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How to Start a Perfect Milk Distribution Business

How to Start a Perfect Milk Distribution Business


How to Start a Perfect Milk Distribution Business

In India, the milk and dairy products industry is one of the largest and fast-growing ones. Despite being one of the largest dairy producers in the world, India till today has kept this in a traditional manner, where the production and distribution are done on a local or village basis.
Keeping aside the diversity of the country, we can say that milk and dairy products are one of the major and staple consumption products of the people. This is a part of daily routine and food habits taking into consideration the nutritional values and benefits held by it.
Milk is also used on a larger scale by the Hindu majority of the country in various rituals and this industry has also marked an increase of more than 6 percent on annual basis. The milk distribution business is a long one that either starts with the collection of milk directly from the local farmers who own cattle or even from the milk processing or manufacturing plants which would then be distributed using wider channels like Amul, Milma, etc.
The milk distribution business is one of the industries holding a good opportunity in the country and also gives way for setting up small business entities in the country which helps in strengthening and developing the economy of the country.
This article is discussing majorly how you can set a perfect milk distribution business.

How to set a perfect Milk Distribution Business

For setting a perfect milk distribution business, one can follow the below-discussed points:

Create a Plan

Firstly, a detailed plan should be made for your milk distributing business. Say the area of service, if you are setting an offline brick and mortar outlet or will you be accepting orders from consumers via websites or applications or calls or WhatsApp. And if the outlet is being set then, where would be the location set, and if the online or on-call services are also incorporated then which areas would be provided with the service. All these decisions should be made in the form of a plan.

Deciding on the Products

This is a crucial part as when the area and the platforms through which the services will be made are fixed, you should know what are the products which are in greater demand and requirement as far as your consumers are concerned. Say, there are multiple products like tofu, paneer, cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, ice creams, etc. which can be sold along with the milk in the outlet. But all these products may or may not be in demand as far as your area of consumers is concerned. Hence, it is vital to study this and decide on the products to be sold. Here one point to be kept in mind is that dairy products are perishable and should be sold faster due to which it is important to procure and sell fast-moving ones at first and then be added to the list on a later basis.

Finding a Delivery System for your Products

Unlike any other system, milk will be preferred by their consumers to be delivered at a fixed time in the morning or the evening. So, sticking to this time and ensuring timely delivery is really important. So, choosing a delivery system that would help you reach your consumers at the right time, and right place should be given importance. And here one more point should be taken care of as you should be sticking to the area set for delivery as crossing this will affect the profit margin earned and which would eventually affect the return on the investment made.

Using Technology and E-Commerce

Everything is online today as technology and the use of the internet are advancing on a day-to-day basis. So, it is important that as a business in the modern era you also adopt the e-commerce or technology platforms for accepting orders and consumers. How this can be established and utilized is a point to be planned and decided.

Understanding the Business

This is about understanding the risk involved with respect to the product and consumers you are dealing with. Say the product which is dairy or milk is perishable and the consumers expect the same to be fresh and delivered on time. The perishability of milk also gives rise to quality issues so it is important that you deal with all these points before making any decisions.

Consumer Base

Here is a business, you should understand your target consumers or the consumers you are majorly focusing on. And this will help you set a base of consumers who are likely to purchase the goods or products from your entity or place the order. So, it is based on them that you should be stocking and listing the products.

Funding the Business

This again is base that would help you finally set business by acquiring all assets and resources required for starting the service and also procuring the goods or products. But it is vital you have an idea about how much return can be earned and what is the growth prospect. Keeping all this in mind the funding should be done.

Permits and License Acquiring

These is basically the legal permissions required to be taken for keeping away any hassles on a legal basis. The entity should get registered as a firm, company, LLP, or such other form and then take FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India registration and also complete all the documentation.

Location and Warehouse or Storage

This is another important factor as the location of the entity and also the warehouse or storage unit for the products should be decided upon. This should not only be easily accessible to the targeted consumers but also in a location that can ensure feasible delivery of the products as per the order.



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