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What’s Your Success Story?


Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by Kanakkupillai

Our generation is living in some really exciting times!! From high-flying career graphs & double-digit monthly take homes to dream cars & early age real estate investments; we have seen it all in one lifetime. We may not be one of them owning these wow factors in our lives, but definitely have one sibling or another cousin or a friend; who seemed to have nailed the success mantra with a bang; leaving the majority of the mediocre working population wonder – Where & Why did I go wrong?
Well, the Kanakkupillai team is here to tell you that you didn’t. Yes, you heard it right! To help you explain better – let us revisit how we have been conventionally taught to view or measure success!
We say someone is successful when they–

  • Are Wealthy;
  • Have fat bank balance/s;
  • Are Popular – be it social media or otherwise.

If you were to google how to be successful using the above definition, a mind-boggling 800 million plus results will list out. So there is definitely no scarcity of advice on how to thrive & prosper in this world, but what they forgot to teach us in our B-schools or Engineering Colleges is that success in the true measure is not always about owning an expensive sedan or being able to buy a 1 Crore worth villa by the beachside. If you were to truly analyze the purpose of owning a car – it is the convenience of transportation from Point A to Point B. Or for that matter, the purpose of owning a house/flat is investing your savings in a fruitful manner – so you have a place of your own to say.

In that same true sense, does it really matter whether you owned a hatchback and your junior a BMW?
If you owned a humble 2 BHK in a lesser-known area of your city while your colleague owned a lush bungalow at a premium spot?

Find it difficult to believe?
Don’t worry! We are not the only ones saying that. Let us look at how the so-called biggies of the world who have become household names with their success; define success. Check it Out-

  •   “In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.” -Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.
  •  “Success isn’t how much money you have. Success is not what your position is. Success is how well you do what you do when nobody else is looking.” — John Paul DeJoria, billionaire entrepreneur
  • “The definition of success is waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing it’s going to be a great day.” — Mark Cuban, billionaire investor
  •  “I measure success by how many people love me.” — Warren Buffet, the billionaire investor.
  • “It is also nice to feel like you made a difference — inventing something or raising kids or helping people in need.” — Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Now, these are the ultra-billionaires of the world, the so-called Success Magnets who are redefining our conventional success mantras, right in front of our eyes. Although all these individuals are undoubtedly wealthy, notice that no one mentions “having millions in the bank” as a definition of success. Nor things such as having more followers on social media, making others envious, or having an expensive lifestyle.

So what is the underlying pulse of success? If you were to sift through your motivation behind wanting to be successful, it eventually & invariably boils down to “An inherent need to be Happy”. The common underlying message in all above quotes is “Smiling, Being Happy, Being Loved, Making a Difference, Doing something well”. And if being successful in true measure is just about that – we can be successful every day in our lives, doing exactly what our life’s purpose is, what our true calling is. And believe it or not, no two people can have the same life trajectory because each one has their own unique life script; which is influenced by so many different factors & people.
Now, Let us help you change your perception of success-
You can call yourself truly successful if-

  • You love your life in general. You have a purpose and what you do is meaningful to you.
  • You are proud of yourself for what you have accomplished so far.
  • You do something bigger than you. You touch others’ lives and make them better.
  • You have people who care about you (and you care about) with whom you share your achievements. You don’t have to advertise your victories to the whole world—just to those who will be really able to share your joy and appreciate your hard work.
  • You see progress. You are not stuck in the status quo, you are evolving and improving.

Having said the above, there should be no stopping you from going all out and giving more than 100 percent of your capability to whichever professional job that you are currently engaged in. All we are suggesting here is just to stop measuring your own worth & success Through that Role.
End of the day, it is just one of the many roles that we play in a lifetime. And the day you can re-wire this inner shift towards your job/performance/success – you will be happier & contented than you have ever been in your lives. After all, that’s what each one of us are truly seeking & looking for, Aren’t we?

                                                          Until then, Keep Smiling & Keep Trending!!


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