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Documents required for Professional Tax Registration in India ?


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Documents required for Professional Tax Registration in India ?

Before discussing the documents required for Professional Tax Registration let us have a glance at what is a professional tax. If you look at your pay slips, you will find a small tax deduction on it along with the other deductions or elements such as conveyance, HRA, and basic salary breakups. It will be mostly around Rs. 200 and it is known as professional tax. 

Professional Tax is a direct tax imposed on professions and trades by the state governments in India. It is a state-level tax and varies from state to state, there are few places where no deduction is charged in the name of professional tax. 

Who has to pay Professional Tax

A person getting an income from salary or a person practicing a profession such as doctor, company secretary, chartered accountant, lawyer, doctor and likewise, are required to pay this professional tax.
Professional Tax is compulsorily paid tax by every individual engage in any profession, employment, trade, and callings with the Greater Chennai Corporation city limits. And, it is the owner’s responsibility to deduct this tax from the salaries of his workers and to pay the amount to the appropriate government department.
In Chennai, the application form for Professional Tax registration obtained from the Corporation of Chennai at Ripon Building or you can visit to apply Professional Tax.

What are the Documents required for Professional Tax Registration in Chennai?

To apply professional tax registration visit the online portal along with required documents. 

Here is the list of documents required for Professional tax Registration

  • Duly attested PAN card of Company/LLP by directors of the company
  • Incorporation Certificate, MOA & AOA / LLP Agreement.
  • If the company owns the premises, premises proof of Company is needed. If not, a NOC from the owner of the company premises is needed.
  • Bank Account details of the Company: bank statement and Cancelled cheque
  • List of Directors
  • Passport size Photographs of all Directors, 
  • Id and address proof of all directors
  • Board Resolution or consent statement of partners
  • Attendance & Salary Register
  • Certificate from Commercial Tax Department

There is no need to pay any fee at the time of professional tax form submission. Once you submit the application form you will receive an acknowledgment number for filing along with the profession tax Registration Number.

Just have a look at Professional Tax Rates in Tamilnadu, India. The following are the slabs of Professional Tax:

S.No Average Half – Yearly Income Half yearly Profession Tax
        From           To
1                  Upto 21,000                   NIL
2           21,001            30,000                     135/-
3           30,001             45,000                    315/-
4           45,001             60,000                   690/-
5           60,001              75,000                  1,025/-
6               75,001 and above                1,250/-

The Professional tax in India can be paid by means of challan or cheque or demand draft. The due date for Professional Tax payment and Filing of Professional Tax Return is 1st April and 1st October for the respective half-year.

Benefits of Professional Tax Registration Online

Following are the reasonable factors why should one never miss professional tax:

  • Paying a professional tax is a judicial requirement and if any individual avoiding it can be reliable for the penalty or legal issues and self-employed individual and employer should also pay their professional tax depending on their rates or wages provided by their respective state within the prescribed time.
  • Professional tax is simple and easy to comply with. Rules and regulations governing professional tax enforce minimal restrictions and it is very simple to get registered with uncomplicated monthly or annual compliances.
  • The deduction can be laid claim of earlier paid professional tax.
  • Being a state tax, the  Professional tax a local tax authority’s obligation to get the professional tax deducted from fees of the professional, business income, and salary.


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