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Check Your EPF Balance – With UAN Number, UMANG App, Mobile Number & Missed Call

An online EPF member passbook will be given to each employee who is an EPFO member. This passbook lists the total amount paid into the employee’s PF account as well as the specifics of each party’s monthly contributions i.e., the employee and employer contribution.

These days, you have the option of checking your EPF balance offline or online.

As per the most recent information on Employees’ Provident Fund Website, the EPF Interest Rate Slips to 8.1% for FY 2021–2022 onwards.

For FY 2021–2022, subscribers or members of the Employees’ Provident Fund accumulations won’t be subject to a decreased interest rate. The most recent interest rate, which is currently 8.1%, is the lowest in the last 40 years. In FY 2020–2021, the rate was 8.5 percent.

According to experts, this decrease in interest rates will hasten the process of crediting interest to nearly 55 to 60 million members’ accounts. EPF interest payments used to be credited around Diwali or even later because of Ministry of Finance delays.

Employee Provident Fund, or EPF, is crucial to an employee’s financial well-being. It’s a retirement account that receives equal monthly contributions from the individual and the employer. An online EPF member passbook will be given to each employee who is an EPFO member. This passbook lists the total amount paid into the employee’s PF account as well as the specifics of each party’s monthly contributions.

It is now simpler for employees of a firm to check their EPF balance. The annual EPF statement shared by the company (which is a long waiting period) is no longer required for the employees to monitor their EPF balance. They have the option of checking their EPF balance both online and offline, which is the base of discussion of this article.

Different ways to Check your EPF Balance Online

  1. Accessing the EPFO Web Portal
  2. Downloading and accessing the UMANG application

Different ways to Check your EPF Balance Offline

  1. By sending a text message through phone which is SMS
  2. By dialing and making a missed call

Now that we know the base, let us look into the same in a detailed manner.

UAN number PF Balance Check on EPFO Web Portal

The EPFO website now makes it possible for employees who are EPFO members to check their EPF balance. With their UAN number, the employee can check their PF balance on the EPFO website. For this you have to simply access the portal and follow the below provided list:

6-Steps to Check PF Balance on EPFO Web Portal Using UAN Number:

Step 1: Visit the EPFO portal in the step one.

Step 2: Select “For Employees” under “Services” from the menu bar. Your screen will go to or be directed to another page.

Step 3: Next, choose “Member Passbook” from the “Services” option. Your screen will now display a fresh login screen.

Step 4: On the login page, click Login after entering your “UAN,” “Password,” and the Captcha code for confirmation. The UAN number is also frequently used to verify EPF balances.

Step 5: After logging in, a new page displaying all the Member IDs of all the accounts connected to your UAN will open. As a result, your current employer’s EPF account will appear on this website along with any other EPF accounts you may have had with any past employers. It is significant to know that without a UAN number, you cannot check the amount of your EPF account.

Step 6: Choose the appropriate Member ID for the EPF account you wish to check your EPF balance online for. You will see the relevant EPF member passbook on your screen. You can choose between downloading your EPF or UAN passbook.

Using the UMANG App, Check your PF balance Online

The government-sponsored programme known as UMANG, or Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance, allows an EPFO member to check their EPF balance on their mobile device. The Indian government wants to house all of its services under one roof by using this app.

The EPFO member must register their mobile number, which is connected to their UAN, in order to access the app and view their EPF balance on their phone. In the UMANG app, you can check your EPF balance by following the easy instructions listed below.

How to Check PF Balance on UMANG App in 7 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Install the UMANG app in the first step via the Play Store or App Store. You may open and access the application by pressing here.

Step 2: Launch the UMANG application and choose “EPFO.”

Step 3: Select “Employee Centric Services” from the menu.

Step 4: To check the EPF balance, choose “View Passbook” from the menu.

Step 5: Next, enter your UAN and click “Get OTP.” To the mobile number you have on file, an OTP will be issued. After entering this number, choose “Login.”

Step 6: To examine the relevant EPF balance, select the appropriate Member ID.

