What is the e-way Bill under GST

What is the e-way Bill under GST

E-Way bill stands for Electronic Way Bill. It is usually a unique bill number generated for the specific consignment involving the movement of goods. In GST, A Registered Dealer who intends to transports Goods exceeding  Rs.50000 or more should generate E-way bill.

Procedure for generating E-way bill

  1. If a registered dealer located in one state, agreed to make an outward supply of goods worth Rs.73,000 to another dealer . For delivering the goods the transferor has to hand over the goods the transporting agency.
  2. Transferor has to file GST-INS-01 contains part-A relating to Details of goods and part-B relating to details of transportr.
  3. Transporter needs to generate e-way bill based on the details furnished in Part-A of GST-INS-01.
  4. Generated e-way bill contains a unique e-way Bill number(EBN) which will be sent to Goods transferor, transferee and to the transporter.
  5. Transferee will receive the e-way bill for acceptance as per the details mentioned in GST-INS -01.
  6. The transporter or the person in charge of conveyance should carry the invoice or bill of supply and A physical copy of the e-way bill or the unique e-way bill number.
  7. Which should be submitted, when the officer intercepts the vehicle for physical verification.
  8. For certain class of transporters, fixing of RFID(Radio Frequency Identifacation Device) devices to the vehicle and mapping of e-way bill to device will be mandated. This will be notified by commissioner.
  9. At the place of verification, the e-way bill mapped to this device will be verified through RFID readers.

 Validity of e-way Bill

The validity of e-Way bill is based on the distance. The validity will be counted from the generation of e-Way bill. The Validity of e-Way bill may be extended by the commissioner for certain type of goods as specified in the notification applicable.

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Questions on  GST e-Way bill 

  1.  Who should generate the e-Way bill?

 When goods are transported by a registered person, either acting as a consignee or consignor in his own vehicle or hired, the supplier or recipient of the goods should generate the e-way Bill.

When the goods are handed over to a transporter, the e-way bill should be generated by the transporter. In this case, the registered person should declare the details of the goods in a common portal.

In case of inward supplies from an unregistered person, either the recipient of supply or the transporter should generate the e-way bill.

  1. Can the e-way bill be generated for consignments of value less than Rs.50,000?

Yes, either a registered person or a transporter can generate an e-way bill although it maynot be mandatory.

  1. What happens if e-way bill is generated but goods are not transported?

An e-way bill can be cancelled electronically on the common portal within 24 hours of its generation. An e-way bill cannot be cancelled if it has been verified by an officer during transit.

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