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What are the Cost Involved in Company Registration in Coimbatore?


Last Updated on July 8, 2023 by Kanakkupillai

Cost Involved in Company Registration in Coimbatore

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the cost of company registration in Coimbatore. If you are considering starting a business in this vibrant city of Tamil Nadu, understanding the expenses associated with the registration process is crucial. In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the various costs involved, ensuring that you clearly understand the financial aspects of establishing your company in Coimbatore.

Legal Consultation and Documentation

Before diving into the cost breakdown, it’s important to note that seeking professional advice and guidance is highly recommended during the company registration process. Engaging a reputable legal consultant specialising in company registrations will help ensure all legal requirements are met and your company’s interests are protected.

The initial step in company registration Coimbatore involves gathering and submitting the necessary documents to the appropriate authorities. These documents typically include:

  1. Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA)
  2. Director identification proof
  3. Address proof for the company’s registered office
  4. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  5. PAN card copies of directors
  6. Identity and address proofs of shareholders

Company Registration Fees in Coimbatore

Once the documentation is in order, the next aspect to consider is the registration fees. The fees involved in company registration vary depending on factors such as the type of company, the authorized capital, and the number of directors and shareholders. Here is a breakdown of the common registration fees:

  1. Company Name Reservation: To reserve a unique name for your company, an application fee of INR 1,000 is applicable.
  2. Incorporation Fees: The company’s fees depend on the authorized capital. For companies with an authorized capital of up to INR 1 lakh, the fees are INR 2,000. For companies with higher authorized capital, the fees increase accordingly.
  3. Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is calculated based on the authorized capital of the company and the state in which it is registered. In Coimbatore, the stamp duty ranges from 0.1% to 0.15% of the authorized capital.
  4. Registrar of Companies (ROC) Fees: The ROC fees also vary based on the authorized capital. These fees typically range from INR 200 to INR 20,000.

Professional Services

In addition to the mandatory registration fees, engaging professional services can greatly facilitate the company registration process. When it comes to company registration in Coimbatore, Kanakkupillai is a trusted service provider that can assist you with the process. We offer comprehensive registration services at a competitive fee of ₹6,141/- (excluding GST).

By choosing Kanakkupillai for your company registration needs, you can benefit from their expertise and streamlined process. We will guide you through the necessary documentation and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Our company registration service includes the following:

  1. Legal Consultation and Documentation: Kanakkupillai’s team of experts will provide you with professional advice and guidance throughout the registration process. We will assist you in preparing the required documents, including the Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA), and other essential paperwork.
  2. Company Name Reservation: Kanakkupillai will help you select a unique name for your company and submit the name reservation application on your behalf. This ensures that your chosen name is available and complies with the regulations.
  3. Incorporation Fees: The fees for incorporating your company are included in the package. This covers the cost associated with the registration process, including the necessary forms and filings.
  4. Registrar of Companies (ROC) Fees: Kanakkupillai will pay the Registrar of Companies fees on your behalf. These fees are a mandatory requirement for the registration process.

Additional Costs

Apart from the registration and professional service fees, there are a few other expenses to consider when starting a company in Coimbatore:

  1. Office Space: Renting or purchasing office space is a significant expense for any business. The cost depends on the location, size, and amenities the premises offer.
  2. Utilities: Expenses for utilities such as electricity, water, and internet connectivity should be factored into your budget.
  3. Licenses and Permits: Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain specific licenses and permits. The cost of these licenses can vary.
  4. Infrastructure and Equipment: Setting up the necessary infrastructure and acquiring the equipment required for your business operations will incur additional costs.


In conclusion, the cost involved in company registration in Coimbatore consists of various components, including legal consultation fees, registration fees, professional service fees, and additional expenses related to office space, utilities, licenses, and equipment. By understanding these costs in detail, you can plan your budget effectively and ensure a smooth registration process for your company.


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