Step 7: After that, your EPF passbook, which shows your PF balance, will appear on your phone.

Check Your PF Balance through SMS

To check their EPF balance and most recent contribution amount, EPFO members can now easily send an SMS to the number 7738299899. The SMS must be sent using the format “EPFOHO UAN ENG.”

For example, if English is the preferred language and the EPF balance UAN number is 123456, the SMS to be sent would be “EPFOHO 123456 ENG.” Here, the language code is formed by the first three letters of the language. It is ENG for English, HIN for Hindi, and so on.

The SMS facility now supports the following languages:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Marathi
  • Bengali
  • Gujrati
  • Punjabi
  • Kannada
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam

Recall that the UAN must be linked to the bank account, Aadhar, and PAN in order for the SMS service to be available. Before sending the SMS to find out the balance, the person must first finish the KYC process if the UAN is not linked.

Checking the PF Balance Through a Missed Call

The simplest way for an EPF member to see their balance is to make a missed call to “011-22901406”. But in order to access the missed call feature, the EPFO member must meet the following conditions:

  • The EPFO member needs to have a current UAN number.
  • The EPFO member’s mobile number must be registered with the UAN, and only that mobile number may be used to leave a missed call.
  • Other documents like a bank account, an Aadhaar, and a PAN should be linked to the UAN.

What is the best way to check PF balance without a UAN?

If you can’t remember your UAN, you can still easily check your EPF balance. By dialling 011-229014016 from your connected cell phone, you can check the balance. In this situation, you are not need to provide the UAN code; alternatively, you can check it on their website by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to to access the EPFO website.

Step 2: Choose “Click Or touch here to see Your EPF Balance” in step two.

Step 3: The third step will direct you to From the drop-down option, choose “Member Balance Information.”

Step 4: Select your state before clicking the link for the EPFO office.

Step 5: Enter your name, confirmed mobile phone number, and PF Account Number.

Step 6: Press “Submit,” and the results will show your PF balance.

Methods for private trusts and exempted institutions to examine their EPF balances

If it is a private trust or an exempted business, the EPF payment is moved to the trusts that are overseen by the company rather than the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. In this situation, the only source of information regarding an employee’s PF balance is the trust that the company manages. EPF accounts run by exempted enterprises lack a standard way to check their PF balance with the EPFO. Additionally, the EPFO has no connection to these EPF accounts and does not offer any passbook check benefits to these EPF members.

The Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, grants eligible firms or businesses the freedom to administer their unique EPF plans for the benefit of the employees. Large firms like HDFC, Godrej, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Nestle, and many others are examples of exempted establishments. These businesses have an internal EPF trust. Therefore, they are exempt from contributing to the EPFO’s EPF corpus.

Such exempted establishments typically use several trusts they control to administer the EPF corpus. However, compared to the funds administered by EPFO, the government anticipates that these trusts will offer higher returns. Private trusts are subject to the same rules regarding EPF contributions.

These four methods are available to workers of exempt enablements to check their PF balance:

  • Employees of many of these large organisations receive their payslips or PF slips from the employer via internal emails. Their EPF balance is shown on their payslips. However, not many employers include an EPF slip with the pay stub. The employees would locate their EPF balance and the monthly contribution on this EPF slip.
  • Check the company’s employee portal. Many of these big businesses build and manage their own corporate websites for their employees. To view the EPF balance, their employees can log in to the section designated for EPFs. Examples of companies offering their employees the ability to check their EPF balance and obtain the EPF statement online include TCS and Wipro.
  • Contact the HR division of the business: Workers can get in touch with the HR division of their business. This is due to the fact that they manage the employees’ EPF accounts and are qualified to give accurate information regarding the EPF balance.
  • Track your EPF contributions: By frequently reviewing your pay stub and determining your EPF balance, an employee can also keep track of their monthly contributions to the EPF. Employees can use the interest rate set by EPFO to determine their annual EPF contribution. Keep in mind that a sum fixed (up to $1250/month) is paid into the employee’s EPS account.

