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Best Tips For Bonding With Your Customers to Retain Them – New Startup’s Objective

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Modern customers these days, scour through websites and research about the product they are thinking to buy before making their actual purchase process. When customers are 50% to 85% of their path down the funnel before they talk to anyone at your business, you must not rely on traditional methods to achieve the bonding of your startup with customers.

consumers usually tend to remember the feelings associated with a brand though they are not aware or remember the brand name or advertisement. Hence, marketing and branding can aid you in the race in creating a strong bond of your start-up brand with the customers. Yet, it must be done right. So, to bond well with your customers, here we have given a few steps.

1. Engage with your customers

Connecting with your target audience helps you to create a sense of community and belonging. Try to share your brand’s identity, some exciting developments, opinions and news in your space, to bring back the customers to your business portal. You can use a social media platform to inform your customers about the new trends, special discount & deals, and to make your brand be familiar to their word of mouth. The more it feels like a conversation, the better the results you would get. Also, if you made your product users be your brand’s fan, they are more likely to have a positive association with your brand for a longer time.

Customer bonding is more likely about nurturing and retaining the customers, reaching out to the people who really make your business to get into a peak on the go. You must also make sure that customer service is very impeccable, especially on social platforms. make sure your customer service is impeccable, particularly on social channels. If you gamble with the right cards, you can end up creating a better bonding with your customers. Customers expect fast responses on social media (65% expect you to get back to them within 2 hours and 14% expect a response on Twitter ‘immediately.). Strengthen your social game and respond to the complaint on the inbox; as soon as possible. Let your users receive a positive response from your brand to have better bonding & for the future.

2. Understand what makes your customers tick

Eight out of ten startups fail to create a bond with customers. The customer’s flood to pour out on the back door is due to lack of engagement. But, the gap below the waterline is a fragile fit between what you’re offering and what your customers want.

45% of startups went down because of their inability to create a bonding with the customers and providing the products that are not as per the requirements of the customer. Always use customer engagement; it is an effective way to make your social presence look broader & to enhance the bonding with the customers.

3. Make sure your startup is consistent

Consistency is a major factor in constructing bonding with customers. Your brand should feel the same what your customers think each time they interact with it. In fact, delivering the good products and services across the nation consistently, the organization’s potential not only grow but reach to an extraordinary height. It may not guarantee your success, yet it will lay the strong foundation to achieve more and it will separate you from the fellow competitors. Hence, consistency is important.

For example, brand McDonald is one of the most successful in the world has got wonderful bonding with its customers & expanded the franchise around the globe. The reaction on hearing the brand name remains the same; whether the customer is from India or the UK. This is possible due to the bonding the brand has created.

Your startup needs to be consistent in rock-solid visual as well. Design elements and Logos should look similar on all browsers and devices to have better bonding among your customers of many age groups. There is a no worse thing than breaking a good bonding with customers due to the scenarios like logo stretched out of proportion, painted up or pixelated with absurd colours.

4. Invest in an eye-catching logo design

Colours reflect your brand’s personality and it elevates your bonding with customers, providing a visual feeling, expression, mood or role your startup brand tries to provoke. With this scenario in mind, choose your colour palette that is being loved by every kind of people. For example, the colour red used in You Tube’s logo enables the viewer to feel excited, active and passionate about the brand. On the other hand, the colour blue in Ford’s and Samsung logos indicates signifying confidence, trust and comfort. This colour psychology not just brings your brand on top but also evokes the bonding with your customers on a greater scale.

Creating a general colour palette will signify the content you put out and do some recognition to brand once you’ve been consistently promoting it. The brand’s logo design has become so vital to a brand who needs to form a better bonding with the users. Most of the top companies like Pepsi have spent more than 1 million dollars on their new logo whereas the BBC spent around 1.8 million dollars. You, as a startup, don’t need to spend such a whooping amount to form a bonding with customers, but you can afford some quality logo design work to get engaged.

If you are going to create a logo, you can use logo designing private sources like Tailor Brands to create a custom-made logo that is affordable as well. This platform can also create a complete portfolio of graphical assets for your startup in a very short span.

5. Focus on what your brand does best

Customers often look to identify your brand’s mission core values. To them, what you are is as simple as what is your product & what do you sell. So, how you can help your customers to identify your brand’s values easily and quickly? The very specific you are the more your customers or fans to your product will start to identify and understand what you can offer to them now and in mere future. This eventually forces you to pick the best one thing you are at.

To create a better bonding, you should make sure your customers understand what you do precisely and feel that it is something they’ve been longing their entire lives, and they can’t live without or disconnected from it. That indirectly means you need to zoom in on for the one thing until it fills your needs. For example, Nike does several products in sportswear and sporting gear such as dumbbells, water bottles, tube socks, and yoga pants. But, when you close your eyes for a minute and think about the brand Nike, you see sneakers. This is how a brand as a startup should aim to reach a uniqueness to create a bonding.

6. Make your customers come back to your brand

Customers psychology is more likely to return to the sites they had been to in the past & had a successful interaction with the site. Though the customers are not paying attention much attention to it even if they got what they needed from your site & even if he/she has bookmarked it to come back honestly, they won’t remember it. While around 3 billion Google searches are made each day, you need to take all opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

One option to create a bonding is to provide incentives for the customers to make them come back to your website by creating a rewarding program for your brand site and providing discounts or coupons. The more the reward is, the more business and customer bonding you can expect. Other affordable options include social remarketing and it is the most effective tool as well. Upload your customer cum subscribers list to contacts and use the brand site and email tactics to target you’re your customers.

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