Home Start Ups How do I cancel Udyog Aadhar registration?
How do I cancel Udyog Aadhar registration?

How do I cancel Udyog Aadhar registration?


How do I cancel Udyog Aadhar registration?

Registering Udyog Aadhaar is mandatory for all types of business which is running as MSMEs, without Udyog Aadhaar registration no business shall be qualified for availing the benefits allocated for MSMEs by the government of India. The main aim of Udyog Aadhaar is to simplify the regulatory procedures of MSMEs like filling trademark or copyright or patent applications, Applying for new GST registration, availing collateral-free loans and scheme or offers that are introduced by the government. Registration of UDYOG Aadhaar is a completely done online process. The registration process completes with a unique 12 digit identification number which is issued to the owner and it represents the legal identity proof of his/her business by the government. In spite of easy Udyog Aadhaar registration, a lot of companies wanted to know how to cancel or delete Udyog Aadhaar registration permanently. This article clears up how to cancel the Udyog Aadhaar registration.
For cancellation, write an application to the Udyog Aadhaar Registration Center, specifying all the details of the business activity, whose registration you need to terminate. Also, specify the reason for such termination briefly in the application. Nowadays Udyog Aadhaar Registration has gained huge importance for business in our country. Whether it a small-scale or mid-scale business, after having subbed the Micro Small registration process, Udyog Aadhaar Registration has become mandatory. The main reason behind the introduction of this Udyog Aadhaar scheme through the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 was to bring down the involvement of paperwork in the existing Registration process of MSME. After Udyog Aadhaar introduction in 2015, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises registration process has been made easier and simple with few clear steps and importantly it can be done both offline and online. An enterprise having UDYAM Registration Number can update its information online in the UDYAM Registration portal on a self-declaration basis. For the same tab named “UPDATE UDYAM REGISTRATION” can be used.
You cannot cancel the registration once applied. No Refund will be provided once the application is done and MSME Certificate is issued. MSME Registration certificate Applied online, will be delivered within 24 hours to the Email Id provided in the online application form. Before, the MSME Registration scheme, the owner of the business had to fill Entrepreneurship Memorandum-I and Entrepreneurship Memorandum-II with the appropriate District Industrial Center. However, after the introduction of Udyog Aadhaar, these two Entrepreneurship memorandums were replaced with Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum which is very simple and understandable. And it is also easy to obtain the Udyog Aadhaar Card, all you have to do is to submit some personal documents along with the documents relating to the business sought to be registered.
Udyog Aadhaar is a twelve digit unique identification registration number provided by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India. By registering Udyog Aadhaar, your business enterprises will qualify to avail of various benefits under different government schemes, such as concession on the electricity bill, loan on the low-interest rate, stamp duty registration, trademark, bank transactions and many more on the list. It is just like normal Aadhaar card but it is for business and enterprises and it is also called as Aadhaar for Business. In India, from 2015 that is after its introduction, over 84 lakhs micro, small and medium enterprises or businesses were registered under this scheme by the end of the year 2019.

Procedure to Cancel Udyog Aadhaar Registration

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises extended the validity of Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) from March 31, 2021 to December 31, 2021. As per the official data available, 1.02 crore MSMEs have registered on the Udyog Aadhar portal which will now be valid till December 2021.
Oftentimes it is said that Udyog Aadhaar cannot be canceled or deleted rather it can only be modified or updated but that is not true. There is a way or procedure to cancel Udyog Aadhaar and it can be done only in the offline procedure. Here is a step-wise procedure to cancel Udyog Aadhaar registration.

Search for a Udyog Aadhaar Registration Center

Both MSME and Udyog Aadhar registration processes are quite similar but they are different initiatives. Udyog Aadhar can be an easy means to acquire MSME registration. So, you can easily apply for MSME registration once you get your 12-digit Udyog Aadhar number.
The first step in the cancellation of Udyog Aadhaar Registration is to find the nearest Udyog Aadhaar Center in your location ( the location where you run your business). It is usually placed near the District Industrial Center. Basically, every state has a separate center and here you can get the form for cancellation of Udyog Aadhaar Registration. if you are unable to find the correct location of the Udyog Aadhaar Registration center, just look at the bottom your Udyog Aadhaar Registration Certificate, the address and contact details of the District Industrial Center will be specified there.

Applying for Cancellation

For cancellation of Udyog Aadhaar Registration, write an application or formal letter to the Udyog Aadhaar Registration Center, stating all the details of the enterprise or business activity, and write whose registration need to be terminated or canceled. Also, state the reason for the termination or cancellation of Udyog Aadhaar Registration briefly in the application.

Documents Required for cancellation of Udyog Aadhaar Registration

Even though there is no particular list for the needed documents for the cancellation of Udyog Aadhaar, it is always better to carry all necessary documents of the enterprise such as apart from the application form, original Udyog Aadhaar Card, bank account details related to that business and documents which you submitted during the registration process. Have the photocopies and also the originals of these above-mentioned documents.

Get the Acknowledgement

Once your application and other documents satisfied all the requirements, get an acknowledgment from the authorized officer at the District Industrial Center. Keep this acknowledgment safe as it may be needed sometime in the future.
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Here are a few important things which you have to remember while canceling the Udyog Aadhaar

  •  Before applying for a cancellation of the Udyog Aadhaar Card, check that you have closed all your business activities related to that particular enterprise. And importantly, you need to deactivate the bank accounts related to that particular business.
  • If some places, a declaratory letter is required in which you have to specify if your enterprise avail any of the benefits of government schemes, under the Udyog Aadhaar Card.
  • While writing the application for cancellation of the registration, state the reason for the cancellation briefly and very clearly. If the details or reasons relating to the enterprise mentioned are not correctly, then there are prospects for rejection of the cancellation application.
  • There is no fee required at the time of updating or cancellation of the Udyog Aadhaar Card.
  •  To make it clear, the misconception that Udyog Aadhar registration cannot be terminated or canceled is completely untrue. It can be done very easily, but all you have to do is the owner of the enterprise have to visit one of the Udyog Aadhaar Registration Centre in person and then have to submit an application for the cancellation of the Udyog Aadhaar Registration. One more thing that has to be notified is to carry all the documents related to the business while submitting the cancellation application.