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FSSAI License Fee in India

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  Posted on August 18, 2021

FSSAI License Fee

fssai license fee

Food and Business Operations or FBOs are big businesses in India. There are a number of companies that are plunging in the pool of food businesses. There are various forms of these businesses in India like catering services, restaurants, cafes, mobile food services, home delivery, etc. To run any kind of food business, it is important that you must get the FSSAI license.

FSSAI registration is initiated by submitting Form A (application for Registration) or Form B (application for State and Central License) to the Food and Safety Department or by applying online on the FoSCoS portal. The application must be accompanied by the required documents. Fees structure for FSSAI registration / License in India. Fees for basic FSSAI License is fixed at INR 100 for one year. The FSSAI State License fees ranges from INR 2000/- to 5000/- a year. Fees for FSSAI Central license is fixed at INR 7500/- per year.

A basic FSSAI License can be issued in 7-10 days. A State and Central license can take a time period of 30 days. Obtaining an FSSAI license is mandatory before starting any food business operation in India. All the traders, manufacturers, restaurants who are involved in the food business must obtain a 14-digit license number which is printed on their food products

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been established under Food Safety and Standards , 2006 which consolidates various acts & orders that have hitherto handled food related issues in various Ministries and Departments. Now that you know which businesses need to go for FSSAI license fee, it is now important to know what is the fee charged by FSSAI for the different licenses.

1. State Licensing Fees

As evident from the name, this license is issued to the FBOs that are operational in a state. Any business that is into food storage, marketing of food products or food product distributors, or retailers of food products. This license is issued by the state authorities.

  • The state licensing fee for the 4 Star Hotel is Rs. 5000
  • Manufacturer or miller who produces 501 to 2500 MT of milk solids annually, or has a production of above 1 MT per day has to pay an amount of Rs. 5000 as the FSSAI license fee
  • Milk manufacturer or miller that is into the production of 1MT mil or 501 to 10,000 LPD of milk, or 2.5 MP to 500 MT of milk solids annually, has to pay a fee of Rs. 3000.
  • Food vendors and other food businesses like restaurants, clubs, or boarding houses that serve food have to pay FSSAI license fee of Rs. 2000
  • FBOs in catering or the ones who are serving food in the canteen in school, colleges or offices also have to pay a license fee of Rs. 2000.
  • The licensee fee has to be repaid at the time of license renewal.
  • In case of issuance of a duplicate license, the license will cost 10% of the FSSAI license fee applicable to that particular business

2. Central Licensing Fees

This license is issued by the regional office and is given to the FBOs in the manufacturing of food, enterprise, food businesses involving a central government agency, ports, and FBOs connected to the airport.

The central license fees are as follows:

  • In case of a new FSSAI Central license, a fee of Rs. 7,500 needs to be paid annually
  • Renewal will cost Rs. 7,500 per year
  • In case of improving FSSAI license fee, a fee of Rs. 7,500 has to be paid
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