Methods for determining the EPF balance for inactive EPF accounts

Dormant accounts will no longer be designated as inoperative, according to a statement from the Indian government issued in November 2016. They will instead carry on earning interest like other active accounts. EPFO has already ceased paying interest to inactive EPF accounts in 2011. However, after the November 2016 modification went into force, interest began to accrue on each inactive EPF account. The annual interest rate was 8.8%.

EPF accounts previously became inactive for two main reasons:

  • The transfer of the EPF account is a laborious operation.
  • When switching jobs, employees prefer to register a new EPF account.

Such a predicament is typically caused by a communication breakdown between the individual’s former and present employers. Employees in these situations can get their EPF balance from past inactive EPF accounts moved to their active accounts by contacting the EPFO helpdesk if they are unable to get any information about the former inactive EPF accounts.


1. Can an employee in their former firm check their EPF balance?

Yes. In their former employer, a person can verify their remaining EPF balance. To access the EPF balance of their former employer, the person must first log in to the EPFO portal using their UAN (Universal Account Number) and Password, and then choose the relevant Member ID. Each unique member ID that appears on the web portal is connected to the person’s EPF accounts from each of their several former employers.

2. Can you use the PAN number to check your EPF balance?

No. The PAN number cannot be used to check the EPF balance. You need a UAN to check your EPF balance. However, you must input the PAN information into your EPF account in order to utilise the many services and advantages provided by EPFO.

3. Can you use your PF number to check your EPF member balance?

To log in and check your EPF balance online, you will need your UAN information. PF number is therefore not necessary to check EPF balance. You already know everything you need to know about checking your EPFO balance and your EPF balance online. Even if you switch jobs, it is preferable to maintain the same EPF account number because it makes EPF computations simpler.

4. Can you use your Aadhaar number to check the EPF balance?

Your Aadhaar number cannot be used to check your EPF balance. Using simply your UAN, you can check your EPF balance online.

5. Can you use an unregistered number to make a missed call to check your EPF balance?

No. The number from which the missed call is received must be registered with your UAN in order to check your EPF amount. Therefore, in order to use the missed call service, your 10-digit mobile number must be mandatorily linked to your UAN.

6. How can I get the EPFO “m-sewa” app?

All members previously had access to the “m-sewa app” from EPFO to check their balance and other information. The plant has now been shut down. However, UMANG can be used to check the EPF balance (Unified Mobile APP for New Governance). The UMANG app can be downloaded through the UMANG official website, the Play Store, the App Store, or both.

7. Without connecting UAN to your mobile phone, is it possible to check your EPF amount by SMS?

Only the registered mobile number can use the SMS feature. To check your EPF balance through SMS, you must register your mobile phone with your UAN. This is because only registered mobile numbers are sent messages with information about EPF balance.

8. How can I get a loan backed by my PF balance?

Based on the number of years you’ve worked, you may be eligible for loan against your EPF amount. Your employer must submit Form 31, which includes information about your EPF account number, pay, and other details, to EPFO on your behalf. The employer should also submit additional pertinent documents.

9. Can I take my entire PF balance out at once?

After two months of unemployed, you can totally withdraw your PF corpus. Additionally, after a month of unemployment, you are permitted to take up to 75% of your EPF corpus. PF withdrawals are only tax-exempt after 5 consecutive years of EPF

10. How are the EPF balance details downloaded?

Using the e-passbook feature offered on the EPFO website, you can download the EPF account statement, which will include EPF balance details as well as other information. For access to the balance statement and to download it, you must register with EPFO. The methods to downloading your EPF passbook or statement are listed below:

  • Use your mobile number to sign up for a membership at the website.
  • Then, select “download e-passbook.”
  • From the list, choose the PF office.
  • Type the PF code for the business.
  • your PF account number
  • Utilize the registered cellphone number to complete the PIN verification.
  • After three working days, your e-passbook will appear on the page.
  • After, you can download the statement.


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