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International Design Registration: Expanding Your IP Protection Globally

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International design filing is a great way to protect original ideas all over the world. It gives artists, scientists, and businesses a full way to guard their intellectual property (IP) rights. The goal of this blog is to make the process of registering a foreign design easier by outlining the main steps, benefits, and best practices. If you know how to register a foreign design, you can successfully protect your intellectual property and raise awareness of your business in other countries.

Importance of International Design Registration

Today’s market is very competitive, so international design approval is very important. Having a style that isn’t like any other can make your product stand out from the rest and help it sell better. By registering your design, you protect the shape, pattern, decoration, or order of lines or colours. This keeps your intellectual property safe. This encourages creativity, originality, and surprise in the field, which leads to progress and growth. Effective design registration can be a crucial factor in building your brand’s style and getting a competitive edge in the global market.

Steps for International Design Registration

  1. Search and Novelty Statement

Before filing a foreign design application, it is crucial to conduct a full search for related designs to ensure the novelty of your design. This includes looking through the design records of involved officials using online tools like Designview. Once you have proven the strangeness of your design, write a statement showing its unique features.

  1. Representation and Classification

Your foreign entry must include a clear picture of the drawing on white A4 paper. Ensure that the quality of the pictures is good, as it will decide the scope of security. Additionally, describe your design using the Locarno Classification, an international method that helps group designs and simplifies the search and security process.

  1. Application and Fees

To make your foreign application, send it straight to the foreign Bureau (IB) of WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland. Specify the countries in which you seek safety. Pay the necessary fees, including the basic fee, printing fee, and a fee for each selected country. The total cost will depend on the number of target countries and the scope of safety.

  1. Examination and Publication

The IB will check that your entry fits the official standards set by the Hague Agreement. If the requirements are met, the application will be published in the International Designs Bulletin, informing each selected country of the application.

  1. Substantive Examination and Grant

Each chosen country will then perform a detailed review of your application, judging factors such as novelty and individual character. If your idea meets the standards, the country will give you security. If not, they will issue a notice of refusal, explaining the concerns.

Benefits of International Design Registration

  • Global Protection: Protects your idea in multiple countries with one application, providing complete intellectual property protection.
  • Simplified Process: Streamlines the filing process across countries, lowering paperwork costs and complexity.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces costs by skipping multiple national applications, making it a cost-efficient choice for global design protection.


International design registration is a strong tool for protecting unique ideas worldwide. By following the stated steps, you can successfully spread your intellectual property security and improve your brand’s exposure overseas. This thorough framework ensures that your design is covered in multiple countries with a single application, easing the process and cutting costs.


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