Best Video Marketing Tips – Blog, Website, or Business to the next level?


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Best Video Marketing Tips – Blog, Website, or Business to the next level?

Content marketing is the trending marketing tool which has undoubtedly preferred form for branding and to promote your business. Content marketing is the only medium of marketing where you can describe your product or brand or business elaborately. Content Marketing is of different forms like social media marketing, business blogging, email marketing and so on, from simple informative blog content to Posts to social media images and videos.
And in the present scenario, the biggest form of content marketing is video marketing! And it is the apt medium to take your brand or business to the next level.
A perfect video marketing strategy will help to promote your brand and also help to generate good traffic to your website. You can use this marketing strategy in any online medium whether it is your blog, social media, website or any other online platform to market your business.
In this article, you can find what you need to understand to leverage video marketing to develop and promote your business.

Why you need to go for a video marketing?

Before knowing about how to create videos or how to design or plan your video marketing strategy to promote your business, just know the importance of Video Marketing and how to start leveraging video marketing, whether you own a new business or you want to grow your business to the next level.
Here are some of the reasons to make you understand why video marketing is so important

  • Video marketing is the best form of marketing as it creates more awareness among the viewers.
  • It gives the viewers a taste of the brand’s personality and passion for what you have for them.
  • Video marketing showcases your expertise, giving solid tips and advice and dealing with common issues of your audience. And it builds credibility fast among the public.
  • Most of the people, from youngsters to grown-ups are interested in watching videos and it is expected that about 80% of the total consumers are from online marketing.
  • A statistic report says, over 500 million people watching videos through social media networks like Facebook every day.
  • Social media videos get 12 times more shares when compared with social media posts and images.

From all these above reasons, it is proven that video marketing generates much higher traffic than other forms online web marketing that means it will increase the sales and make your business to grow to the next level.
Therefore, to promote your brand or grow a business, just start leveraging video marketing now. And here’s how:

Fix your video marketing goals

Plan your video marketing goals according to your products or business. Each brand or business can plan their video marketing in a unique way. There are various kinds of marketing goals, you can go for which is needed to your business or brand:

  • Create your brand identity and improve the awareness of your brand
  • Generate trust and showcase your brand’s uniqueness to your consumers
  • Build more social media participation
  • Increase good traffic to your website
  • Build more leads and more conversions
  • To get more sales

Create a video considering all your business objectives and your marketing goals and publish it on the right platform where you can find your target customers.

Where will you be publishing your videos?

Now you are clear about what you need and what you want to achieve through Video marketing, so the next step is to choose the right platforms in which your video content has to be shared.
Plan and draft a list of social media platforms where you can publish and what kind of result do your video marketing should boost, like

  • On the social media platform, it can create more traffic and engagement to your business.
  • On the blog and your website, it can generate leads/conversions and more traffic.
  • It can boost the conversion rate if the video is published in your landing page.
  • In the email marketing campaigns, it can create or boost higher open rates and more clicks
  • If it is published on YouTube, then it can reach a wider audience and increase the views

From all the above points, now you know your business objectives and in which platform you have to post your videos. And the next step is to decide on what kinds of videos you want to create?
Here are some tips and hints which are helpful to create a variety of videos, based on your marketing objectives:

Brand videos

Brand videos help you to boost brand awareness and make it popular among audiences, you can leverage brand videos to launch your brand in the spotlight. For instance, you can make a video with behind the spotlight scenes and show off your team who have worked for this video or images from behind the camera.

Product videos

This type of videos helps in promoting your products via attractive and informative videos. And you can publish these types of videos on your website, and also in all social media platforms and even on other marketing channels too. This results in boosting your sales.

Tutorial videos

In this type of videos, you can highlight or inform about your brand or products and boost sales. Create the tutorial videos in a way that it should inform the people on how to use your products or what are the special features your product have.

Educational Videos

This type of videos are also known as How-to-use videos. It is a content video where you can guide the audience on how to use your product. People love content.

Live streaming videos

This type of videos is very popular now. If you are planning to start live video streaming, plan it in a regular time schedule, so that your customers know when to log in to participate in your live videos.

User-generated-content videos

This is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and you can build trust with user-generated content. For example, beauty creams company highlight user-generated videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and so on.

Testimonials Videos

This is yet another great way to construct trust among the audience about your brand.  Conduct some case studies with new, existing and old customers to create testimonial videos and publish in the right platform.
Additionally, it is very important to keep the videos short and sweet, particularly videos which are going to publish in social media and through email marketing.

Useful tips for creating videos 

Now start to create your videos, actually, there are 3 main choices for creating your marketing videos, one is shoot your own videos, edit and publish them. Or by using the content creation tool you can create a marketing video from scratch, using stored video footage. Or you can create a video with the combination of both. However, before starting taking the video plan it correctly, go for some research, watch many marketing videos which have similar products, take the expert help or simple, just outsource the work!

Video marketing is an asset

Video that is created about your product or brand or business can make a great asset. If you have just started a new business, video marketing will help in building brand awareness and also help your brand to reach a wide range of audience and generate traffic. If you want to sell your brand, then it can generate more traffic and boost the overall conversion rate. Follow the ideas outlined in this article, and grow your business to the next level.


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