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How Can I Check My Private Limited Company Details?


Are you concerned about another company’s legal status as an Indian-registered entity? Are you contemplating doing business with them? This article will cover the specifics of how to verify a private limited company registration status in India.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) runs a legitimate government website where data is kept on all Indian companies that are currently registered. This web functions as an extensive directory by giving users access to the entire list and details about businesses and limited liability partnerships (LLP) in India. The public has access to company information via this platform, including validation, charge information, and the signatures of authorized people.

Individuals can now easily check a company’s registration status and view various firm details thanks to this platform. These specifics include, among other things, the company’s registration number, classification, date of establishment, financial obligations (charges), and the names of its directors. In addition to these basic facts, the website provides more detailed information, such as balance sheets and annual returns, which can be accessible after making a specific payment.

Ministry Of Corporate Affairs

The “MCA21 system” is a government portal run by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India. This website is a comprehensive database for data on all companies registered in India subject to the 2013 Companies Act and earlier laws.

People can access a variety of crucial information via this portal, including:

  • Business registration number.
  • Date of the business’s inception.
  • The company’s type or category.
  • Information on the costs or liabilities the company faces financially.
  • Information about the company’s directors.

Additionally, the website provides access to more in-depth records, including a company’s balance statements, other important records and yearly filings. Payment of a set charge is often required to access these extra resources.

Reason for Checking A Company Registration in MCA

Checking a company’s registration status with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India is strongly advised for several reasons:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Verifying Company Information
  • Business Transactions
  • Access to Financial Data
  • Preventing Fraud and Legal Issues

To conduct business in India, checking a company’s MCA registration is wise and important. In addition to ensuring legal compliance, it offers insightful information about a company’s legality, financial soundness, and general dependability, eventually aiding wise business decisions and reducing risks.

Steps to Check the Registration Status of a Pvt Ltd Company

Follow these steps to determine a company’s registration status:

Step 1:  Access the official MCA website.

Step 2: Select the’ MCA Services’ tab after visiting the website’s home page. There will be a drop-down menu with a selection of services. Choose ‘View Company/LLP Master Data’ from the available choices.

Step 3: You will be taken to a form where you must input the organisation’s corporate identification number (CIN). Click “Submit” after entering the CIN and completing the captcha verification.

*To search for the company’s CIN if you don’t know it, click the search icon next to the “Company/LLP Name” section.

Following these steps, you can check and confirm the company’s registration status and details on the MCA website.

When all the necessary information is correctly entered, the result page will show the following significant data:

  • CIN/LLPIN/1A Reference Number: the corporate identification number.
  • LLP or company name.
  • The country or region in which the business is based or registered.
  • Date of the company’s incorporation.
  • Current company status.
  • Information about the Registrar of Companies (ROC), including the ROC registration number.
  • Company kind, such as whether it is an unlimited corporation, a company limited by shares, or a guarantee.
  • If the business is a private or public one or both.
  • Paid-up capital as well as the company’s authorized capital.
  • Incorporation date.
  • Address and email addresses for the company.
  • Company’s status as a listed business.
  • Date of the most recent annual general meeting and the current state of the business.

Users may confirm the company’s validity and compliance with regulatory standards using this information, which gives a thorough picture of the company’s registration status and crucial details.

Steps to Download Incorporation Certificate From MCA

Follow these steps to download an incorporation certificate from MCA:

  • Use your user ID and password to access the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.
  • Navigate to the ‘Get Certified Copies’ tab in the ‘MCA Services’ section.
  • Enter the corporate identification number (CIN) or name of the business whose certified copies you need. Choose the specific company data.
  • Select the file year and document for which you require a certified copy. It is suggested to first get the material checked out by the general population.
  • List the required range, the number of certified copies, and the number of pages.
  • The fee information, including the cost of the stamp duty, will be shown on the screen. Then select “Add to cart.”
  • Remember to add each document or attachment separately if you require certified copies of more than one document or attachment. It is not implied by simply picking the form that the attachments are also present. Requests for certified copies of attachments must be submitted individually.
  • Select all the required documents, then select “View Payment details.”
  • Continue making the payment using a credit card, debit card, online banking, or NEFT, if applicable.

Following these instructions, you can get certified copies of the necessary documents through the MCA portal.

Other Services

The MCA website offers useful additional services in addition to confirming the facts mentioned earlier:

  • Index of Charges on a Company: Users of the Index of Charges on a Company service can determine whether a company has obtained financing from a bank or other financial institution. It offers information on the status of charges generated by the business, the charge’s amount, its holder, and its holder’s address. Understanding a company’s financial obligations and liabilities requires having access to this information.
  • Signatory Details of the Company: A person can acquire a thorough list of a company’s directors (or partners, in the case of an LLP) by using the signatory details of the firm. With the help of this tool, directors’ identities, the status of their Director Identification Numbers (DIN), addresses, job titles, and appointment dates may all be verified. These specifics are important for verifying a company’s or LLP’s leadership and governance, which promotes accountability and openness.

The website also provides access to a company’s financial documents, such as balance sheets and tax statements, for a nominal fee. With this service, consumers can check a company’s tax compliance, acquire insights into its financial health, and obtain full financial information. It is a useful tool for people and companies looking for comprehensive financial information about a company, supporting deliberations and due diligence procedures.


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