Take a Leap to a New Level of Work Productivity!


Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work


“How do I increase my work productivity”? This is a question 99 % of us end up asking ourselves on more than one occasions in our professional lives. And to find a solution to this ever daunting problem, we take resort to – speaking to our friends, colleagues, reading a motivational book or two – only to find ourselves more confused and beat than ever! Online articles are inspiring to the extent that we feel the bubbling rigour & enthusiasm for the first 24 max 48 hours, only to plunge back into our state of inertia and same work productivity as before.

Sounds familiar?
So what is the Kanakkupillai Team  suggesting you must do to enhance your productivity at work?
For starters, do not expect miracles that any methodology that you may apply to boost your productivity; will give you overnight results. Break one arrow at a time and One-pointedness is the key point to note here! We hereby bring few quick-fix techniques to help you soar with your work productivity; apply these for 21 days non-stop (It takes 21 days for our physical, mental framework to form any new habit). Try incorporating these tips to increase that productive flow and work smarter!

1.Break those big projects into smaller chunks of tasks:

Looking at your calendar marked with big goals can be quite overwhelming. Break each big project into smaller transactions that you must pursue each day for the next couple of days; to head towards the bigger milestone of completing the project on time.

With frequent completion of these smaller tasks, you will feel more in control and find yourself much more productive. Apply this to all big projects! [You definitely like to read: 100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2021]

2.Finish the ‘Biggies’ in your most ‘Alert Time’

We all have those most dreaded tasks which make the word ‘herculean’ look small. Normal tendency is to push those tasks towards a later part of the day. But as nature would have it, we have already crossed the peak moments of our concentration and determination by then, leaving us with even lesser confidence and will-power to check these biggies off the To Do List. Here’s what we suggest you do-

Analyse and find your most “Alert time” of the day, it varies from one individual to another! And designate such tasks only during that window for the next 21 days, so you set into a rhythm of handling them with ease at the same time, by the 22nd day. Even more importantly, train your brain to be more optimistic about overwhelming tasks by breaking them down and boosting confidence in your ability to actually complete them. As you complete each sub-task you’ve created, celebrate your progress.

3. Manage the ‘Quickies’ with a ‘2 Minute Window’

Build your ‘To Do List’ in a fashion so that you carefully club all less than 2 minute tasks to be finished in one go. Spread all over the day, these 2 minute tasks not only make your to do list look like a woman’s shopping list J, they end up consuming more of your time by you doing them randomly in between the biggies! Schedule them together at a relatively easier part of the day; like immediately after lunch when the bed in sick bay looks more tempting than your workstation. [ Also Read: Successful Business Tips for a Startup – 2021-22]

4. De-Clutter and organize your work environment

Sounds clichéd but research has proven piles of papers, files, notepads or any kind of clutter in your work environment or for that matter your home will only add to stress & anxiety. Clear all that junk out of the window now. Keep your workspace neat & orderly and if you wish – bring in some soothing curios or pictures that calm you down & take you to your happy place; every now and then while you are immersed in work.

5. Start, Follow & Get Addicted to a physical exercise routine

Research has proven exercise to reduce stress hormones while also increasing growth factors in the brain necessary to establish new neuronal connections. That’s a lotta heavy jargon!

To put it simply, find out when you feel physically most active during the day and incorporate any form of physical regime – cardio/weight training, aerobics, Pilates etc. The trick here is to be consistent, remember the 21 days rule!

And finally, we all have those cheat days when we end up overshooting our coffee breaks or indulging in extended lunch hour breaks. What’s the solution? Simple!!

Forgiveness and compassion for yours’ & your team members’ shortcomings!

So if you’ve procrastinated an afternoon away, reboot your productivity by accepting what you’ve done, forgiving yourself, and moving forward with renewed willpower. [ You may like to read: Top 10 Indian Entrepreneurs Success Stories]

Until then Keep Reading & Keep Trending!!


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