is required to get admitted to educational institutions. Also, to submit applications for a passport, reclaim a ration card when it expires, and with significant others. Important details on applying for a Telangana residency certificate are provided in this post. If you have any concerns, please continue reading to see how the application process operates.

What is a Residence (Domicile) Certificate?

A domicile certificate or residence certificate is a statutory document proving that an individual lives in a certain state or union territory. It is distributed by the office of any relevant District Magistrate or the state nation’s Revenue Department. In Telangana, this certificate is mostly needed to apply for jobs, housing, education, and other government programs. It is also necessary to get a passport.

The Reasons for its Significance

Submitting an online application for a Telangana residence certificate has never been so convenient or practical in the year 2023. Individuals can conserve some of their energy and time by applying online and avoiding visiting government offices in person. Also, the online application system ensures transparency and minimizes the risk of errors while speeding up processing. Comfort, effectiveness, openness, and correctness are the main advantages of submitting an online residence certificate application in Telangana.

Qualifications for a Telangana State Residence Certificate

In Telangana State, an individual has to fulfil the following requirements to be qualified for a Domicile Certificate:

  • Telangana residency is a requirement for the candidate.
  • The applicant has to have resided in Telangana for the minimum amount of time that the relevant authorities have determined.
  • The candidate cannot possess a Domicile Certificate from any other Indian state. 
  • The candidate cannot have any outstanding criminal charges or a criminal record.

Notably, the prerequisites for obtaining a Domicile Certificate in Telangana State may differ based on the particular demands made by the relevant authorities. Consequently, it is advised to review the official criteria before applying for the certificate.

Looking to settle down permanently in Telangana

The state has seen rapid growth in recent years. Investors from all across the nation have flocked to the area since the recent property tax relief. A domicile certificate is not necessary to buy real estate in the state. After acquiring a Telangana property, the applicant may choose to relocate inside the state.

For those who are prepared to buy real estate in the state of Telangana, the government has provided a 50% tax refund. The fiscal year 2020–2021 saw a notable decrease in property taxes. According to the article, the planned initiative will benefit around 13.81 lakh property owners. A sizable population has moved into the state due to these circumstances.

Unemployment Benefit Program

The state of Telangana wants to give its citizens long-term jobs. As a result, the Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme has been announced. The state government chooses eligible youngsters for the program. Gives careful thought to the financial circumstances and extends financial support to guarantee stability. 

The program gives Telangana’s young financial security as they search for acceptable employment. The help is also beneficial while they are looking for work. Additionally, the support enables them to improve their talents by enrolling in additional skill-development courses, etc. Any eligible young person without a job would get a monthly payment of Rs. 3016 under the program. 

  • The candidate has to submit all required information, especially the residence certificate, to get the advantages of the program. Given that the advantages are exclusive to residents. The residence certificate provides their proof of residence in the state.
  • Applicants seeking government positions are required to present a Telangana residency certificate. This certifies to the government that they live in the state. When applying for government positions, individuals must have proof of residency. Their eligibility under the resident reserve quota is also verified by the government. The candidates’ addresses are verified by the authorities. Telangana residence certificate is hence very important.
  • Most students at colleges and universities are aiming for quotas. They must present their certificate of residency in Telangana. For students from the state, Telangana has reserved 85% of the seats. For example, a student who lives in Telangana applying for the NEET examinations must present their proof of residency. The rewards would not be available if the student was studying outside of the state for private reasons. Students who attended school outside of Telangana must thus get a Telangana residency certificate. They can use this chart to move forward with NEET or other competitive tests.
  • In addition, state citizens are sought after by the government sectors. In comparison to commercial enterprises, government services and other programs offer more benefits. Thus, it is necessary to have a Telangana resident certificate.
  • Some job profiles need the candidate to be a resident of Telangana. Employers anticipate receiving the candidate’s Telangana residency certificate. Given that certain occupations require residents because of their regional backgrounds.

How to Apply for a Telangana Residence Certificate (Step-by-Step Guide)

Applications for a Residence Certificate in Telangana State can be made in one of two ways:

Application offline: The closest MRO office can provide the candidate with an application form, which they can complete and submit with the necessary paperwork. The relevant Revenue Inspector and MRO have to confirm and sign the paperwork.

Online application: To access government amenities online, applicants can register for the Meeseva Citizen Portal. The applicant may apply for a residence certificate online at the ease of their own home, and the process is straightforward. It can save time and effort by eliminating the necessity for in-person visits to government agencies.

How do you apply for a Telangana Residence Certificate?

To apply for a Telangana domicile certificate, take the actions listed below:

Step 1: The candidate must go to the Telangana government’s official website.

Step 2: The applicant may now use the portal to get the residency application form.

General application for residence

Step 3: Complete the application form accurately and with the necessary information.

Step 4: The candidate must fill out the application form with the following information:

  • Name and address.
  • Family details.
  • Aadhar card number.
  • Contact number.
  • Residence details.

Step 5: Now attach the appropriate papers to the application form.

Step 6: After applying, the applicant must send the completed application form and all required documentation to the closest Meeseva location.

Step 7: After submitting, the applicant will successfully register and get a transaction number on their registered cellphone number with information about their domicile certificate. To verify the application’s status online, the application must take note of the transaction ID.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the requirements for eligibility to receive a domicile certificate from the Telangana government:

  • Any individual who lives in Telangana.
  • Women who were married to a state permanent resident but were not previously state residents.

Government Charge

The following fees are applicable for obtaining a domicile certificate:

  • The application cost is Rs. 10/-
  • The service fee and domicile certificate issuing fee is Rs. 35/-
  • The applicant must have these fees.

Documents Required

The following paperwork must be sent with the application form when requesting a domicile certificate.

  • Proof of residence, such as a scanned copy of a rent receipt or land deed for a rental home.
  • The application.
  • The electricity bill, phone bill, and house tax.
  • Identification documents (passport, driver’s license, voter card, ration card, and PAN card).
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • A passport-sized picture.

How do you apply offline for a Telangana Residence Certificate?

The procedures listed below must be completed to apply for a residence certificate offline in the state of Telangana:

Step 1: To install or get the offline residence application form, contact the Meeseva Center that is closest to you or the official Meeseva Portal.

Step 2: Accurately complete the application form and upload the necessary files. The relevant Revenue Inspector and Mandal Revenue Officer need to approve and sign the paperwork.

Step 3: Send the submitted application to the Meeseva Center with the required paperwork. The certificate may be picked up at the same location and will be given within 48 hours.

Obtaining the Certification from the Meeseva Facility

If you choose not to use the manual delivery option, you must pick up your residency certificate at the closest Meeseva centre.

Receiving the Certificate by Mail

If you select the postal delivery option, the postal service will send you your residence certificate in seven days (you must make sure the address is right in this instance to prevent the certificate from being cancelled).


In conclusion, the accessibility of online application choices has made the process of applying for a Residence Certificate in Telangana State simpler and more enjoyable than it was previously. 


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