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How to prepare for appraisal meeting 2021


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How to prepare for appraisal meeting 2021

Every year 1st April embarks the journey of a new financial & appraisal year- another year filled with promises and hope of better designations, better financial plannings, better growth and a better performance appraisal in next cycle.
While all companies may not use the same performance appraisal method, the core principal behind this HR driven process is to identify, evaluate & reward performance of employees; as per key stipulated matrices.

While Human Resource function happens to be the key custodian of the P.A process in a company- in terms of its administration, communication, management etc. – yet they are not the process owners. The best term to define their role in P.A could be Process Custodians. So if HR isn’t the prime owner – who is? The Kanakkupillai team strives to bring to your awareness a not so commonly known fact-

                        You as an employee are the owner of your own Performance Appraisal!
Well, we read your thoughts – It is the Manager or your boss only; who appraises you. You are correct to the extent that the Manager appraises you according to what he is aware about your performances. And for any manager with a sizable team, it may not be feasible to take stock of or closely track every team member’s achievements/areas of improvement. So they end up appraising you as per key data points that they can rely on their memory for each team member, every year.

Can be unreliable isn’t it?

Here’s what KP team suggests that you do this appraisal year so as to be in complete control of how your next Appraisal meeting goes-

1) Educate yourself about your Employer’s P.A system-

No one says it openly but one of the underlying motivations; while we are employed with a company comes as a bank account credit message on the 31st or 1st of every month J Yes we are talking about your compensation package indeed!
How much extra salary you withdraw; post your appraisal 12 months later is directly linked to how your company evaluates it’s employees performances. Own this up, sit with an HR friend or with your supervisor – understand the key matrices that your performance will be evaluated against. What are the benchmarks for measurement and what are the requirements for various ratings? And work on them, all year round instead of being surprised at the end with as to what was the actual ask!

2) Data Preparedness-

Unless you are a Power Ranger, please do not reply on your memory to retain key data facts about your achievements, job well done emails etc. Create an Achievements folder or repository and every time you receive any communication, award, recognition, kudos etc. highlighting your contributions in a project/situation, please make it a point to save it there! This data can come in very handy to subjectively evaluate your work along with your Manager during appraisal time.

3) Spend time on your Self Assessment Sheet –

This sheet can help you prepare for the discussion proactively. If you are aware what goes inside this sheet at the beginning of the year itself, you can align your work goals in a way, that you deliver in tune with what the company expects of your role. This is the easiest way to bring facts/data about your contributions to your Manager’s attention. And make sure you loop in all those extra initiatives you take towards your team/project/colleagues etc.

4) Keep the discussion alive-

While a performance appraisal discussion can be intimidating as it deals with your personal contributions/employee traits etc., you can do your part by keeping the discussion light and alive. Understand that your Manager is under lot more pressure than you are to complete appraisals for all of his/her team members including you. And a little bit humor or lively banter will go a long way in helping your Manager cope up with this responsibility with ease. It will also create room for a healthy discussion w.r.t your upcoming year’s expected key responsibility areas.

5) Calibrate with your Manager on your Areas of Improvement-

No matter how competent or dedicated an employee may be, there are many situations when; due to either lack of requisite experience or sometimes due to sheer bad luck, we may end up making mistakes. Be dignified while discussing those aspects of your performance, own them up and work along with your Manager to bring about a better outcome next time around.
And finally, no matter how tempting it may be – Avoid getting into any sort of blame game – be it another colleague, the system, another department, a skip Manager. It will not only show you in a bad light in front of your Manager, you do not know what bridges you might end up burning for your future.
Remember it is in your hands to shift your perspective & involvement in the PA process from a mere “Emotional recipient” of your performance’s outcome to a  “Mentally In control” professional; who likes to take charge and delivers high rated performance all through the year. So Keep it professional & keep it slick, and remember your job is not who you are. It is just one of the things that you are meant to do!
                                                                 Until then, Keep Smiling & Keep Trending!!


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